Chapter 18

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So far, the training with the private ships has been diverse.

Diving from a height of 10m, swimming in an armored suit for 2km only in breaststroke, dying in the sun…

And so on.

“It’s the basic training you need to do if you want to ride a private ship.”

Lieutenant Colonel Ice used those words for the Royal Knights for all training.

However, since the purpose of the training in the special unit was different, the levels were also different.


One of the young knights, who remembered the training he had been doing, gasped in vain.

“The intent is clear! You’re only training us like that on purpose!”


Another knight, who had been nauseous a while ago, murmured.

“…They did all of it.”

The reason why they couldn’t do anything even though they thought it was unfair and were angry was that the special unit crew had completed all the training that was nothing more than torture for them.

They didn’t just complete it, they trained at a much higher intensity than the knights, so they didn’t really have the right to complain.

Some even trained with heavy gaiters on their limbs.

“…It shouldn’t be like this.”

Sir Perata, who had been silent, managed to open his dry lips.

“For now, let’s move.”

The conversation they’ll be having from now on wasn’t something they should be talking about in a place where the navy officers often come and go.

They hid in a corner furnishing room.

In the past week, they found a place where people rarely visit even while dying from extreme training.

The furnishings room they entered was a mess because it wasn’t properly organized.

The knights somehow settled in that cramped place.


It started with a weary sigh.

“…Let’s do it in two days.”

Sir Perata said.

“I can’t get caught up in those kinds of naval bastards anymore.
This is their realm.
It is natural for any beast to lose their temper in front of an unfamiliar sea.”

So, that meant that they were not weaker than the special unit.

It was a statement close to a spiritual victory.
Not only Sir Perata who spoke, but also the other knights knew.

But he didn’t point it out.

It was because their self-esteem was so broken.

And now, even to protect their pride, it was necessary to carry out their original purpose.

“Sir Delat said yesterday.”

Those words made the knights nervous.

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“The ship arrives at midnight on the third day.”

“Are the Imperials coming directly?”

“Major General Francis is coming here.”

Having said that, Sir Perata suddenly put his hand inside his sock.

He pulled out two items from the area around his ankle, which was wrapped in a sticky rubber band.

One is a note with a cipher text.

The other is a square and black card.

“This is the key to access the place where the private ships are kept.”

A few days ago, at a drinking party with the admirals of the Navy, Major General Francis gave it to him through Sir Delat.

“The cipher text says that they will send a boat from the beach near the swimming training ground.”

“We have to move at night.”

At the consulate where we are staying…”

Sir Perata’s eyes narrowed while explaining the plan for a while.

“…Is there any problem?”

“Is that really going to happen?”

A young knight, who had been hesitant for a long time, could not hide his anxiety.

“This is still the naval headquarters.
It boasts the highest level of technology in the Empire, but this is…”

“Sir Lely.”

Sir Perata let out a deep sigh as if frustrated.

The young knight whose name was called straightened his posture with a nervous expression.
But the fear and hesitation on his face did not disappear.

“…Yes, it’s not fair.”

Sir Perata graciously admitted their theft.

No, the word ‘theft’ was rather cute.
Right now, they were conspiring in treason to steal weapons for other countries.

“But in the end, we’re doing it ourselves.”

“Sir Perata…”

“Isn’t it because you need money too?”


Sir Lely’s face turned white.
He only bit his lip.

“Don’t worry.”

On his trembling shoulder, Sir Perata placed his hand and whispered tenderly.

“Because we will never be caught.”


“So, think about the cost of medicine for your grandparents while you are whining like a child.”

Finally, there was blood on Lord Lely’s lips.

“The same goes for all of you.”

The other knights, who had been frightened at the same time, nodded their heads without saying a word.

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After finishing the threats under the guise of encouragement, Sir Perata and other knights went out of the room.

“…In two days.”

As the knights left, a voice was heard from the furthest part of the furnishing room.

“What a cliche threat anyways.”

Behind a display case full of boxes that the insides couldn’t even be seen, Leto stared at the door with a loose smile.


There was a crackling sound from the radio in his hand.

“A hunting date has been set.”

The sound came from the walkie-talkie again.

[Let’s start.]


“Would you like to see a private ship today?”

The hellish training was going on today, and Sir Perata, who was about to pour out swear words, stopped.

“…I beg your pardon?”

Lieutenant Colonel Ice informed Sir Perata, who was so shocked that he had hardened.

“I asked if you would like to see a private ship.”


