Exactly 1 hour and 30 minutes ago.

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“Let’s take off the insignia and fight!”

It started with Noah’s exciting duel application, who was prepared for voluntary discharge.


And Leto, who received the application for a duel, stared at Noah with a cold gaze on his face.

“Don’t you think someone should stop her?”

A chestnut-haired man murmured.
His face was not young in comparison to his trained physique.

“Hey Arthur.”

A voice responded.

“Lieutenant Chitia…”

“Do you want to get bitten and die while interfering?”

He was someone who came in the same year as Noah.

On his chest was a lieutenant rank insignia and a name tag ‘Ami Chitia’.

“But, what if Captain Bello gets a disgraceful discharge in the worst possible way?”

A disgraceful discharge is the worst outcome for any soldier.

The achievements, honor, and effort accumulated in the military over the years will be in vain in an instant, and all benefits and rights that can be received after being discharged from the military will be lost.

What Noah was doing right now was close to the climax, and if Leto had her disqualified before voluntarily discharge, it would be over.

“Private Hornes Mera.”


The young soldier whose name was called straightened his posture and made a quick commendation statement.

Ami, who thought it was very cute to see her disciplined at once, asked briefly.

“What kind of person was Captain Bello whom you saw?”

“A wonderful person.
She would not stand injustice, and she had the courage to be strong against the strong.”

Hornes’ response was uninterrupted.
As if he had been thinking about all this for a long time.

“A strong wick that does not waver is one of Captain’s strengths.
In particular, the achievement of piracy-fighting, which she participated in on the first day of her enlistment, was…”


Ami, who only wanted to hear his thoughts roughly, cut off Hornes’s words.

“Then you don’t know her enough.”

“Did I hear you wrong?”

“How much Noah…”

Instead of continuing the talk, Hornes’ eyes widened.
However, there was no objection to the end.
The tightly closed lips were proof of that.

“This is a mad dog versus a mad dog, and one will lose.”

The most famous mad dog in the Empire is Lieutenant General Leto Oceanus, but there was another mad dog that was emerging rapidly in the Navy.

And there was no need to tell who the crazy dog it ​​was.

Because it’s right in front of them.

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“But will the crazy dog ​​just go away?”


“She’ll hit him and go.”

Ami fully understood Noah’s heart.

Even more so when Ami about what Noah went through last month.

‘Of course….’

Although that reaction was a bit overdone.


It was then.

Leto, who had been silent for so long, finally opened his mouth.

‘A smile…?’

Noah, who was staring at him, frowned.

‘Are you crazy at last?’

Because in her experience, when he smiled like that, it caused terrible things.

“If that’s your wish.”

Leto shrugged his shoulders lightly and glanced at his aide beside him.

“Go and get the sword.”

The aide, who had been watching with a blank expression, now opened his mouth wide.
His crimson throat was clearly visible.

“If you’re talking about a wooden sword…”

“Do you think a crazy dog ​​will be satisfied with a wooden sword now?”

“…Which sword are you talking about?”


Noah’s eyes widened.

“Lieutenant General, that’s…!”

The aide countered that he shouldn’t, but in the end, he was overwhelmed by Leto’s gaze and was forced to pick up the sword.

‘Are we going to lose a talent like this…?’

Noah was an undisputed talent.
It was proof that she had already been promoted to captain at such a young age.

It was only a pity that the brilliant soldier, who had received so much expectations from the military academy, was let go in vain.

However, no matter how talented she was, she was just an ordinary person in front of Leto.

Instead, the aide vowed to prevent a disgraceful discharge as much as possible.

‘But the lieutenant general valued the captain that much…’

Why did you do that?

Leaving the question behind, the aide handed the sword he was carrying to Leto.


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Meanwhile, Ami whispered so that only Noah could hear it.

“Are you really going to die like this?”

“…Go away.”

Noah kicked back towards the fussy Ami.
However, there was strangely no strength in the wasted kick that could not be reached.

Noah’s gaze was focused solely on that red sword.

“Even now, let’s stop the fight.”

“It doesn’t work like that.”

Leto, who came closer, smiled brightly.

