“What did you say?” Mu Canghai’s cold voice came.
Yan Che burst into laughter and shrugged.
“I didn’t say anything.”

“Yan Che!” Yun Feng rushed out again the next second.
Yan Che’s shoulder, which had just been rubbed, was grabbed tightly by her fair fingers.
Yan Che immediately shouted in pain, “E-Easy! You’re going to break my arm!”

Yun Feng held Yan Che’s shoulder tightly.
“Where’s Qu Lanyi? Why isn’t he in the room?”

“How would I know where that transvestite is? Let go of me!” Yan Che’s facial features were a bit distorted and sweat appeared on his forehead again.
However, Yun Feng didn’t let go.
Instead, she exerted even more strength! Yan Che’s entire body bent fiercely with this force!

“Yun Feng! I really don’t know! The transvestite opened the window and ran away!”

Worry and anxiety flashed through Yun Feng’s clear black eyes.
She immediately let go of Yan Che’s shoulder and waved him away with one hand, rushing down quickly.
Yan Che gritted his teeth and reached for his shoulder.
“What a violent girl.
She’s so petite and cute, but her personality isn’t likable at all…”

Yan Che rubbed his arm and complained.
Mu Canghai walked closer step by step.
Yan Che felt an obvious cold aura coming towards him.
He suddenly raised his head and looked at Mu Canghai.
“Are you…”

Mu Canghai smiled slowly.
“You said my eyes were like this just then.
What about Qu Lanyi’s eyes?”

Yan Che suddenly smiled.
“Do I have to tell you?”

The corners of Mu Canghai’s mouth curled up and a coldness seeped out faintly.
“If you don’t want to tell, it’s fine.”

Yan Che suddenly waved his hand and a stream of thick dark elements directly hit Mu Canghai’s body.
However, Mu Canghai only smiled, while Yan Che looked like he had seen a ghost! His dark elements only wanted to scare the guy, but they were sucked in just then! This guy… could absorb dark elements!

“Yun Feng is indeed surrounded by shocking people…” Yan Che raised the corners of his mouth.
He originally thought that the transvestite was a light-element mage, but it seemed that it wasn’t the case.
This man could absorb dark elements.
He had never heard of such a weird ability! Yan Che suddenly waved the robe on his body and his entire body quickly distorted, as if he was sucked into an invisible space.
If he didn’t leave now, when would he? Compared to Yun Feng and the others, it was safer for him to stay with Little Peach.

Mu Canghai suddenly extended his hand and his pale and cold finger directly penetrated into the distorted space.
Yan Che was shocked when he saw this scene.
What was going on? What was wrong with this man? This was a distorted space.
He could reach his hand in without being injured at all!

“Don’t even think about leaving.” After saying that, Mu Canghai had already disappeared on the spot with Yan Che!

Xia Qing had already opened her eyes in Yun Feng’s room.
Little Fire and Lan Yi were in the room, while the others had already left.
Lan Yi looked at the open window and pondered with a frown.

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Yun Feng rushed out of the reception building of the Summoning Union all the way.
She was indescribably panicked in her mind.
A thought that something was about to happen kept rising in her mind.
Qu Lanyi, Qu Lanyi, where did you go? Qu Lanyi’s sudden departure made Yun Feng a bit panicked.
She looked around the street in front of her with her black eyes, but there was no sign of Qu Lanyi at all.
However, many people recognized Yun Feng.
Feeling these fiery gazes, Yun Feng suddenly became frustrated.
Her body suddenly rose to the sky.
There were a lot of people in the entire Thousand Peak City right now.
It wasn’t easy to find Qu Lanyi in the shortest time possible.

Right! Yun Feng suddenly thought of something.
She flipped her hand and the Finger Spiritual Jade appeared! Luckily, she had recorded the aura of important people, including Qu Lanyi! As Yun Feng expected, when her mental strength penetrated the Finger Spiritual Jade, Qu Lanyi’s aura immediately appeared on the jade.
However, he was outside of the Thousand Peak City right now!

She couldn’t think about it carefully and didn’t have time to think at all.
Yun Feng held the Finger Spiritual Jade in her hand tightly and flew into the sky.
Her body turned into a beam of light that flashed in the sky, rushing towards the outside of the Thousand Peak City!

Miss Yun, don’t leave the Thousand Peak City during the Summoners’ Convention.
Once you leave the territory of the Summoning Union, anything might happen.
What Ling said suddenly flashed in Yun Feng’s mind.
Even though she knew it was very dangerous to leave the Thousand Peak City at this moment, she didn’t have time to care about this! Qu Lanyi’s abnormality this time made Yun Feng’s heart race.
She didn’t want anything to happen to Qu Lanyi, not even a little bit!

Looking at the flashing light spot on the Finger Spiritual Jade, Yun Feng sped up even more and broke through the restrictions around the Thousand Peak City brutally.
For Yun Feng, who was at the peak of the Monarch Level, any obstruction was useless to her!

A beam of light flashed in the sky and left the Thousand Peak City without hesitation, stepping out of the territory of the Summoning Union! A strong wind came fiercely and three figures instantly stood in front of Yun Feng.
“Tut-tut, there’s really a lone summoner.” They looked at the Rings of Contract on Yun Feng’s finger with greed in their eyes and laughed ear-piercingly.
“She’s even a double-element summoner.
It seems that we’ve made a fortune this time.”

Yun Feng’s black eyes were cold.
She clasped her hands together without hesitation.
Before the three people in front of her understood what was going on, they saw the elemental ball with faint terrifying energy in her fair hands.
Their jaws dropped.
“That… That’s…”

“Get lost!” Yun Feng shouted coldly.
The three of them moved their bodies at the same time.
Yun Feng squeezed the elemental ball in her hand and rushed out.
The three of them, who originally wanted to fight, were drenched in cold sweat at this moment.
Looking at the different elements that were crushed and scattered in the sky, the three of them swallowed inexplicably.
They were right to dodge her!

Yun Feng unleashed the momentum of the peak of the Monarch Level.
She didn’t know if it was because the other people were intimidated by the momentum or because Yun Feng’s face was extremely gloomy along the way.
In short, no one else stepped forward to block her way.
Looking at the approaching light spot on the Finger Spiritual Jade, Yun Feng’s heart suddenly raced and her black eyes shrank fiercely.
Wasn’t that Qu Lanyi standing in front of her?

“Qu Lanyi!” Yun Feng shouted as she landed quickly from the sky.
Qu Lanyi, who was standing there, slowly turned around.
His pale face and sweaty body surprised Yun Feng! “What’s wrong?” Yun Feng immediately rushed over and grabbed Qu Lanyi’s hand.
She only felt a bone-piercing coldness!

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