“You’ve been training hard for the past week, so I think it’s okay to take a look at it even if it’s hard to control.
Of course, the lieutenant general’s permission must be obtained.”

Lieutenant Colonel Ice asked about it again.

“Oh that…”

Sir Perata could hardly hold back his words.
He barely caught the corner of his mouth, which was about to burst into cheers from so much joy.

He hoped to get a chance to access the private ship at this time.

‘Heaven is helping us!’

He couldn’t miss the opportunity that came just in time.

“I am very much looking forward to it.
It’s a great honor.”

“Haha, an honor.”

Lieutenant Colonel Ice chuckled, saying he was too much.

“Obviously, it is just a heavy and cumbersome weapon to manage.”

“Don’t say that.
Isn’t that the main character who successfully counter-attacked Adlabor 7 years ago?”

“The one who really succeeded was the lieutenant general.”


Sir Perata, who judged that he had made a mistake, shut up.

But Lieutenant Colonel Ice did not care and continued his speech.

“Wasn’t it great? Seven years ago, the lieutenant general was a cadet just about to graduate.”

“He was very young.”

Sir Perata was inwardly surprised.

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He didn’t want to hear about Lieutenant General Oceanus, but he knew he was famous.

Hearing directly from the person involved, he thought he was amazing.

“I also participated in the war at that time, and I owed my life to that little kid over and over again.”

“You are well connected.”

“I am still alive and living like this…”

Lieutenant Colonel Ice, who had a moment, smiled modestly.

This time, Lord Perata was ignorant of his words.

‘That’s understandable.’

The invasion 7 years ago caused considerable damage to the kingdom as well.

The counter-attack also had a lot of damage behind the spectacular victory.

And the damage was concentrated in the south, including the navy.


“Who is this?”

Noah was passing through the hallway and found a man on the other side pretending to know her.

And she immediately stopped and saluted him.

“Captain Noah Bello.
Greetings to Major General Francis.”

“I’m not your immediate superior.
What are you doing?”

Major General Francis chuckled.

After saluting, Noah bowed her head once more.

“Long time no see.”

“Captain Bello is still great.
You were also very active in the pirate eradication that took place a while ago, weren’t you?”

“My lack of skills has been inflated.”

“Excessive humility is arrogance.”

Even so, Major General Francis was pleased with Noah, who was polite to him.

Noah then stared at him, but not out of politeness.

He had the impression that he did not show any bitterness or bluntness characteristic of a soldier.

His friendly eyes, which could easily be liked, were curved in a round shape without smiling.

But his body was as strong as a soldier.
However, he seems to enjoy drinking, so his belly protrudes slightly.
Read only at pm tl.

“It was unfortunate.”

At that, Noah tilted her head.

“The end of the promotion.”


“I thought the captain would be promoted to Major this time.”

When the Major General spoke as if he was genuinely sorry, Noah lowered her head lightly.

“It is impossible because of my lack of skills.
Please do not scold me because of arrogance.”

“Oh, look at what you’re saying.”

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At the unexpected joke, Major General Francis laughed out loud.


As he looked around, he lowered his voice.

“I thought Lieutenant General Oceanus cared about you…”


“I’m just talking to myself.”

When said with a friendly smile, Noah silently nodded her head.

“But I can’t help but regret it.
There were no promotions at the headquarters this time, right?”

“Didn’t a lot of good news come from other places instead?”

“Ugh, how nice it would be if my subordinates could talk a little bit like Captain.”

After giving a brief compliment, Major General Francis tapped Noah’s forearm lightly, saying that he’ll see her next time.

Noah saw him off with a salute.

And she moved her feet again.
Both legs, which felt a little more impatient than before, were gradually gaining speed.


And as soon as she entered the office, she looked for Ami.

“Ah, Lieutenant Chitia is out now.”

Hornes, who was alone in the office sorting papers, abruptly got up.

“Do you know where she went?”

“The lieutenant general called.”

“The lieutenant general?”

Noah’s eyes narrowed.

“He said he was going to introduce the facilities to the knights.”


“Captain, are you okay?”


“Private, Hornes Mera.”

Hornes reflexively greeted her again, and Noah asked the successor one more thing.

“Has there ever been a summon order that I am not aware of?”

“There is not.”


Noah finished her words and sat down.


However, the blue eyes that flashed as if they were about to hit a storm were staring at Hornes, who had already been sweating in cold sweat.

Noah groaned inwardly.

‘…I’ll kill you first.’

It seemed like she had to take off the badge of rank and play the game properly.


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