“What…” The man in the hood was stunned.
Qu Lanyi’s bloodshot eyes were full of bloodthirsty killing intent.
The man in the hood was his most delicious meal.
He was going to swallow him!

A ball of faint colors surrounded Qu Lanyi’s body.
Yun Feng looked at the elements that rose in surprise.
The man in the hood was also stunned.
“That’s… That’s…”

The voice that was as cold as hell spread throughout the entire space, like the judgment of the God of Death!

“You’ll bear my anger!”

The two elements of light and darkness were opposite to each other.
The two elements were like mortal enemies.
They each had the ability to frighten the other.
They suppressed and fought with each other.
Logically, light and darkness couldn’t coexist in nature, but this logic didn’t cover everything!

The thick elements spreading out of Qu Lanyi’s body were pure black! They danced around Qu Lanyi’s body like silk.
The body of a light-element mage also contained dark elements.
This was something that would never happen!

The man in the hood was already so shocked that he couldn’t say anything after seeing this scene.
Perhaps he didn’t expect such a scene to happen.
Wasn’t he a light-element mage? Why did he have dark elements? How did the elements of light and darkness, which couldn’t coexist peacefully, appear in the same person?

“That’s… That’s impossible!” The man’s voice was even hoarser.
His pale fingers were trembling slightly outside his robe!

Qu Lanyi held Yun Feng in his arms with one hand, with endless killing intent in his blood-red eyes.
He suddenly pulled off the white jade pendant he had been wearing with the other hand.
Yun Feng saw the pattern on the back of the white jade pendant.
She had seen this pattern a long time ago.
There was a huge bird with a strange face on it, as if its entire body was compressed in the jade pendant and its huge wings were tied behind it.

Thinking of the black jade pendant on her neck, Yun Feng had a weird feeling in her mind.
The engraving on the back of the black jade pendant was a skeleton dragon, which was in the same shape as this giant bird.
The two carvings were lifelike, as if they were real.
They were forcibly stuffed into the jade pendant!

Qu Lanyi grabbed the white jade pendant tightly with his slender fingers.
The dark elements around his arm suddenly cut his palm like a sharp blade.
A wound appeared and scarlet blood gradually oozed out, covering the white jade pendant slowly!

“What are you doing?” Seeing Qu Lanyi’s reaction, Yun Feng couldn’t help but worry about his wound, as if he was about to do something extremely crazy.
Qu Lanyi looked at Yun Feng with his bloody eyes with a hint of gentleness in them.
He didn’t say anything.
He just clenched his fist hard.
The wound was squeezed by him like this and blood flowed out crazily, landing on the ground along his palm.

“You’ve been asleep for so long.
It’s time for you to wake up.” A faint smile suddenly flashed on his handsome face.
In an instant, dazzling white light suddenly burst out of the white jade pendant that was covered in blood.
This light seemed to want to pierce through the darkness between the sky and the earth.
An ancient aura slowly extended from the white jade pendant and spread throughout the entire land!

The giant skeleton, which had stopped attacking, suddenly trembled.
Its entire skeleton was shaking inexplicably, while the man in the hood quickly flashed and ran away!

What exactly was that thing? Who exactly was that kid? And what was inside that white jade pendant? There was no other way out except death if they stayed here.
They had to return to the Thousand Peak City first!

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The hooded man’s long robe wrapped around his body tightly as he turned around and ran at a high speed.
Seeing his fleeing back, Qu Lanyi’s lips curled up gently.
“Are you running? It’s too late…”

A cry suddenly sounded.
This cry made the soul in Yun Feng’s body tremble endlessly! What kind of power was this? Just the cry made her soul tremble in fear! Mental strength surged out of her body and Yun Feng finally managed to calm her mind.
She only saw that dazzling white light surge out of the white jade pendant fiercely, forming a blurry huge pattern in the air.
Yun Feng didn’t see what shape it was exactly.
The only thing she could see clearly was those silver eyes!

It seemed that one look was enough to pierce the entire soul!

“Don’t look at its eyes,” whispered Qu Lanyi.
Yun Feng immediately looked away.
Her heart was racing.
Something invisible was gripping her heart tightly, as if it was about to burst out of her chest! The huge white light chased after the hooded man like a shooting star, unstoppable!

The hooded man’s heart suddenly palpitated.
A kind of fear came from the depths of his soul.
The dazzling white light behind him chased after him crazily.
The hooded man only felt that he couldn’t escape.
Thousand Peak City wasn’t far away.
As long as he was a bit faster, he could enter! However, Qu Lanyi wouldn’t let him escape!

An ear-piercing cry burst out of the light of the huge body.
The man in the hood turned pale and cursed in his mind! He waved his arm abruptly and the huge skeleton he summoned had already stood behind him.
The man in the hood jumped into the sky of the Thousand Peak City angrily!


A pile of bones fell from the sky one after another, like a rain of bones.
When they landed on the ground, they turned into pieces of black elements and slowly dissipated in the air.
The man in the hood risked his life to avoid this disaster.
He looked at the Ring of Contract on his finger that suddenly shattered.
Half of his face that was covered by the hood looked stiff.
He didn’t dare to stay any longer and quickly turned around to go to the Thousand Peak City.
Tsk! Let’s not argue with this kid for now!

“Hm, you’re truly afraid of death.” Qu Lanyi sneered in disdain and held the white jade pendant tightly again.
“Alright, come back!” There was a hint of viciousness in his tone.
The huge white light, which had already run not far away from Thousand Peak City, seemed to be pulled back by a huge force.
Its unwilling cry sounded in the sky with uncontrollable anger!

Yun Feng looked at the huge light that was forcibly pulled into the white jade pendant and was shocked in her mind.
What exactly was that? Apart from those eyes, she couldn’t see its body shape at all just then! That huge posture and that aura that made people’s souls tremble.
The hooded man was so strong, but he could only run!

“I’ll definitely take revenge for such humiliation.”

The ancient voice sounded in the entire space with deep resentment.
Qu Lanyi only smiled and viciousness flashed through his blood-red eyes.
“Do you think I want this?” He hung the white jade pendant around his neck again and everything quietly returned to peace.

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