[Hello uncle!]

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“… Lieutenant General?”

Lieutenant Fist was startled.

“Why are you lying down all of a sudden?”

“It’s so cute…”

“I didn’t hear you well”

“It’s alright if you didn’t hear it.”

Leto pulled himself up while sprawled on the desk.

‘It’s a sin to be cute.’

Already in Leto’s head, Clare’s shrill voice was playing repeatedly.

‘If cuteness is a crime, my sister-in-law is sentenced to life in prison without parole.’

Leto continued reading with a happy smile.

[I am Clare Bello, a first-year student at Marai School.]

[Thanks for your help yesterday.]

[In return, I’ll invite you to dinner.
I am a child who knows how to repay a favor.
The dishes that Ash makes are very delicious.
Let’s have dinner together!]


“Yes, Lieutenant General.”

“Is she an angel?”


“I think my sister-in-law is an angel.”


Lieutenant Fist hastily bit his lip, almost asking, ‘Are you crazy?’

‘…Maybe the captain’s younger sister?’

Mentioning family members or lovers was not common since they will be your weakness due to the nature of the military, and that was why Noah also didn’t like to talk about her family.

But the occasional stories she sometimes told were so funny since her sister was friends with the youngest daughter of Lieutenant Colonel Ice, who was also a member of the unit, so he knew who it might’ve been.

‘But why are you calling the Captain’s sister your sister-in-law?’

The puzzled Fist hurriedly covered his mouth with his hand.

Whether he was sweating profusely or not, Leto continued to read the letter.

[My sister keeps disturbing me from the side.]

[My sister is annoying.
Hurry up and get married.]

However, in the middle of the letter, an attempt to sabotage the letter could be seen.

A small line was drawn over several sentences, and there was one character in each sentence.


Noah’s nervousness was clearly seen in the letter.

[Please come today!]

Be sure to buy a present.]

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Afterwards, there were stickers that children would like attached to the bottom of the letter.

“… Oh?”

The letter ended on one page, and there was another piece of paper behind it.
It was a painting by Clare herself.

In the picture, a man with white and gray hair and a girl with blonde hair and a large ribbon were holding hands.

Next to them were a blonde woman with sharp eyes and a black hair woman with a good smile.

“…L-Lieutenant General?”

Captain Fast asked cautiously.

“Are you okay?”

He began to become more and more afraid of Leto, who didn’t even speak this time.

That man was conditioned to be reflexively scared when Leto kept his mouth shut and was silent.


Leto let out a deep sigh.

He jumped up from his seat and carefully placed the invitation, more precious than gold, into the desk drawer.

And he locked it up with a key.

“… I want to have a daughter.”


“Why can’t I have children?”

“I didn’t hear it.
No, I didn’t hear it!”

Lieutenant Fist patted his ear with both hands.

“Uh, anyway, the Captain has something to tell you!”

Letters are things that should be delivered, but Noah had something else to say.

“I will pass it on to you.”

Lieutenant Fist swallowed dry saliva.

“If you keep playing around like this, my sister’s invitation today will be in vain…”




First lieutenant flinched his large body.
At the same time, he was left alone in the office.


The place he looked at with a frown on was the door.

The doorknob rattled as it opened and closed so vigorously.
It even dangled.

“Crazy dog…”

It didn’t matter, the cursing came out of nowhere.

“I don’t know who is going to live with that.”

Lieutenant Fist, who was trying to sympathize with that “who” quickly covered his face with both hands.

It must have been the one he had sympathized with from the beginning.

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“Captain, stay strong…!”


Leto Oceanus.

He has three nicknames.

Kid, Lieutenant General, and Crazy Dog.

Kid was a nickname that could only be called by one person, who was currently vacant on a mission.

Depending on the mood of the caller, this nickname was also changed to dummy, crazy person, and hey.

The second nickname, Lieutenant General, was actually the most frequently called title in the workplace, and was the rank of Leto.

And the last nickname, Crazy Dog, was the perfect word to symbolize Leto’s identity.

There were two reasons why he was called a crazy dog.

The first was that Leto’s force was cruel.

The comrades who were with Leto in the counter-offensive at the time said that a rainbow appeared on every path he passed.

A rainbow made from the blood of the enemy.

The beautiful and fishy rainbow appeared frequently during the pirate eradication, and it was said that a slang term ‘rainbow’ was coined among the pirates at some point.

It was also said to have a more terrifying meaning than any other vulgar language.

And the second reason that Leto was called a mad dog…

“I think the South is a lucky place for our Sir Delat.”


“Seven years ago, thanks to the crime and death of the immediate family, the knight sitting in front of me became the head of the family.”

This was because the skill of mentally turning others around was more cruel than force.