“Lieutenant Chitia.”

“Lieutenant, Ami Chitia…”



Ami who mumbled, backed away.

“Are you having such a good time being interrupted like this?”

Asking if it wasn’t so, Leto handed the sword he was holding as if tossing it at Noah.

Noah’s eyes widened as she received the sword that fell while drawing a neat parabola.

“I’ll give it to you.”


“You said we’d fight without our insignia.
You must hate me to death.”

“Not to that extent.”

Noah was sullen.

It was Leto who was more surprised by the reaction, and Noah was surprised one more time at the sight.

“I’m not stupid enough to kill an ally who lived through life and death.”

“… ”

Then Leto mumbled something which Noah could not hear, but Past, an aide close to Leto, had a terrible expression on his face.

“I just…”

Now that it was like this, Noah said honestly.

“It’s enough just to get a chance to put a fist in the lieutenant general’s smiling face.”


Ami, who stepped back, murmured.
Other people’s reactions were similar.

They heard a lot of gossip, such as that the lieutenant general was deliberately harassing her, and crazy dogs are attracted to crazy dogs, etc.

‘Why am I crazy?’

The real crazy dog ​​was that guy in front of her, and she was just a pitiful victim who was swung by that guy.

“Captain Bello.”

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For a moment, Noah woke up to the sound of her calling.

“Do you really want to leave your mark on me?”

‘Why are you saying that I want to hit you like that?’

Noah shivered, but nodded her head.

Then Leto smiled strangely.

“Then I’ll give you a chance.”

In an instant, a bell rang in her head.
It’s dangerous

She was so greedy for a chance to put her fist in that damn bastard’s face, and she had finally managed to get that chance.

So Noah ignored the warning of her instincts.

“I’ll remove the sword.”

“Take it because I’m giving it to you.”

“Say that again?”

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“I’ll give it to you as a present.”

Noah looked down at the sword in her hand with eyes that seemed to pop out.
Then she hung it around her waist.

‘You idiot.’

He said he would give it to her, so why should she say no?


There were countless emotions in Noah’s fingers as she held the scabbard.

Leto saw, but deliberately pretended not to know.


Leto set conditions for the match.
In his hand was an old wooden sword.

It was similar to the one thrown by Noah earlier.

“How about granting each other’s wish?”

“I don’t like that.”

Noah answered immediately.

“My grandma said, don’t do useless gambling.”

“You think I’m going to say something weird?”

Leto grinned and clenched his wooden sword and said.

“Let’s make it a wish that can be done with common sense.”


“Everyone here is going to be a witness, but do you have any doubts?”

“That’s not…”

She was worried because his common sense isn’t the normal common sense.

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Noah pondered for a moment, and instead of using the sword hanging from her waist, she picked up a wooden sword that was nearby.

‘I’ll lose anyway.’

Noah was proud of her skills, but in front of that monster, she was just a fly.

Fighting with the sword ‘Mas’ over such a skill gap was rather like putting her life in jeopardy.

“No money problems or physical damage!”

Noah shouted one last time.

And she ran.
Approaching at high speed, lightly stepping on her feet, Noah quickly swung her sword.

“Do I look like I have no money?”

Leto looked at Noah like that and tilted his head.

“Besides, physical damage…”

And then the sword moved.

“How would I dare do that to a bride?”


“… ”

“… ”

After hearing about the situation, Clare and Ash could not continue to speak.

“That’s how I won.”

Leto recalled the situation a little while ago with a very sweet and seductive expression, as if there was no greater and more beautiful love story than that.

“We promised to grant the wish of the other person, so Noah accepted my wish, a ‘proposal’.
Isn’t that really romantic?”


Next to the happiest self-proclaimed bridegroom in the world, there was the world’s darkest prospective bride-to-be.

Noah, who remained silent with her face buried in her hands, was the main character of the sorrow.

And Leto was a cunning demon who seduced such a protagonist into the abyss of evil.


Slap! Slap!

Clare slapped Noah’s forearm with her cute hand.






Noah was too embarrassed.

Clare’s stubborn hitting and nagging continued for a long time.

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