“Kid! How dare you say that I’m one of those dragons!” The golden-haired young man suddenly roared.
The old man stopped him from rushing over with a smile.
He wasn’t angry at Qu Lanyi’s presumptuous tone.
He stared at Yun Feng with his wise eyes.
“Kid, can’t you guess?”

Yun Feng frowned and was shocked in her mind.
The blond man with golden eyes wasn’t a Golden Dragon? Then what was him? Qu Lanyi also frowned and pondered.
Suddenly, he thought of something and his body trembled slightly.
Yun Feng looked at Qu Lanyi in confusion.
“What’s wrong?”

The golden-haired young man burst into laughter with delight in his eyes.
“The members of the Yun family have the blood of the Golden Dragons.
They’re indeed very capable to have a good relationship with the Dragons, especially the Golden Dragons.
Since you’re so close to them, the Golden Dragons must’ve told you something, right?”

A gust of wind inexplicably flashed in Yun Feng’s mind.
The tide of time suddenly went back to the time when she first met Ao Jin, to the time when Ao Jin talked about that secret!

Fantastical Beasts, a race that was almost a legend at the top of the pyramid, actually existed!

Ao Jin’s voice kept echoing in Yun Feng’s head.
The golden-haired young man’s voice came to Yun Feng’s ears through the layers of fog.
“It’s time you know who we are, human!”

The golden-haired young man smiled recklessly, and the old man also had a meaningful smile on his face.
Yun Feng’s black eyes glittered slightly as a glint of light flashed through her mind.
“You are…”

The old man nodded and looked at Yun Feng with approval.
Jin’s short golden hair fluttered in the wind as he looked down at Yun Feng’s messy appearance from above.
There was a hint of approval in his eyes, but there was still obvious disdain in his words.
“Old man, why can’t I see which part of her is worth caring about?”

Yun Feng frowned slightly when she heard this.
Warm light elements kept surging into her body.
Yun Feng slowly raised her hand and gently covered the back of Qu Lanyi’s hand.
“Stop.” He couldn’t continue.
The inside of his body was the same as hers.
Qu Lanyi pursed his lips tightly.
He didn’t care what Yun Feng said at all.
The light elements in his palm still entered Yun Feng’s body without stopping, repairing Yun Feng’s already damaged body.

“Don’t talk,” whispered Qu Lanyi.
Yun Feng frowned and was about to say something, when Qu Lanyi glanced at her.
His eyes were as black as water, which made Yun Feng completely speechless.
She could only lean in his arms obediently and feel the warmth flowing into her body.
The piercing pain gradually left her.

“Kid, we shouldn’t be here today.” The old man glanced at Ah Jin.
Ah Jin grunted in disdain and turned his head to the side.
The old man chuckled.
“Ah Jin is indeed a bit reckless.
We’ll leave now.”

The old man walked to Ah Jin.
“Ah Jin, it’s time to go.”

“Got it.
Stop nagging!” Jin mumbled impatiently.
His golden eyes glanced at Yun Feng again, and he suddenly flashed in front of Yun Feng.
Qu Lanyi’s body instantly tightened.
Yun Feng was also stunned.
He was too fast! In the blink of an eye, he had moved in front of her!

“Jin!” The old man shouted in a low voice.
The golden-haired young man waved his arm in boredom, indicating that he had something else to say.
The old man didn’t say anything else.
Jin looked at Qu Lanyi, who was tense, and smiled in disdain.
“I won’t attack.
You’re not my match at all.
It’s boring to fight.” His words were extremely demeaning.
Qu Lanyi’s face couldn’t help but darken.
Yun Feng remained silent.
The fact was right in front of her eyes.
The Fantastical Beast in front of her was extremely powerful!

“Let me ask you.
Where did you get it?” Ah Jin glanced at Meatball, which had already passed out, gloomily.
Meatball was lying quietly in Yun Feng’s arms at this moment.
Its white fur had already been stained red.
Its little body was like a ball of fur, lying there quietly.

“You want to know?” Yun Feng suddenly put on a cunning smile.
Seeing that, Ah Jin slowly narrowed his eyes.
“Kid, are you bargaining with me?”

Hearing what Yun Feng said, Qu Lanyi trembled.
In the end, he smiled helplessly in the bottom of her heart.
Apart from her, who else in this world dared to bargain with the Fantastical Beasts? Only Yun Feng had the courage!

Yun Feng smiled even more.
“Why not?”

Ah Jin’s golden eyes glittered with a dangerous light and an oppressive aura slowly spread.
Yun Feng leaned against Qu Lanyi’s arms lazily and looked at Ah Jin casually with her bloody face, unmoved.
In the end, Ah Jin sneered.
“Hm, tell me.”

Yun Feng’s black eyes glittered.
“What’s your relationship with the Golden Dragons?” She had to ask this question.
Nobody would believe that the Golden Dragons weren’t related to the this man! If they were, did Ao Jin know about the existence of Ah Jin?

Ah Jin’s golden eyes glittered slightly.
In the end, he burst into laughter.
“Hahahaha, hahahahaha!” After laughing, Ah Jin’s eyes were full of mockery.
“I thought you wanted to ask something else.
So, it’s about this? The answer is yes and no.”

Yun Feng was enraged.
This answer was the same as not answering at all!

“Don’t you want to know which element I belong to? Don’t you want to know my original body?” Jin said as he looked at Yun Feng teasingly.
Yun Feng’s eyes darkened.
“If I want to know, I’ll certainly have to rely on my own ability!”

Jin was stunned.
“Humph! You’re quite bold.” He looked at Meatball again.
“Tell me, where did you get it?”

The corners of Yun Feng’s mouth slowly curled up.
“It stuck itself to me.” Ah Jin was enraged when he heard this, but Yun Feng smiled indifferently.
The temples on Ah Jin ‘s head suddenly throbbed a few times.
In the end, he clenched his fists tightly.
“You’re indeed not afraid of death.”

Yun Feng chuckled and caressed Meatball’s body gently.
“This answer is much better than what you gave me.”

Ah Jin snorted and glanced at Meatball with his golden eyes again.
Suddenly, he showed a gloating look.
“Tsk!” Without saying anything else, he walked to the old man’s side.
The old man shook his head helplessly.
He gently drew in the air with his hand and a black crack appeared.
The old man stepped into it.
Ah Jin stood in front of the crack and suddenly turned around.

“Yun Feng, if you’re really capable, come to us.
I’ll wait for you.” After saying this, Ah Jin suddenly burst into laughter and waved his hand.
A powerful force flew into the distance with obvious elements in it!

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