“Really.” Yun Feng nodded.
As long as she could do it, no matter how big the danger was, it didn’t matter to her.
She only wanted her friends and family to be safe.

Yun Feng set off again with Yaoyao and Qu Lanyi.
The two of them rushed to the capital.
Little Qingchen had just met his aunt and she was gone again.
Little Qingchen cried for a while again.
Yun Sheng and Mu Xiaojin couldn’t do anything.
They only hoped that Yun Feng would come back soon.

The capital of the Fengyun Empire was still the same as before, but the royal palace of the Karan Empire had completely disappeared under Yun Feng’s fury.
The courtyards of the Shang family and the De family replaced the royal palace.
The courtyards of the two families were very imposing and weren’t any worse than the royal palace.
Most people of the Shang family and the De family lived in them.
The Fengyun Empire under the two families’ rule was quite stable.
Apart from the matter of the Helian family, there was no disaster.
The friendly attitude of the Shang family and the De family also made the Fengyun Empire rarely peaceful.

Yun Feng returned to the capital after a few years.
The capital had changed a bit.
Yun Feng held Yaoyao’s little hand and appeared in front of the door of the Shang family and the De family with Qu Lanyi.
The guard at the door couldn’t help but feel startled.
Who was this family that came to visit?

Yun Feng raised her brows.
“Are Shang Lian and De Lan here?”

The guards froze.
She called the two masters by their names! “Who are you? How dare you call the masters by their names?” The doors of the two families were very close.
The guards on both sides glared at Yun Feng.
The small commotion at the door made the doors of the De family and the Shang family open.
The person who seemed to be the butler walked out and was a bit confused after seeing Yun Feng.

At this moment, a figure walked out of the door of the Shang family.
She was wearing a gorgeous dress and had a cute face.
When the person who walked out accidentally glanced at the door, she suddenly screamed, “Yun Feng!” After shouting, her body subconsciously turned around and ran back!

Yun Feng raised her head.
When she saw the person who shouted her name, she smiled casually.
“It’s you, Shang Rui.
It’s been a long time.”

Shang Rui’s body froze, and so did everyone else.
The guards were immediately petrified.
The two butlers of the Shang family and the De family immediately turned around after being petrified.
Master, Yun Feng is here!

Shang Rui’s body was stiffened.
She had never forgotten how Yun Feng messed with her back then.
She hadn’t shown up for such a long time.
People said that she went to a distant place for training.
And now, she was back? Shang Rui walked over with a stiff smile.
“You’re back?”

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Yun Feng knew that Shang Rui was afraid of her.
She made Mu Xiaojin suffer, so Yun Feng taught her a lesson.
Is Shang Lian here?”

Shang Rui couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief.
“Grandpa is here.
He’s…” Before Shang Rui could finish, two people came out of the gate of the Shang family and the De family in a hurry.
They were Shang Lian and De Lan, followed by a lot of people.

“Yun Feng!” Both of their eyes brightened when they saw Yun Feng, as if they had seen a rare treasure.
They were extremely enthusiastic.
Shang Rui automatically stepped aside and was pulled over by the younger generation of the Shang family.
“Sister Rui, is that Yun Feng?”

“Xiao Rui, do you know Yun Feng? Are you close?”

“Yes, yes.
Can you introduce us?”

The questions of the younger generation of the Shang family gave Shang Rui a headache.
She stood there in silence.
Shang Lian and De Lan, these two heavyweights, stood next to Yun Feng.
Naturally, nobody dared to approach them easily.
They could only look at Yun Feng and her family warmly from afar.

Shang Lian and De Lan glanced at Qu Lanyi and Yaoyao in confusion.
Yun Feng didn’t bother to explain, and Shang Lian and De Lan were smart enough not to say anything.
“Is there anything we can do for you? Stay in the capital for a few days this time…” Both of them said so, but Yun Feng smiled.
“I indeed need your help.”

“Why are you so polite? Your business is our business! What’s the matter?”

Yun Feng’s black eyes darkened.
“Are there outstanding pharmacists in the Fengyun Empire?”

Shang Lian and De Lan were both stunned.
“Pharmacists? Do you need potions?”

“I do need potions, but only excellent pharmacists can make them.”

Shang Lian and De Lan both pondered for a moment after hearing that.
Shang Lian said, “Speaking of pharmacists, you might have come at the right time, Shang Rui!” Shang Lian shouted.
Shang Rui, who was surrounded by the younger generation of the Shang family, immediately came over after hearing that.
Everybody looked at her with envy, which made her a bit embarrassed.

“Grandpa.” Shang Rui walked over and greeted him.
Shang Lian smiled and said, “Shang Rui is going to take the level assessment of the pharmacists.
I heard that someone from the headquarters of the pharmacists is here this time.
They might be able to help you.”

Yun Feng looked at Shang Rui suspiciously.
She was a pharmacist? Shang Rui couldn’t help but blush.
Shang Lian and De Lan both smiled apologetically.
“We have a lot of things to do, so we can’t stay with you.
I hope you don’t mind…” Yun Feng waved her hand.
She didn’t intend to let the two of them stay with her anyway.
She said a few more words to Shang Lian and De Lan.
Yun Feng planned to say goodbye immediately.
Shang Rui was certainly one of the people that accompanied her.
She looked at Qu Lanyi and Yaoyao and couldn’t help but click her tongue in her mind.
She had a child? However, her husband was truly something…

“The level exam for pharmacists?” Yun Feng asked in a low voice.
Shang Rui immediately looked back and answered Yun Feng’s question like a student.
“Yes, pharmacists are divided into five levels, elementary, intermediate, advanced, master and grandmaster.
There are three phases in each level, represented by stars.”

“What level are you going to take this time?” Yun Feng asked casually.
Shang Rui immediately replied, “Intermediate level, one-star.” After replying, Shang Rui blushed again.
Why was she like an obedient child? She said whatever was asked, but the pressure from Yun Feng made Shang Rui react like this unconsciously.

Shang Rui soon came to the location of the level assessment with Yun Feng and pointed at the building ahead.
“We’re here.”

Yun Feng followed Shang Rui’s finger and looked ahead.
That building was quite large and there were definitely a lot of people going in and out.
It seemed that a lot of people were participating in the level assessment of the pharmacists and many of them were wearing different clothes.
They seemed to be people from many places.

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