Chapter 81: Admission Exam (2)

Yun Feng was absolutely confident in her brother, Yun Sheng.
Her brother was 15 this year and had the ability of a level-2 mage.
He would be able to pass the exam once he successfully lifted a level-1 magic stone!

A beam of cold light suddenly came.
Yun Feng raised the corners of her mouth at Murong Ran with a hint of disdain and ridicule.
Murong Ran’s face darkened and her lips moved slightly.
She must be saying some unpleasant words.
Yun Feng snickered at the bottom of her mind.
Murong family, let’s see what you’re going to do.

As the person who spoke just then did a hand gesture, the transparent barriers were completely sealed off, forming a ring without any gaps.
With a level-6 magic barrier, who could break through it and mess up the exam? There wouldn’t be any possibility for cheating either.

The candidates inside the barriers had already started moving.
Yun Feng stared at her brother with her black eyes.
The exam had begun!

There had always been an unchanging rule in the admission exam of Masang School of Magic, the three principles: equitability, openness and fairness.

There were certain standards in the admission exams in previous years.
All the candidates would be divided into two age groups.
Each age group had its own criteria.
Even though there were very few mages on the East Continent, they were highly valued by the Karan Empire.
However, this didn’t mean that all the mages could be admitted to Masang School of Magic to advance their studies.
If they couldn’t enter Masang School of Magic, they wouldn’t be able to make any huge progress in their practice of magic.
The admission to Masang School of Magic represented the real opening of the road of mages.

There were very few mages and the resources were also limited, so the limited resources had to be given to talented and hardworking students.
Those who didn’t meet the standard and couldn’t pass the admission exam were destined to be rejected outside the door of Masang School of Magic.

Even though there were magic barriers, people watching outside could still see the situation of the admission exam held in Liberty Square clearly.

There was a long table in front of all the candidates participating in the exam.
Five stones were put on the table.
These five stones contained the energy of magic elements from level 1 to level 5.
What the candidates needed to do was to lift the stones up with the power of their mental strength, starting from the level-1 magic stone.
The level of the stones they could successfully lift indicated the level of their magic.

This wasn’t just a process of the second screening, but also a process of comprehensive ranking.
After this admission exam, the detailed strength of each candidate would be categorized and ranked.
The student ranked first would have certain privileges in Masang School of Magic.

Following the order from the examiner, all the candidates started moving.
They all began to release their mental strength slowly.
Some of them had already lifted a level-1 magic stone successfully and people watching outside also burst into loud applause.

Yun Feng didn’t care about the other candidates at all.
She kept looking at her brother firmly.
Seeing her brother close his eyes, Yun Feng knew that he was releasing his mental strength slowly.
Yun Feng gazed at the stone in front of her brother.
Since her brother was 15, he would be able to pass the exam once he lifted the level-1 magic stone successfully.
Yun Sheng had the strength of a level-2 mage, so it should be a piece of cake!

Even though Yun Feng was a bit worried about her brother, her confidence in him was way more than her worries.
She was certain that her brother would pass the exam.
She just didn’t know what the Murong family would do in this round.
With such a strict protective measure, could the Murong family truly interfere?

As Yun Feng pondered, she saw that Yun Sheng was about to use his mental strength to lift the stone.
She held her breath and focused, watching the magic stone placed right in front of her brother with anticipation in her mind.
However, Yun Feng noticed that something was wrong after a while.
Her brother looked a bit pale and he was also frowning tight.
That magic stone before him didn’t move at all.

He didn’t lift it up successfully… Yun Feng looked at that stone.
At this moment, Yun Sheng had already opened his eyes and was also gazing at the level-1 magic stone in front of him in confusion.
He didn’t lift it up.
How… How was that possible?

Yun Sheng closed his eyes tight once again and started to release his mental strength, slowly enveloping the surface of the stone.
He tried to lift it up, but the little magic stone was like a thousand-year-old tree that couldn’t be shaken.
It didn’t move a bit, as if it had rooted there.

No, something was wrong! Yun Feng looked at Yun Sheng with her black eyes.
WIth her brother’s power, it was impossible that he couldn’t lift a level-1 magic stone.
Yun Sheng tried a few more times, but he still hadn’t succeeded.
His handsome face was shrouded in a layer of thunderclouds.
It seemed like he wouldn’t be able to pass the exam this time.

Murong Ran had already lifted the level-1 stone successfully and she was also lifting the level-2 stone very easily.
When she was about to lift the level-3 stone, she looked in Yun Sheng’s direction.
Seeing the magic stone on the table that wasn’t moving at all, the corners of Murong Ran’s mouth curled up slowly again.
Yun Sheng, don’t you even think about passing the exam this time!

There were bursts of enthusiastic cheers in the crowd.
Especially when Murong Ran successfully lifted a level-3 magic stone, people cheered even more excitedly.

“The Young Lady of the Murong family is indeed impressive.
A level-3 mage! How genius!”

“I think the first place of the magic exam this year will definitely go to the Young Lady of the Murong family!”

“Look at that boy from the Yun family! Hahaha, he can’t even lift a level-1 magic stone.
I guess he won’t be able to pass the exam.”

“Oh, I thought he could make it.
I can’t believe his strength is at this level…”

“Perhaps the Yun family is just lucky.
They’ve declined to this point.
It’s difficult for them to have anyone powerful anymore.”

Some people agreed one after another.
Their confidence in the Yun family that they had just now all vanished, as if Yun Sheng’s failure was the final nail in the coffin.
Yun Feng stood outside quietly, listening to the cheers and excitement of people around her.
Everything on the outside had nothing to do with her anymore.
She stared at the magic stone on Yun Sheng’s table firmly.
As expected, the Murong family did do something.
This move kind of put her at a loss.

Yun Feng glanced at Murong Ran with calmness in her eyes.
It just so happened that Murong Ran gazed over to Yun Feng as well and she smiled disdainfully at Yun Feng, as if she was provoking her.
Murong Ran thought she could see Yun Feng’s furious look, but she was wrong.

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