Chapter 14

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“Do you like it? I’m sorry for my lack of skill, what should I do…”

“Everything is delicious, especially this seafood stew.”

“Everything Ash makes is delicious!”

“Clare, I told you not to talk with food in your mouth.”

Mealtime was noisy.

Leto got along better with Clare than expected, and after receiving a bottle of Goddess Foam, Ash was just too busy to take care of things.

‘…This is not good.’

Noah was trembling.

Still, it wasn’t that she didn’t like Leto, who smiled and talked with her family without hesitation.

To be honest, she was delighted and happy.

After she finished eating, she enjoyed dessert.

“Milk pudding made by Ash! What I like the most!”

Clare got up on her chair and boasted with a bowl of pudding.

“Did I tell you not to get up from your chair?”

“My sister is a nagging person.”

“Don’t let me nag you more.”

“Hey, what are you doing in front of the guest?”

“Ha ha ha!”

After eating all the desserts, Noah washed the dishes.
The guest, Leto, rolled up his sleeves to help her too.

And he got kicked out.

“What is the guest doing?”

“Please play with Clare.”

“Brother-in-law! Shall we play?”

While Noah and Ash were tidying up, Clare showed off the toys she had brought from her room to brag about.

Among them, there was a refreshment play set given to her as a gift from Leto.

“This is a clever rabbit! It’s an invincible rabbit!”

“Ah, this is the sticker on the invitation.”

Leto was silent.

The rabbit doll with crossed eyes was holding a blood-stained knife in its hand.

It seems to be famous among children, but it felt a bit cruel.

“The Knife Rabbit is on the side of justice.”

Clare waved the doll’s arm and explained things.

“The Knife Rabbit’s parents were killed by an illegal butcher.
That’s why the angry rabbit punishes the bad guys who break the livestock sanitation laws!”


Leto was speechless.

It was quite heavy for a children’s cartoon.

“But Mister…”


“Aren’t you going to marry my sister?”

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Leto glanced out the living room door before answering.

This house was small compared to the noble mansion, but the structure and layout of the rooms were very similar.

For a commoner’s house, it instead felt like a summer vacation home for a great aristocrat.

The dining room and kitchen are separated from the living room, but Leto lowered his voice in case she could hear him.

“I want to marry your older sister.”

“Oh oh!”

Clare was amazed.

“The courage of a young man is virtual!”


Leto pinched his thigh, desperately holding back his laughter.

He felt it when they first met, but Clare’s language skills were really lovely.

“But I’m not going to help!”


The corners of Leto’s lips dropped as he smirked.

“If you can’t help me, then…?”

Even if he asked with a mixture of mournful sincerity, Clare remained unmoved.

On the contrary, it was much more stubborn than before.

“Of course, I think it would be great if you became my brother-in-law.”


“Don’t do it.”

Clare clasped her chin with one hand in trouble.

“Originally, a relationship problem like this doesn’t look good if a third person intervenes.”

It said so in the radio show ‘My Friend Who Dirtied the Bouquet’ she listened to yesterday.

“What would happen if I helped for nothing, and then my uncle falls in love with me and…”


“Then I have to fight with my older sister while pulling her hair.”

“It’s not going to happen, but…”

“I’m so cute, of course it would!”

Then Leto realized.

He didn’t know that Noah had either a suspicious brother or a sister, but he knew of the existence of a sibling.

It was because of the ‘legend’ that was passed down like an urban legend within the unit.

At first, he thought it was nonsense.

How much would a child do if there had been an accident?

But as he looked at the young girl in front of him, he thought that the legend might be really part of it.


At that time, Noah and Ash finished cleaning and returned to the living room.

“Sister, Ash!”

Clare rushed forward and grabbed the two of them tightly.

“Then I’ll be on my way.”

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“Drink some tea and go…=”

Ash felt sorry and suggested tea.

After receiving the wine, Noah looked at Ash, whose attitude had completely changed, with a treacherous gaze.

I have to go to work tomorrow, so I have to go early.”

“Hey, I hope you come to play again…”

Clare pouted her lips as if she was sad.

The child was grabbing the hem of Leto’s trousers with her finger and pulling it gently.

“Then, can’t the young lady invite me again?”

“I don’t want to play being the young lady anymore.
It’s worse than I thought.”

“Ha ha ha.”

“Next time, bring a present!”

Leto hugged Clare lightly and waved goodbye to Ash.

And he went out with Noah.

“The night air is cold.”

“You have to go to work early tomorrow too, so hurry up.”

“We’re outside, are you going to keep the honorifics?”

Leto came closer.

“I try…”

Noah was willing to return to informal speech.

Leto’s lips approached skillfully, and she defended him with three of her fingers.

But she didn’t push him.

“Do you remember the terms?”


