The water element in Yun Feng’s hand enveloped Yaoyao firmly.
She picked Yaoyao up and turned around to leave.
Seeing that Yun Feng was about to leave, that Magic Beast couldn’t help but shout, “Human! You’re leaving just like that?!”

Yun Feng suddenly stopped and turned around slightly to size up the restrained Magic Beast carefully again.
It had shiny scales all over its body and its slender body was very like a snake, but its tail was also like the fins of the merfolk.
That head was extremely huge and didn’t match this slender body very well.
The few long whiskers on its nose made Yun Feng narrow her eyes fiercely.

“Human, I won’t tell anyone about your visit to the Endless Ocean because you saved me.” The tied Magic Beast snorted at Yun Feng and sized her up with its eyes, sounding a bit arrogant.


Yun Feng suddenly smiled and turned around again.
This time, she walked out without any hesitation.

“Human! Aren’t you afraid that I’ll spread the news of your appearance? At that time, it’ll be impossible for you to walk out of the Endless Ocean!”

Yun Feng smiled coldly.
“That depends on whether you can live to that moment.”

The restrained Magic Beast choked.
Yun Feng was about to leave at this moment.
The restrained Magic Beast suddenly shouted, “I’m You Yan! If you save me, I can give you some benefits! This is something you can’t ask for!”

Yun Feng turned her back to You Yan and the corners of her mouth slowly curled up.
She carried Yaoyao and walked to You Yan.
Yun Feng looked at the eyes on that huge head.
“You want me to save you?”

You Yan snorted.
“Do you think I want to be saved by you? If it weren’t for…” Speaking of this, You Yan suddenly stopped.
“Human! I’m You Yan of the Endless Ocean.
Every part of my body is a treasure, a treasure that you humans can’t get at all!”

Yun Feng’s smile widened.
“Are you serious about giving me some benefits?”

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You Yan smiled with disdain in her laughter.
“Humph! I’m serious!”

Yun Feng nodded as a glint of light flashed through her black eyes.
“Very good.
I want your whisker.”

As soon as she said that, disbelief burst out of You Yan’s eyes.
“You… You know who I am! How dare you take my whisker! What a greedy and shameless human being!”

There was still a smile at the corners of Yun Feng’s mouth.
When she saw the whisker on the side of its nose, Yun Feng had already come to a conclusion.
Now, it had delivered itself to her door automatically.
The Spirit Gathering Whisker she was looking for was right in front of her eyes.
She must get it no matter what!

“I can save you, but I want your whisker.”

“No! I won’t give you my whisker! Just give up!”

Yun Feng didn’t get angry.
She turned around and walked out of the cave, ignoring You Yan.
You Yan grunted in disdain.
Humans were greedy and shameless, but this human was even more scheming.
It was obvious that Yun Feng was waiting for it to take the bait just then.
She wanted its whiskers.
Dream on! This human would definitely beg it later.

However, Yun Feng didn’t beg.
She didn’t stop at all, which made You Yan a bit dumbfounded.
Shouldn’t she bargain? Why did she leave so quickly? Didn’t she want its whisker? Why did it look like she didn’t need it anymore? If she left, then it…

“Wait!” You Yan shouted.
Yun Feng turned around lazily.
“What are you doing? I have to leave as soon as possible.”

You Yan looked at the indifferent smile on Yun Feng’s face and gritted its teeth in anger.
How shameless! How shameless! “Shameless! Too shameless! I can give you… the whisker.” You Yan was so angry that its eyes turned red.
It yelled at Yun Feng a few times and finally compromised.
Yun Feng smiled and walked over.
“I can save you, but you have to hand over your whisker first.”

You Yan was dumbfounded again! Hand over the whisker first! If she didn’t save it, wouldn’t this whisker be given to her for nothing?

“Don’t push your luck!” You Yan gritted its teeth and roared.
Yun Feng chuckled.
She didn’t know how strong You Yan was.
If she was rescued by a tricky Magic Beast and it went back on its words, she would lose more than she gained.
At this moment, Yun Feng would rather be snobbish.

“This is a deal.
You can refuse it even if you don’t like it.” Yun Feng looked at You Yan with her clear black eyes.
You Yan was stunned.
It was extremely unwilling in its mind to give its whisker to a human so easily, and it was even forced to do so in such a helpless situation.
You Yan gritted its teeth furiously, but there was nothing it could do! It couldn’t wait anymore.
If she left, it would lose its chance!

“I can give it to you, but I have to get out of here first.
I won’t be able to give it to you even if I pull it out.” You Yan smiled and sounded arrogant.
There was nothing she could do now.
She had to let it out first! After it got out, humph… It was impossible for her to get its whisker!

Yun Feng grinned, which made You Yan feel weird.
Yun Feng patted Meatball’s body.
“Just break a small part of the shackles that restrain it.”

You Yan was stunned after hearing that.
Its extremely huge head looked a bit funny.
“Human, what are you talking about?”

Yun Feng ignored it.
Meatball nodded after receiving Yun Feng’s instruction and its little body immediately rushed over.
You Yan couldn’t help but shout when it saw Meatball rushing over fiercely, “What are you doing?”

“Nana!” Meatball glanced at You Yan with ridicule in its eyes.
There was an endless smile in its eyes.
Its body hit the restriction that tied You Yan up.
With just two hits, Meatball made a small opening on the restriction.
The size of the opening was just enough to extend a whisker.

“Please.” Yun Feng looked at You Yan’s dumbfounded look and said in a low voice.
You Yan came back to itself and the whiskers at the tip of its nose fluttered.
It was obviously furious! How shameless!

“Shameless! Shameless!” You Yan seemed only able to use this word to describe what Yun Feng did.
Yun Feng only raised her eyebrows slightly and waited for it to move with a smile at the corners of her mouth.
Meatball also had a mischievous look on its face.
It was a bit gloating when it saw You Yan’s furious look.


You Yan scolded Yun Feng for being shameless, but it also broke a whisker obediently.
This whisker floated out of the small hole that Meatball broke just then.
As Yun Feng expected, the small hole that was broken immediately healed completely after a while.
You Yan looked at Yun Feng holding the whisker with anger burning in its eyes and its nose seemed to be spitting fire.
Shameless human!

Yun Feng carefully held the whisker in her hand and observed it carefully.
As her master said, it looked very similar to grass.
No matter how she looked at it, she thought it was just grass.
Yun Feng put the whisker in her bracelet with a smile at the corners of her mouth.
You Yan glared at Yun Feng angrily.
“Shameless human! Fulfill your promise!”

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