Chapter 15

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Reports have been steadily coming in about the corruption allegations of Major General Francis since two months ago.

He chose and committed only military crimes that he should not have done, and looking at the timing, it seemed that it started from the day he took office as the military commander.

“I said it was disgusting.”

The day before the business trip, Captain Adbello, who received the report, was indifferent as if he knew it would be like this.

“Put it away before I come back.”

“Then buy something delicious when you come.”

“Kiddo, you are the boss.”

“I can’t do it while you’re still alive.”

Then, after ordering Leto to clean up the garbage, he quickly left for the sea.


Leto, who covered the report, looked at Lieutenant Colonel Ice seriously.

“What do you think of leaving it alone until she returns?”

“Perhaps we’ll both dive with cement on our legs.
The destination is supposed to be hell.”

Of course, he bluntly refused to accompany him, saying that he wanted to go to heaven.

“Besides, I have a wife who is like a beast.”

“I think it’s enough to live well without a lieutenant colonel then.”

“Which is why I must refuse.”

He said he couldn’t close his eyes to the family living happily without him, and Lieutenant Colonel Ice showed a maddening regret.

“But Lieutenant General.”

The joke was over, and Lieutenant Colonel Ice moved on to the point again.
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Perhaps, the conversation they will be having from now on was the most important thing.

“His Majesty the King is aware of this…”

“Of course.”

Leto speculated that that’s why Sir Delat had come all the way here, and that the rude exchange was authorized.

“The old woman should have reported it before she went on a business trip.”

“She may have left it here-”

“Because even the king is not sane…”

“Are you saying as much as the lieutenant general?”

Leto laughed at his joke.

“He’s as crazy as I am.”

Leto got up and picked up his uniform jacket hanging on the back of his chair.
Then he went past Lieutenant Colonel Ice from the office.


Before closing the door.

“Today is the day of joint training with the Knights, right?”

“Yes, we are going to the training area soon.”


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Leto smiled mischievously.

“Help me in moderation.”

“I’ll take your orders.”

Lieutenant Colonel Ice saluted.


A total of seven royal knights visited the Navy.

The number of people was small for an exchange aimed at developing a positive relationship, and the rudeness that was shown from notification before the actual visit was also shameless.

The first impression of the knights was the worst.

Complaints about them were already pouring out at headquarters.

Even if they were all the same soldiers under the sky, they could not ignore the knights who had been protecting the kingdom for a long time.

The Naval Headquarters had no choice but to schedule exchanges in a hurry.

And today, finally, was the first day of a joint training between the Navy and the Royal Knights.

“…It’s as big as it was rumored.”

One of the knights whispered a little.

“Every time he comes here, it seems that he drives that car.”

“Even in the capital, those vehicles have not been widely distributed yet…”

The first joint event was held at the beach in the headquarters where the naval forces conduct maritime exercises.

It was a five-minute drive from the headquarters in a vehicle, and there were many facilities built for special training only for the Navy.

“Besides, breakfast this morning…”

Everyone swallowed their saliva as they talked about the meal.

“The croissants smelled like butter, and the salad was shiny…!”

“It was all you can eat with your choice of sauce!”

“It was a buffet, buffet!”

“You say those naval people eat like that every day?”

“No, isn’t it because we came so they ate better on purpose?”

But the people who said that knew better that it didn’t make sense.

They arrived the day after they notified them of the visit, so it was impossible to change the meal in that short time.

“The sound of the wake up call wasn’t like a trumpet, it was a very soft bell…”

“There are people who ride bicycles around!”

The knights were confused.

The navy was completely different from what they had expected.

A superior environment than the Royal Knights, a relatively free atmosphere, and state-of-the-art facilities.

They were envious as they compared everything.

And jealousy arose.

“…Calm down.”

Someone, who was alone in silence while they were talking, said sternly.

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He was a man with red hair pulled back.
The knights called him Sir Perata.

“Did you think we came here to play?”

Sir Perata gave attention to the knights one by one.

The knights, who were only then released, shut their mouths and straightened their posture.

There were also those who hid the tension that they did not understand in their tense appearance.


Then, someone from the other side called them.

“You have arrived.
I was waiting.”

Lieutenant Colonel Ice held out his hand with a friendly smile.

“This is Dura Ice, a member of the Special Forces Command.”

Perata, who shook his hand, confirmed the rank on the man’s uniform who introduced himself as Ice.

“…You are Colonel Ice.”

Sir Perata smiled softly.