Leto’s eyes met hers and he blinked his eyes as if embarrassed.

Then he gently grabbed Noah’s fingers, which had been covering his lips, as if they were wrapped around his hand, and pulled her toward him.

Again, Noah did not pull away.


Instead, she was just wondering about Leto, who was looking at her.

‘What’s wrong with him?’

The conditions she put forward were really no big deal.

Asking for a sword was a matter for later, and she was slowly trying to guess the reason for hindering the promotion.

That guess was a little unpleasant, but it wasn’t a problem to jump over right away.

But why can’t he confess that he loves her?

‘Is he playing with me?’

She thought so at first.

Every time they met, she thought that he might be treating her lightly because he thought she was easy.

At that time, she was miserably sad, but she also vowed not to show her heart first even if she wanted to.

But she was facing Leto again like a coward.

The huge wall between them seemed to be the cause of Leto hiding his true feelings.

“…What are you afraid of?”

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Touching that invisible wall, Noah asked.


Leto just smiled behind that wall.


The next day.

As soon as Noah left for work, she looked for Ami.

Ami, who lives in the dormitory, always goes to work before the rest of the crew, and she was first in her office again.

“Ah, an X-footed bastard like X…!”

However, today, she was reciting hideous swear words.

“What’s going on?”

Noah asked, and handed her a lunch box.
Since Ash made a lot in the morning, it was a sandwich that she had wrapped up to eat with her crew members.

“I was choosing something to eat for breakfast, and what I craved was picked over by that captain! That captain bastard!”

“I’m also a captain, Lieutenant Chitia.”

“Oh! Anyway, I memorized all the faces and names, that’s all.”

Ami, who had been cheering for a while, gave an evil smile.

“…I’m going to tell the lieutenant general.”

Famous for being a crazy dog, Leto was also famous for his bad temper among his subordinates.

However, there were times when that kind of personality shined even more because he was an ally.

Right now was that moment.

“At times like this, the lieutenant general is on our side, so it’s great.”

Perhaps a little more angry, Ami took out one of her sandwiches from the lunch box Noah had been handed over and took a big bite.


Then she pulled something out of her pocket and held it out.

“What you asked me to find out.”

Noah’s eyes narrowed as she received the note.


What Noah asked Ami for was information about Major General Francis.

But Ami found nothing.

No, she couldn’t figure anything out.

“Information restrictions?”

“It is difficult to touch the admiral-level information, but…”

“Isn’t it enough even with your level and skill?”

“My friend, thank you for thinking so high of me, but…”

Ami, who had just finished one of her sandwiches, said while sucking her finger.

For her calm voice, her dark eyes did not hide her doubts.

“…This is a little different.”

The information verification itself was blocked.

“Who can block such information?”

At that, Noah frowned.

Blocking admiral-level information was difficult and not anyone could do it.

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In other words, the only one who could control the rank of admiral in the first place was a higher admiral.

The current chief of staff, Captain Adbello, was vacant.
There was only one person who could do it.

“…The Lieutenant General.”

Ami was silent and nodded her head.

“I don’t want to doubt Major General Francis, but I hate to doubt Lieutenant General.”

“Because that person doesn’t do this for no reason.”

“That’s what I mean.”

But when Ami went back to sleep like that, her self-esteem was hurt.

So Ami found information about Major General Francis in a different way.

“It’s the logistical command’s entry and exit records.”

Ami motioned her fingers in the air.
Noah recognized the meaning and looked at the back of the note.

There was a record of Major General Francis’s outing.


Noah burst out laughing.

The day Major General Francis went out was the same day she received a call from Ash and hurried to Marai School.
Read only at pm tl.

It was also the day Clare fought with Sir Delat’s son.

“Sir Delat came with his family for an exchange, along with his direct subordinates.”

The day after the notification of the exchange visit was presented, the ship arrived at the naval headquarters rudely, but that day was when Sir Delat himself was outside the headquarters.


The note in Noah’s hand crumbled horribly.

“How do I kill them?”

“Oh my.”

Ami pretended not to hear and picked up a second sandwich.

‘Those guys are dead now.’

Munching on a delicious sandwich, Ami watched with interest on another ‘mad dog’ in front of her.


“As expected.”

Lieutenant Colonel Ice submitted a report to Leto.

The document cover even had a red seal marked “Confidential.”

Leto turned over the papers one by one.

“On the day Captain Bello went to Marai School, Major General Francis and Sir Delat were in contact.”

“Isn’t the place where they met a pub here?”

The name of the bar on the document was familiar to him.

“We’ve checked it five times, and unfortunately it is.”

“With what guts did he go here…”


Lieutenant Colonel Ice agonized for a moment.

“He got the guts to exchange intelligence.”

“Yeah, there’s no way they’d drink here otherwise.”

“Anyway, I finally got it.”

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