It wouldn’t be too late to wait until Yun Qingchen grew up a few years later.
This was the unanimous opinion of the Yun family.
Let Little Qingchen focus on every step in these years.
That was the most important thing.

After dealing with Yun Qingchen’s matter, Yun Feng said that she wanted to go to the Pharmaceutical Institute immediately.
The earlier she dealt with the matter of the Fusion Fluid, the earlier she could be at ease.
Yun Feng felt that something was wrong.
The earlier she went there, the better she would know why.

Yun Sheng and Mu Xiaojin nodded.
Yun Feng said that she could go alone.
Little Fire, Lan Yi and Qu Lanyi all stayed in the Mu family.
They didn’t object.
Meatball, on the other hand, jumped on Yun Feng’s shoulder.
Yun Feng smiled and said to her brother and Mu Xiaojin, “I’m leaving.”

Mu Xiaojin and Yun Sheng both watched Yun Feng leave.
Watching her slim back disappear in the sky, the two of them looked at each other.
“Xiao Feng always tries her best no matter what she does.” Mu Xiaojin heaved a sigh.
Yun Sheng chuckled.
“That’s Feng’s personality.”

Qu Lanyi couldn’t help but smile when he heard their conversation.
“If Fengfeng wants to do something, she won’t allow herself to back down.
She’ll face any difficulty head-on.”

Yun Sheng glared at Qu Lanyi.
He didn’t like the man who took his sister away! Hearing that, Mu Xiaojin put on a smile.
“She takes everything on herself and shoulders everything.”

Little Fire rolled its eyes.
“Isn’t it because of you that Master did that?”

Yun Sheng and Mu Xiaojin both looked ashamed after hearing that.
If they could be stronger, if they were like Yun Feng, Yun Feng wouldn’t have risked her life so desperately for them.

“Brother Fire, you can’t say that,” said Lan Yi.
He looked at Yun Sheng and Mu Xiaojin.
“Master values family and friends.
In her opinion, you’re the ones she cherishes the most.
She’s willing to do this for you.”

Yun Sheng and Mu Xiaojin immediately felt even worse in their minds.
Seeing that, Qu Lanyi couldn’t help but sigh softly.
“How many people in the world can be like her? You’re not useless even if you’re not as capable as her.
In her eyes, you’re not a burden, but her motivation to keep moving forward.
You’re the root of all her efforts.”

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Yun Sheng and Mu Xiaojin were both startled.
Yun Sheng’s eyes were red.
Mu Xiaojin buried her head in Yun Sheng’s arms as hot tears flowed down her cheeks.

The promise the girl made back then was still engraved in her heart today.
If you dare to hurt the Yun family, go through me first!

At this moment, darkness had already fallen on the East Continent.
Some people were sleeping peacefully in the quiet night, while some were tossing and turning in bed.
The place where the Pharmaceutical Institute was located was unique.
There were no towns or villages around due to the strange terrain.
Only the Pharmaceutical Institute stood here alone.
All the talented young people in the East Continent in the pharmaceutical field were gathered in the Pharmaceutical Institute.
It had been more than three years since the day Yun Feng left the Pharmaceutical Institute.

The slogan was still used in the resting room of the Fengyun Empire.
Everyone in the Fengyun Empire was proud to have Yun Feng, and they couldn’t forget the shocking pharmaceutical competition three years ago.
Yun Feng’s unbelievable pharmaceutical method was engraved in everyone’s mind and she became an unrepeatable legend.

Ever since that time three years ago, all the pharmacists of the Cashya Empire had lost their edge, even after Yun Feng left.
The pharmacists of the Fengyun Empire were high-spirited and the pharmacists of the Cashya Empire were very obedient.
Even though Lan Ling had a high status in the Pharmaceutical Institute, she couldn’t go back to the past at all.

Even though Yun Feng left, the influence she left behind was deep.
All the students of the pharmaceutical school knew clearly that the students of the Fengyun Empire was under the protection of Yun Feng and they couldn’t provoke her easily.
Three years was just a small part of the growth of the pharmacists.
These three years were just a fleeting moment.
Even the most talented and smart people would only take a small step forward and consolidate their original strength.
The path of pharmaceuticals was more difficult than the cultivation of strength and it was even more difficult to move forward.
This was also the reason why there were so few outstanding pharmacists.

“Ah! It’s so boring!” In the resting room of the Fengyun Empire, Yan Xiaoshi’s entire body was sunk into the chair and his face was full of boredom.
Xia Jingyi, who was sitting opposite him, smiled lightly.
“If you’re really bored, how about practicing advanced two-star potions?”

Yan Xiaoshi couldn’t help but roll his eyes.
After three years, Yan Xiaoshi had risen from the advanced one-star level to the advanced three-star level.
He was the fastest and most obviously improved student.
“I’ve been making potions every day.
I feel like mushrooms are growing on my body! Those bastards of the Cashya Empire didn’t do anything to make me happy.”

“Tsk! If Cashya stirs up trouble again, I don’t think you’ll be able to do anything with your glib tongue.” Shang Rui glanced at Yan Xiaoshi with a rather disdainful tone.
Yan Xiaoshi immediately jumped up and looked at Shang Rui with his eyes.
“Little girl! If you have time to argue with me, go practice your potions! Mid-level three-star!”

Shang Rui bit her lips and stood up without showing weakness.
She looked at Yan Lei arrogantly.
“So what if you’re an advanced two-star?”

Yan Xiaoshi grunted and looked like he was very impressive.
Xia Jingyi shook his head helplessly.
“Alright, Xiaoshi, you two are really never done fighting.” In these three years, Shang Rui, Yan Xiaoshi and Xia Jingyi became familiar with each other.
The three of them gradually formed a small group, and Shang Rui and Yan Xiaoshi liked to bicker with each other the most.

“She’s the one who doesn’t like me! She thought Yun Feng was protecting you, huh?” Yan Xiaoshi said with a hint of loneliness on his face.
Shang Rui and Xia Jingyi were the same.
When Yun Feng left the three of them back then, they knew that they might never see each other again.
Three years passed slowly and she really didn’t appear again.

Xia Jingyi couldn’t help but look out of the window.
At this moment, it was a starry night outside, with endless depths.
The three of them fell into silence and thought about the same person silently.
Shang Rui was the first to speak.
“She must’ve had higher attainments in the last three years.” Shang Rui’s mood towards Yun Feng had also changed greatly.
From the grudge back then to being protected by Yun Feng behind her back, to the nostalgia and gratitude she felt right now, Shang Rui’s mind had also changed a lot.

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