Yao Guang disappeared again after he showed up in front of Yun Feng last time.
A year passed quietly.
Yao Guang didn’t fall asleep, but observed Yun Feng secretly.
He found that she didn’t seem to be in a hurry at all.
She already had a plan in her mind.
The little girl had already got the Spirit Gathering Grass, so it shouldn’t be difficult for her to gather the Fusion Fluid.

“Yao Guang, it seems that you’re going to lose your bet with this girl.” The old voice came slowly from somewhere in the Dragon Palace.
Yao Guang grunted as his body that was wrapped in a black robe suddenly rose into the sky.
He raised his head and roared in a certain direction in frustration, “Old man, it’s still too early to say that!”

“Oh? This girl is obviously quite talented in making medicines.
Even though it’s very difficult to succeed in making the Fusion Fluid, there’s nothing impossible for this girl, right?”

“Humph! How can it be so easy to succeed with the Fusion Fluid? If that girl really succeeds by chance…” Yao Guang lowered his voice as viciousness flashed through his gray eyes.

“Are you going to…”

“I’ve been trapped here for a long time! It wasn’t easy for me to get a chance to regain my freedom.
How can I let this girl have her way?” Yao Guang’s hoarse and unpleasant voice carried a hint of hatred as he heaved a long sigh.

“Why? It wasn’t this girl who trapped you here back then.
Must you retaliate against her?”

“No matter who it is! She’s that old guy’s disciple and also the heir of the Dragon Palace! Of course, I’m looking for her!”

The old voice sighed again and Yao Guang snorted in disdain.
“Old man, it seems that you’ve lost your temper after so many years.”

“Maybe, after getting away from those conflicts, I don’t mind staying here.
At least I can have some peace.”

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“It’s already a kind of humiliation for us to be trapped here with our identities! If it weren’t for…” Yao Guang gritted his teeth as waves of killing intent surged in his gray eyes.
The old voice sighed again.
“Yao Guang, let alone everything else, have you still not seen it through after the thousands of years we’ve been here? The masters of the Dragon Palace have changed generation after generation.
The outside world has already changed a lot.
What can you do even if you go out?”

Yao Guang remained silent with a cold face.
The old voice continued, “I hated the humiliation too, but after such a long time, the outside world has nothing to do with us anymore.
The power of the new generation will replace that of the older generation sooner or later.
That’s an unchanging truth.
Besides, what has this girl done after she inherited the Dragon Palace? Don’t tell me that she doesn’t know she’s qualified to command you.”

Yao Guang glanced at a corner coldly and didn’t say anything.
“Didn’t you save her time and time again? You approve of her from the bottom of your heart.”

“Nonsense!” Yao Guang suddenly turned around with resentment and awkwardness on his face.
“I only saved her because I didn’t want her to die.
I still have to rely on her to get out! If she dies just like that, the next successor might be someone even worse!”

“Look, didn’t you admit it yourself? This girl is the one you’re most satisfied with so far.”

“Old man, shut up!” Yao Guang’s black robe fluttered even though there was no wind.
An invisible force twisted the space.
The old man said with a smile, “Just be honest.
You won’t lose anything.”

“I don’t want you to talk too much!” said Yao Guang angrily.
He wasn’t really infuriated, but rather, he was angry because he had been forced to open his mind.
The old voice chuckled.
“When have humans seen your original form? Even those who are related to you have never seen you.
Why did you let that girl see you?”

Yao Guang didn’t say anything else.
He grunted again, and his black robe flashed and disappeared, leaving only a few words, “None of your business.”

The old voice chuckled and replied, “You’re just unwilling to admit.”

A year passed in a hurry.
Qu Lanyi suddenly opened his black eyes and slowly retracted the light elements around his body.
His terrifying temperament became stronger.
The redness in the depths of his black eyes faded and became pure black again.

Yaoyao moved her fins and leaned over.
Qu Lanyi touched Yaoyao’s head.
Yaoyao looked at Qu Lanyi.
“Xiao Feng, you’re still not back?” After a year, Yaoyao had already been able to say a complete sentence successfully.
It wasn’t just one word.
However, a long sentence was still very difficult for her.

Qu Lanyi’s expression stiffened.
He had been with this kid for a year.
He didn’t expect that the first thing she would ask would be Yun Feng.
That was truly… but he was also thinking about Yun Feng.

“She should be back anytime.” Qu Lanyi smiled at Yaoyao.
As soon as he said that, a slender figure had already appeared.
The aura around her also changed slightly.
Her little face was a bit pale, but it was full of smiles.

“Xiao Feng!” Yaoyao immediately hugged Yun Feng happily when she saw her.
Yun Feng immediately spread her arms and hugged Yaoyao, who was pouncing on her.
Meatball on her shoulder grunted a few times a bit unhappily and pretended that it didn’t see her in the end.

“How was it? Did you make a breakthrough?” Qu Lanyi walked over and held Yun Feng’s hand calmly.
Warm light elements slowly seeped into her body.
Yun Feng smiled.
He was too worried about her.
How could mental strength be consumed like this?

She held Qu Lanyi’s hand and put on a smile on her pale face.
“Don’t worry.
I’m fine.
I didn’t waste this year.
I’m already able to make master-level potions.”

Joy flashed through Qu Lanyi’s face.
She had risen to the master level in just one year.
Would the elders of the Pharmacists’ Union be shocked if they heard that? The master-level potions Yun Feng mentioned were no longer a problem for her.
It meant that she could deal with the formulas of one-star to three-star formulas, even though the three-star formulas consumed a lot of mental strength.

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Meatball raised its head and shouted proudly.
Yun Feng touched Meatball with her finger with a smile.
“Of course, you’ll have to contribute.”

“Then, the Fusion Fluid…” Qu Lanyi asked.
If Yun Feng could make the Fusion Fluid, it wouldn’t be a problem for her to resurrect Mu Canghai, and Yun Feng would certainly win the deal with Yao Guang! Ever since Qu Lanyi saw Yao Guang, he had been vigilant against him.
The people living in the Dragon Palace made Qu Lanyi completely uncertain.
He couldn’t figure them out at all.
If he escaped from the control of the Dragon Palace, it would be bad for Yun Feng.
Then, it would be troublesome.

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