Actually, 7 years ago…there was one big accident just before the counter-offensive against Adlabor.
The main culprit in the case was the heir of the Delat family at the time.

And after he was executed by a military court, it was Sir Delat, who now sat in front of him, was appointed as the successor.

“I am so sad that I am in tears.”

Leto tapped his dry eyes with a handkerchief.
Of course, nothing was sincere.

“That’s why I liked Sir Delat…”

Red eyes flashed a cool look.

“…Was it my own misunderstanding?”

Leto stopped pretending to cry and smiled innocently.

A crazy dog, eager to put into practice his eerie curiosity, raised one corner of his mouth obliquely.



The royal knights shed a cold sweat.

There was no excuse.

But most were embarrassed.

After a major reorganization of the military system, the navy, the army, and the royal knights had equal status.
It was an important matter as it was stipulated by law.

However, the Knights had a subtle reaction to this.

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If you look at the history, the Royal Knights were established much longer, and there were many nobles from the ranks, so they ignored other armies and looked down on them.

So they were very unhappy with the situation.

“… Lt.
General Oceanus.”

Sir Delat, who had been sitting on the sofa pretending to be calm, finally opened his mouth.


“You sure abbreviate a lot.”

Leto let out a short laugh.

“…Lieutenant General.”

The end of the words correcting the title trembled slightly.

But Sir Delat took a deep breath and smiled as if nothing had happened.
Leto, who was staring blankly, gasped.

“The purpose of this exchange was to pray for harmony and well-being between the two organizations.”


“There was a mistake, so I hope the Navy will understand it with a relaxed mind.”


Leto pretended to ponder instead of answering.

Tap, tap. 

The finger movements tapping the armrest continued for quite some time.

The beat was so precise that it matched the seconds hand of the clock on the wall.

“…Is that so?”

Leto glanced behind the sofa where he was sitting.

“What do you think, lieutenant?”

“I think the Lieutenant General’s decision was right.”

Lieutenant Fist, who was standing immobile from behind a step, answered with an indifferent expression.

“Oh my gosh, it’s not like I’m going to cook you as my dinner just for stating your opinion.”

Leto beckoned to speak comfortably.

“Tell me anything.
You met them before me, Lieutenant.”

“Then excuse me.”

Lieutenant Fist, who lowered his head briefly, answered.

“As Sir Delat said, this exchange was for the promotion of friendship between the Navy and the Royal Knights.
It is believed that His Majesty the King will be greatly concerned if a great commotion arises.”

“Yes, yes, the king is concerned.”

Leto smirked at what he was saying.

Then he held out his hand.

“Until the friendly exchange between the Navy and the Royal Knights ends smoothly, let’s do our best.”

The bloody look a while ago was gone, and only a friendly smile appeared.

“…Thank you for your understanding.”

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Sir Delat shook the outstretched hand.


“What do you think?”

Noah, who visited the shooting practice room, asked, inserting bullets into the revolver supplied to her one by one.

“Hm, well, it’s not a strange situation.”

Ami, who was standing next to her, answered sarcastically as she cleaned the hole in the revolver chamber where the bullets were put in.
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“The Royal Knights are close to the King.
The fact that they came to the South while committing such rudeness…”


Noah’s revolver, fully loaded, was ready to fire.

“…It means they have a purpose.”

“Oh, the chivalry is dead.”

Ami bit her tongue and prayed to her god.

“Heavenly Mother, every morning when those bubbly squirrels get up, let them stab their little toes in the corners of their drawers.”

“Anyway, do these bastards of the capital have any ill will towards the South?”

“It’s an accident every time they come here, right?”

“That’s right!”

Ami slammed the table with her fist, frowned at their arrogance.

“Seven years ago, ah, was it Delat? The knight from that family drank alcohol and burned the ship!”

The wreckage of the burnt ship has now been moved next to the memorial tower in the headquarters.

So the navy was not very favorable to the royal knights.

“It’s a bad thing…”

After cleaning up, Ami started putting her bullets in.

Noah, who looked at her blankly, spoke softly.

“…It may have had something to do with Francis.”


Ami, surprised, hurriedly looked around.
Fortunately, no one was here but them.

“Hey, it’s well-known that he is a good person!”

As is usual with the organization of the military, the Navy also maintained a conservative and strict class society.

However, it was relatively loose compared to other armies, perhaps because of the full support and influence of the Adbello family, which is famous for being eccentric.

Thanks to that, there were many soldiers who were not like “soldiers.”

“Major General Francis is the savior!”

“It’s not like that…”

“Hey! Thanks to him, the food has improved!”

“The food…?”

“Isn’t that the point?”

What Ami wanted to say was that Major General Francis, unlike any other boss, was a great man who put the welfare of the army and the convenience of the soldiers first.

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