“This is Guiber Perata, a member of the Royal Knights.
Thank you for today’s training.”

“It is a great honor to be training with the Royal Knights.”

After a polite and formal greeting, the two superiors called their respective crew members and knights.

The subordinates who had been waiting in a distant place stood in line.



Some of the knights let out a silent cheer.

They thought there would be only men, but there was a hidden beauty that was hard to see even in the capital.

A ponytail with no fashion at all, a face without makeup, sloppy training clothes and black shoes that almost smelled.

Her attire was the epitome of a soldier.

However, Noah stood out even in those ugly clothes.

The knights made eye contact with each other.
The flirtatious smiles and the subtle chin gestures gradually increased the displeasure.

‘…I can’t concentrate at all.’

In fact, Noah was not interested in them.

Her eyes were gloomy, as if she was looking at a stinging gill.

Now, Lieutenant Colonel Ice was explaining the training, but the knights didn’t really focus on that.


At that moment, Ami, who was next to her, tapped Noah with her forearm.

“Sir Delat went out with Lieutenant General.”



Noah twisted the corners of her lips.

‘How did you end up going there?’

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She had a rough idea of ​​what was going to happen.

“Ah, then.”

After completing the explanation, Lieutenant Colonel Ice looked towards the Knights.

“Is it okay if we continue training like this?”


Sir Perata hesitated for a moment.

“I know it’s a rude request, but the lieutenant colonel and the crew here belong to ‘speciality’, right?”


“As far as the navy and special ships are concerned, private ships are not famous.
Could we try it once?”


Lieutenant Colonel Ice made a troubled expression.

“As you know, private ships are not easy for anyone to control.
We also only operate during scheduled training and in emergency situations.”

Moreover, the private ship was a new weapon still in development.

Although kept in the naval arsenal, it was legally owned by the Adbello family.

Lieutenant Colonel Ice, citing the above reasons, politely expressed his refusal.


However, the Royal Knights, including Sir Perata, firmly solidified their expressions.

“Why are you hiding it so tightly that it’s such a big deal?”

“So that’s it.
At best, it’s nothing like armor.”

Some were even blatantly sarcastic.

“If even weak women can ride it, isn’t the safety guaranteed to some extent?”

And they glanced at Noah and the other women.



On the other hand, Noah and other female crew members were making expressions such as ‘What do you say?’ and ‘What nonsense.’

“Lieutenant Chitia…”

Private Hornes, who was behind her, whispered.

“Are you begging me to kill you?”

“I think it was a suicide contract.”

It seems to be popular in the capital.

“Isn’t it natural? They don’t even know how great the Lieutenant and others are…!”

Ami smiled and patted Private Hornes’s head.

“Lieutenant Colonel!”

While Hornes blushed and begged her not to do this, Ami said to Lieutenant Colonel Ice.

“Since they begged you like that, I suggest that they experience ‘that’.”


Lieutenant Colonel Ice’s eyes widened.

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“But that’s basic training for a private ship…”

“The fit is similar, and it may be lacking, but they will be satisfied.”


Hesitating, Lieutenant Colonel Ice glanced at the Knights.

“Would you like to try?”

“What kind of training is this?”

Sir Perata showed interest.

“This is an essential basic training that you must go through before you can operate a private ship.
This is a method that was directly proposed by the Adbello family.”

“Oh, that’s fine.”

“Well, even the knights…”

Lieutenant Colonel Ice, who was scanning the knights’ bodies up and down, paused for a moment, but eventually nodded.

“Well, let’s do it.”

The lieutenant colonel shouted as he turned towards the crew.

“Call for the arsenal!”

After a while, a truck arrived.
The crew approached and carried the training tools, one on each arm.

“What is this?”

The enlisted person who was helping with unloading the luggage asked, seemingly absurd.

“Are we going to let the knights swim with this protective gear?”

“I don’t know, they said they would.”

“What? Isn’t that crazy?”

“It’s also something I don’t know…”

“Oh my, young people…”

The supply soldiers hurriedly drove their trucks away and disappeared.

“I will explain.”

Noah stood in front of the knights with protective gear.

“The training method is simple.
Wear protective gear modeled after the private ship and swim to the buoy marked with the return point.”

Then she lowered the protective gear on her arm to the floor.

Bang! Bang!



Perhaps a large piece of iron had fallen, a huge wave of sand occurred around the reserve.

“For your information.”

Noah continued.

“It weighs about 40 kilograms.”

The armor was equal to the weight of a private ship.

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