“I’m just saying…”

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Ami glanced at Noah.

“Well, your promotion…”


“No, just listen.
When did you draw out your sword…”

After barely calming down Noah, who trembled as soon as the word “promotion” came out, Ami rushed to continue the story.

“I’m an intelligence officer.”

And thanks to the specialties, she was entitled to access a certain level of private information.

If Noah was promoted to major as scheduled, she would be temporarily assigned to the military command for officer training.


Noah’s eyes widened.

“Is that true?”

“It’s not publicly stated, but we actually decided to do this consular-level officer training at the county headquarters.”

“I didn’t know”

“There wasn’t a need to mention it…”


Ami, who stopped while talking, tilted her head.

“Come to think of it…”


“There was no one at our headquarters, was there?”

Noah, who was a leading candidate for promotion, was not the only one who failed.

Lieutenant General Oceanus dropped all the candidates in the headquarters, not just Noah, in the last promotion.

So the location of the training exercise was also unknown.


Noah, who had been silent for a while, asked.

“Could you look into it for me?”


“It’s not difficult to find out.
Why are you suspicious?”

“I’ll tell you later.”

“What should I know to help?”

Still, Ami said she would help out at last.

Although she was upset, she knew better than anyone else that Noah was not a person who doubted anyone for useless things.

But it was Noah who was more reluctant to this situation than anyone else.

‘What are you hiding?’

She was changing in the dressing room to get ready for work.

Noah stood spaced out for a long time while taking off her blue jacket.

At first, she thought Leto was hampering her promotion by being grumpy.

Of course, it was completely out of place with the Leto she knew, so she got even angrier.

“Do you know Major General Francis?”

But the question that Leto asked her the other day…

“It was decided that this training for field-level officers would be held at the Logistics Command.”

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That was what Ami said about what would happen after the promotion.
Read only at pm tl.


Frustrated, Noah undressed nervously.
The clothes then went straight to the laundry bin.

‘First, I should go home and rest…’

The moment Noah left the building after getting ready to go back.

“Are you out now?”

Leto, who was waiting for her at the entrance of the parking lot, smiled and waved his arms.
Then he strode toward Noah.

“You did a great job today too.”

“Lieutenant General…”

“Yeah, what’s wrong?”

Leto replied in a friendly voice to Noah calling him.


Noah looked at the man approaching her like she was possessed.

The sun was setting over the horizon again, and the wind was blowing just enough.

So, the silver hair that fluttered with red light, and the red eyes didn’t hide their affection for her even though the bangs that cover his eyes bothered her.

She was fascinated by it.

Noah was surprised at heart.

‘Oh my god.’

She fell in love like that again.

“Why aren’t you talking when you called me? Are you tired?”

Leto lowered himself slightly and carefully examined Noah’s complexion.

“Sleep while I drive.”

“Lieutenant General.”


“This is still the headquarters.”

“…How harsh.”

Leto jokingly raised his hands half way up and was about to take a step back.

“I know you’re busy.”

Noah’s finger tapped the tip of his nose.

“But are you flirting like that?”


Surprised, Leto creaked like a broken doll.

Noah, who stared at him, did not look annoyed or wanted to hit him.

The soft smile made his heart numb.

“Don’t provoke the Knights too much.
They’re the direct organization of His Majesty.
Wouldn’t it be better to be careful until the captain arrives?”

Noah passed by Leto after finishing what she had to say.

Leto, who was left alone, followed Noah’s back with his eyes blankly.

“What are you doing?”

Noah, who stopped in front of Leto’s parked car, shouted.

“I’m going to fall asleep while waiting.”


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Leto hurriedly opened the car door.

Noah, sitting in the passenger seat, returned with a calm face.

She seemed angry at first glance, but Leto knew well that she was not.


As he started the car, Leto asked.

“As expected, you really like me.”


Your eyebrows twitched.”

Noah’s hand flinched and twisted her lips as if it had been ruined.
She tried to cover her eyebrows without realizing it.

Soon, the red car slipped out of the parking lot.



Clare, standing in front of the full-length mirror, stared at herself.


Then she called for Ash.

Ash, who was watching the girl twitching her hips from side to side, smiled.

“What’s wrong? Don’t you like your outfit?”

The clothes are very pretty!”

The pink dress worn by Clare was a gift made by Ash.

Clare’s favorite dress was a dress full of lace and ribbons.

“There’s a serious problem.”

“Oh, what’s the problem?”

“It’s really serious…”

Clare, who was muttering in a careful voice, stared at the mirror again.

