“My daughter said she heard it at school.”

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“Captain Noah’s younger sister and Sir Delat’s son were having an argument, and then Delat’s son…”

“Isn’t it strange anyway?”

“Even if it’s only for a month’s exchange, he brought his family with him?”

Leto thought carefully about what Lieutenant Colonel Ice had said.

It was a suspicious visit from the start.

‘So it was obvious.’

They showed excessive interest in private ships.
It was also in order to somehow gain access to the private ship that they had endured the dreadful training.

“Isn’t the scenery really nice?”

Leto held the steering wheel in one hand and pointed out the window.

“The sunset you see over there is very nice.
In fact, the sunset is more spectacular at the Naval Academy in Oceanus’ territory than here…”

Leto was on his way to the arsenal where his private ship was kept with Sir Delat.

And he even drove him, pointing out the roads.

Sir Delat remembered the whole path in his mind.

“…Are you okay?”

Sir Delat, who had memorized the road to some extent, said.

“Private ships are like national treasures.
The place where it was kept must be confidential, but even if you show me the way so easily…”

“What kind of treasure is that?”

Leto, who intervened while talking, scoffed.

“…It’s the best piece of art that incorporates all of the kingdom’s technology, isn’t it?”

Sir Delat struggled to calm his anger despite being overtly ignored.

Even that cheeky bastard will be severely punished for negligence in management if his private ship disappears.

Reflecting on that moment, Sir Delat said with an effort to calm down.

“It’s a coveted secret in many countries, but it’s right to keep it secure inside as well.”

“Usually, that’s the theory.”

Soon, the military car stopped.

“But this is a little different.”

Saying you’d see it for yourself, Leto turned off the engine and got out of the car.
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The place they arrived at was truly unexpected.

The place Sir Delat imagined was a strict environment with strict security.
He thought that the building would of course be barren without a single window.


But what he faced was a very small and old warehouse.

If you look closely, it was a warehouse almost like a ruin.

Even the entrance road was overgrown with weeds, so every time he walked, his ankles got stuck.

“It’s small and nice, isn’t it?”

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While Sir Delat hesitated, Leto had already reached the entrance.

“But don’t be fooled by its outward appearance.”

Leto pulled a black card out of his pocket.

“Come on, this…”

When he brought the card to the worn-out doorknob, there was a click.

At the same time, the protective magic surrounding the arsenal was revealed.
The protective wall, which swayed opaquely with a blue light, made a strange sound and disappeared again.


When Sir Delat saw this, he was frozen.

Leto patted him on the back as if he understood everything.

The door, which seemed to fly away just by the wind, went into the wall with a heavy sound.
It was an automatic door that he had only heard of.

“Oh my gosh…!”

It was really cramped inside.

The arsenal itself was small, but the interior was less than half the exterior.
Two people barely clashed shoulder to shoulder.

On either side of the walls were showcases with complex wires connected to them.
Inside the showcase, black, square briefcases were lined up.

“This is a private ship.”


“It is the essence of all the technologies of the Adlabor Kingdom, and it is the comrade of love and hate that brought me to this place.”


Sir Delat’s eyes gleamed as he stared at the private ship.

“This is a private ship…”

He didn’t even think to hide his greed anymore.
With this, his gambling debt was nothing.

“I am glad that you like it.”

Leto, who was watching from behind, spoke kindly.

However, his eyes contained the unpleasant feelings of a beast that preyed upon its disgusting prey.

The red eyes that flashed in the darkness awaited the approaching dawn, and Sir Delat, who had been distracted by the private ship, did not notice.

And after Leto and Sir Delat got in the car and left the place.


From the other side, Lieutenant Colonel Ice and Sir Perata appeared.

“This is an arsenal of private ships.”

The second exhibition has begun.


That afternoon.


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Lieutenant Fist placed a thick report on Leto’s desk.

He confirmed the authenticity of the ‘information’ received from the bar ‘Acorn’, and added additional information to it.

Leto moved his eyes quickly as he flipped through the report.

He sat badly with his chin clenched with a sullen expression on his face, but he felt an indescribable intimidation in that dreadful posture.

‘He also had a lot of debt.’

Why did Sir Delat come down to the South with his wife and children?

Why does the son of a prestigious noble family go to that school?

‘Because they don’t have money.’

Although it was not known to the public, the Delat family’s finances were in a very poor state.

To add a little exaggeration, it was on the verge of bankruptcy the day after tomorrow.

The reason was because of the port fire incident in the South 7 years ago by a knight from that family.

At that time, the kingdom was preparing a plan to send a regiment of ships to the Allied Powers.

There were also ships that were introduced for the first time at that time.

A large-scale, state-of-the-art ship equipped with a guided missile, capable of carrying more than 200 people.

