Yun Feng pushed the door open and walked out.
The door on the opposite side also opened at the same time.
Yao Man chuckled when she saw Yun Feng.
“What a coincidence.
Why don’t we go out together?”

Yun Feng glanced at the purple Ring of Contract on her fair finger and nodded.
Yao Man looked at the double-color ring on Yun Feng’s hand with a smile.
“I really want to see what kind of contracted Magic Beast you have.
I think it’ll be very surprising.
After all, double-element mages are very rare.”

Yun Feng looked ahead with her black eyes and the corners of her mouth curled up slightly.
“Lightning element is also very rare.”

A complacent look flashed through Yao Man’s eyes as she put on an elegant and noble smile.
“That little girl calls you teacher.
I can’t believe you already have a student at such a young age.”

Yun Feng glanced at Yao Man.
Xia Qing was a bit nervous on the side.
Even though this woman was very polite, her every word was sarcastic and she pointed at Yun Feng.
Yun Feng didn’t take it to heart.
She raised her brows slightly.
“It’s indeed something to be proud of to have a student.”

Xia Qing was delighted to hear that.
This was the first time Yun Feng praised her in front of an outsider.
Yao Man’s expression froze after hearing that.
“Haha, you’re right.
I’ve never met such an outstanding student.”

Yun Feng burst into laughter and squeezed Xia Qing’s cheek.
“You can’t meet an outstanding student just because you want to, don’t you?”

Yao Man’s facial features were completely frozen.
Yun Feng gave her a faint smile and slowly walked down the stairs with Xia Qing.
Yao Man’s noble expression seemed to have cracked.
She took a deep breath and walked downstairs elegantly, but the veins on the back of her hand that was holding the armrest bulged.

“Master, that person seems to be exploding with anger.” Xia Qing turned around and carefully peeped at Yao Man’s expression.
Yun Feng smiled indifferently.
You used words to stab me, so I certainly have to fight back.
Besides, Xia Qing was indeed a student she was proud of.
Not everyone could become a summoner.

“Miss Yun.” Yun Feng looked over with her black eyes.
Ling walked over from a corner of the hall and smiled brightly at Yun Feng.
His uniform was still neat and clean.
Yun Feng even wondered if he would put on a set of new clothes every day.

“Miss Yao.” Ling saw Yao Man walking over and greeted her politely.
Yao Man chuckled.
Ling, you’ll be busy today.”

Ling smiled formally.
“As the receptionist, I certainly have to be busy.
However, Miss Yao, the Master of the Thousand Snow Hall is already here.
Aren’t you going to greet him?”

“What?” Surprise flashed through Yao Man’s eyes and her voice couldn’t help but become much higher.
Ling looked at her with a smile.
“He just arrived in Thousand Peak City yesterday.”

Yao Man realized that she had overreacted.
She quickly coughed, pretending to be reserved.
“Since the Hall Master is here, I certainly have to meet him.
Yun Feng, I’ll go first.” Yao Man couldn’t help but start running in the end.
Yun Feng looked at her anxious and repressed expression and found it funny.

Yao Man didn’t care about Yun Feng’s answer.
She forgot that she was the one who invited Yun Feng to go with her.
She was about to leave when Ling stopped her slowly.
“Miss Yao, are you sure your servants don’t need to stay in the reception building?”

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Yao Man’s body froze and she slowly turned around.
“Of course not.
As a four-star guest of the Summoning Union, I don’t need anyone to follow me from morning to night.
Isn’t it too insulting to my personal ability?” Yao Man glanced at Yun Feng indifferently as she turned around elegantly and left the hall in a hurry.

Xia Qing’s little face bulged in anger.
What? That woman was talking about her teacher! Brother Lanyi and Brother Canghai weren’t servants! Her teacher’s personal ability couldn’t be questioned at all! Why was that woman so arrogant?

Yun Feng directly ignored what Yao Man said.
At her level, it was too childish to argue with such a person.

“Fengfeng!” The enthusiastic call made Yun Feng blush.
Xia Qing next to her secretly smiled.
Brother Lanyi was so enthusiastic every time.
It was obvious that the teacher couldn’t resist him! Meatball on her shoulder turned around and looked at the handsome man with a bright face unhappily.
This call also attracted a lot of attention.
Qu Lanyi didn’t care about that.
He walked to Yun Feng openly and looked at her blushing cheeks with a smile in his black eyes.
He asked in a low voice, “Did you miss me?”

Yun Feng blushed.
This man was getting bolder.
He dared to ask such a question in public! Before Yun Feng replied, Ling, who ignored everything, pushed his glasses.
“Miss Yun, the Summoners’ Convention has already begun.
Let me tell you the details.”

Yun Feng’s attention was successfully diverted.
Qu Lanyi glanced at Ling coldly.
Ling smiled at him casually with a provocative look.
Mu Canghai, who was emitting a cold aura, walked over.
He glanced at them with his black and gray eyes and was no longer interested.

“The closed areas in the Thousand Peak City have already been opened.
There are free arenas in the four corners of the city.
This is also an important part of the convention.” There was a smile in Ling’s eyes.
Yun Feng nodded.
She was certainly no stranger to this.
Her original intention of participating in the summoner’s convention back then was to win the first place and get a seat in the Summoning Union.
This was to find the president of the Magic Union and resurrect Mu Canghai, but it seemed that it was already unnecessary now.

“The free arena is a platform for summoners to spar and communicate.
As long as you win forty rounds in a row, you’ll be qualified to get a seat in the Summoning Union.” Qu Lanyi snorted in disdain after saying that.
“I thought it was something else.”

Ling smiled lightly.
“The registration date is only today.
If Miss Yun wants to sign up, don’t miss it.”

Yun Feng shook her head and was about to say no, when Ling winked mysteriously.
“Miss Yun, don’t be in a hurry to refuse.
The winner this time won’t just get a seat.
Miss Yun, you must not miss it.
You might get something unexpected.”

Yun Feng looked at Ling in confusion.
A glint of light flashed through the thin glasses, covering what flashed through the black eyes behind the glasses.
Yun Feng didn’t see it clearly.
What exactly did he mean?

“Miss Yun, I shouldn’t have told you.
That’s all I can say.
Miss Yun, please make your own decision.
If you really don’t want to participate, Miss Xia Qing, you must not miss this opportunity to learn.”

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