“I mean…”

Ash was watching, and she was also nervous.

“…Isn’t it too cute?”

Clare in the mirror and wrapped her hands around her cheeks.

“I think it’s really, really cute and pretty.”


As she approached, she put her hand on Clare’s shoulder.

“I think so too.”

She even nodded her head with a grim look.

“Right! I’m too cute!”

“If being cute is a crime, you’ll serve a life sentence without parole.”

“What’s that?”

“You have to live in prison for the rest of your life.”

“Oh my god! Am I that scarily cute?”

Clare, who flung down, hugged her body.

“Ah, the world is so cold! Why did you give me this much cuteness!”

Clare sniffed like a star of misfortune, and Ash took a picture of it with a camera that she had brought before she knew it.

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“…Oh my.”

Ash, who had been immersed in filming for a long time, looked outside the window.
She could hear the wheels rolling in the distance.

“The little master must be back.”

“How did you know?”

“I heard a car.”

“Then it’s brother-in-law’s car!”

Clare, who jumped up, picked up the skirt of the dress with both hands and ran wildly.

“Oh, a noble lady should walk modestly.”

“I don’t need that!”

Clare’s face as she ran bravely was filled with a big smile.


Noah, who came into the front door just in time, was surprised.

“Clare, what’s wrong?”

“What do you think? Isn’t it cute? Am I cute?”

“You’re always cute though.
Come here, let me give you a hug.”

“You have to wash your hands before you hug me! And change your clothes!”

Clare, who refused to hug, only greeted the invited guest.

“Hello, brother-in-law.”

She bent her knee slightly and slightly lifted her skirt with her finger.

“Welcome to dinner tonight.”

“Hey, don’t call him brother-in-law.”

“Ash said, people who say they won’t get married are the first ones to get married.
My sister is destined to marry brother-in-law.”

“Have you ever seen such a smart girl?”

Touched, Leto knelt down on one knee.

“Lady Bello, thank you for inviting me.”


“If you allow me, would you please give me the honor of kissing the back of the beautiful hand of the young lady?”


Clare shook her head.

“You should wash your hands and wash your mouth too.
If you go out and come in, you have to do that.”

“Is the little master here? Welcome, Lieutenant General.”

Ash then welcomed the two.

“Thank you for inviting me.
It’s nothing, but please accept it.”

“Oh, it’s alright…”

As, who was sorry but immediately received the gift, was surprised.

‘Hey, this is…!’

Sharp’s estate here was a coastal estate that faced the sea, so they enjoyed eating fish rather than meat, and white wine was also popular.

What Leto brought as a gift was the “Goddess Foam,” the most expensive of all the white wines.

A precious thing that could only be bought without spending as much as three months’ living expenses of the three of them was now in Ash’ hands.

“…I’ll hurry up and prepare the meal!”

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Ash rushed to the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Clare appeared in front of Leto, who had washed his hands.

“Thank you for helping me then!”

“You’re a very polite young lady.”

Leto was just as proud of Clare, who greeted him bravely.

However, there was something bothering him.

“…Did he bother you again?”

Whether Sir Delat’s son was no longer picking a fight, Leto fell on one knee and made eye contact with Clare.


Clare, who nodded, certainly looked fine.

“But it was quiet today.
He didn’t say anything weird to my other friends.”

“That’s good.”

“But, uh…”

Clare recalled seeing her classmate at school today.

“His leg was hopping like this.”



Noah and Leto exchanged glances without a word.

“But, Mister! Do you have any presents for me?”

“Oh, my lady, who do you think I am?”

Leto promised that he would give it to her later when the meal was over.

Hey, Clare cheered as she covered the ball with her hands.

“…Who did she take after as a snob?”

For Noah, the guardian, she looked very worried.

“Hey, it’s not like that.”

Clare let out a deep sigh with dim eyes.

“I’m getting older now, it’s not like it used to be.”

“It’s not like it used to be…?”

“In the old days, when I just laughed, adults gave me sweets or pocket money, but now they don’t give me any because I go to school.”


Noah was at a loss for words at her infinitely serious appearance.

She glanced around and saw Leto’s body shaking with his arms curled around his stomach.

It was so funny that he almost passed out.

“Sister,  Mister, why are you like this?”

“I have to pee.”

“Oh, I heard men with incontinence are not married.”

“Where else did you learn that…”

Is it another radio show for couples counseling?

On the verge of getting tired of her sister’s rapidly growing knowledge day by day…

“Everyone, eat.”

Ash’s voice sounded like a bell of salvation.

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