As much as a huge amount of cost and technology were put into it, everyone believed that it would bring victory in this war.

However, the ship did not go out.
It was because some crazy knights set the harbor on fire.

As a result, one ship waiting to depart was completely burned down, and three ships were damaged to the extent that they could not depart.

In addition, five sailors were seriously injured while fighting the flames.

The perpetrators were caught right on the spot.
They, too, were burnt because they set fires in the middle of the night while drunk.

The perpetrators were immediately handed over to a military tribunal.
They made excuses that they could not remember because they were drunk, but severe punishment was inevitable because they caused indescribable damage during wartime.

In the end, they were sentenced to death.
And they demanded huge fines from each family.

‘Still, Delat had room for a comeback.’

They must have got the wrong successor.

The Delat family was an aristocratic family that endured to the end even after the tower exploded.

Despite the financial turmoil, with a little effort, it could happen again.

But somehow, the new heir they got was a gambling addict.

No matter what fate it was, the Delat-born knight tried to commit a crime in the South again.

‘Bringing in his wife and children, and selling the capital mansion…’

He was currently living in a mansion provided by Major General Francis.

He didn’t have the money to hire a tutor, so he sent his children to school, and the real identity of the family lawyer he met at school that day was a smuggled broker.

‘He’s such a fun guy.’

Contrary to the pleasant impression, the narrowed red eyes contained only boredom.


At that moment, Leto, who was covering the report, raised his head.

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“…Captain Bello.”

Suddenly, Noah appeared and was looking at him with a wistful look.

Lieutenant Fist had just stepped aside and was considering it so that the two of them could have a conversation comfortably.

“Do you have time tomorrow evening?”

“Are you asking for a date?”

“That’s right.”

Noah meekly affirmed.


Surprised, Leto opened his mouth blankly.

Of course, he thought she would refute by saying, ‘I’m going to report it as sexual harassment,’ and ‘Get a hold of yourself.’ It has always been like that.

“Would you like to go on a date with me tomorrow if it’s okay with you?”

But Noah asked one more time.

“How about having a nice dinner and staying overnight at a hotel? I will even prepare the kind of underwear you like.”


At last, Lieutenant Colonel Ice spewed out his tea.

Lieutenant Celine Bor, who was near him, was soaked wet, but she too remained as still as a stone pillar.

“Would you like to have a lot of fun?”

Now, all the Special Forces members in the command room were surprised.


Leto, who was genuinely surprised, reached out to Noah to ask her to stop.
Without hesitation with the other hand, a twitch hurriedly swept away the corners of her mouth.

“Why is the captain doing this today?”

Without realizing it, he almost made a counter proposal to do it right away.

“I think of you as a beauty.”

“I’m embarrassed because I’m a very popular beauty…”

“So, what would you like to do?”


Leto pondered for a while and smiled troublingly.

It was a refusal.

“I am on watch tomorrow evening.
I’m sorry, but the beauty is…”

“So that’s it.”

Noah, who was turned down on the date, went back to her spot.

Even though she was receiving everyone’s attention at a glance, she remained calm alone.
She didn’t even look like someone who was denied a date.

He was quite surprised to see her strangely reassured appearance.

“Hey, Noah, maybe you…”

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Ami asked with a serious expression.

“…Did you just wake up to something like that that everyone sees?”

“Lieutenant Chitia, bang your head.”

“Ugh, I don’t think that’s it.”

Ami sighed in relief and banged her head.

“Then I will get up first.”

Noah was the first of the crew to leave work after causing a disturbance.

“…Lieutenant Colonel Ice.”

And Leto, who still hasn’t come to his senses, asked seriously.

“If one private ship disappears, will the kingdom be destroyed?”

Lieutenant Colonel Ice was very sad that such a man was the second-in-command of the Navy.


Before the tower exploded, it was the night that protected the night.

It was the soft moonlight and the cute starlight that illuminated the darkened ground.

Some praised the moon and the stars, which silently shine, even though they are luminous, incomparable to the scorching sun in broad daylight.

For example,



People like Sir Perata and others who snuck into the arsenal while holding their breath.

They walked through the bushes, relying solely on the moonlight.
In fact, even the moonlight was anxious.

If the navy found out about their appearance now, they have nothing to say about being executed on the spot.

They held their breath and moved as slow as possible.


Sir Perata, who was going ahead, stopped at some point.

“It’s here.”

The place where he arrived while recalling the road he had taken with Lieutenant Colonel Ice.

It was an arsenal overgrown with unmanaged weeds.

The knights that followed had a look of disgust on their faces.

However, Sir Perata arrogantly took the key from his pocket and placed it on the doorknob.

The private ship revealed in the dark boasted a heavy black color.

“Come on, move.”



But the knights did not move.

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