Chapter 663 A Taste of the Yun Family (4)

Shi Caihua’s relentless entanglement almost drove Yun Luochen crazy.
In the end, he simply closed his door and didn’t come out.
He didn’t expect that Shi Caihua would be able to come home.
Yun Feng couldn’t help but find it funny when she saw how frustrated Yun Luochen was.
Yun Luochen told Shi Caihua that he didn’t have any feelings for her, but Shi Caihua was determined to marry Yun Luochen.
He made Yun Luochen shout every day, “How can I get rid of her?”

Qu Lanyi and Yan Che were both gloating.
Although the two men were enemies in nature, they had the same bad personality.
Both of them were very happy to see Yun Luochen frowning every day.
The other few Magic Beasts were also watching the drama leisurely.
Yun Feng wanted to talk to Yun Sheng and Mu Xiaojin these days, but she was shocked to find that the Sound Transmission Jade had already lost its effect.

After learning about it, Yun Tianfan explained to Yun Feng that only the sound transmission tools of the Zonglin Hall could be used in the area of the Zonglin Hall.
Also, communication with the East Continent was completely cut off here.
Hearing that, Yun Feng felt weird.
The communication was possible in the Bright Moon Hall, but why was it isolated in the area of the Zonglin Hall? She realized that three months had already passed, and the day of Xiaojin’s childbirth was getting closer and closer.
Yun Feng planned to go back half a month earlier.
This time, she would certainly bring the Yun family of the West Continent back.
This would be a surprise for her sullen father.

In Jushui Town, the position of the most powerful family had obviously changed as well.
The Shi family was slowly showing signs of giving in.
After all, with Yun Feng here, the Shi family wouldn’t dare to not give in.
Yun Feng even planned to bring the Yun Army or the warriors of the Red Maple Mercenary Team to the West Continent if possible.
After all, the Yun family of the East Continent was already a superior existence.
Nobody dared to offend them.
However, the Yun family of the West Continent had just started developing and the situation of the West Continent was much more complicated than that of the East Continent.
Family guards were indispensable!

It was certainly possible to recruit family guards here.
However, Yun Feng thought that the strength of the people she recruited was a problem, and there was also the problem of loyalty.
It would take time to train a team of loyal guards for the family, and the Yun family on the West Continent didn’t have the time to do so.
The Yun Army and the Red Maple Mercenary Team were the best choices.
In their eyes, Yun Feng was their faith! When it came to loyalty, nobody would dare to compete with them!

It was also a kind of training for them to come to the West Continent! The Yun Army could be considered idle in the current situation on the East Continent, and the Red Maple Mercenary Team was a bit restrained when they did things on the East Continent.
Once they came to the West Continent, it would be a completely different world! The Yun Army didn’t need to be mentioned.
They would do whatever Yun Feng asked them to do! As for the Red Maple Mercenary Team… Yun Feng smiled.
She should find a good way to send a large group of people to the West Continent right now.
After all, she could cross the Magic Beast Mountain Range alone, but not these warriors.

Yun Feng had been thinking about this question for the past few days.
There were a hundred soldiers in the Yun Army alone.
It was a big problem how these hundred people could reach the West Continent safely.
Qu Lanyi saw that Yun Feng had been frowning these days.
“What are you worrying about?” Qu Lanyi reached out and separated Yun Feng’s brows.
Yun Feng said what she was thinking in a low voice.

“Is there any way to move them on a large scale while ensuring safety and privacy?” Qu Lanyi raised his eyebrows curiously and suddenly smiled.
“I thought you were worried about something.
Isn’t it simple? A dimension container.
Of course, if you have a dimension container that can store such a large amount of things.”

Qu Lanyi said with a smile and touched Yun Feng’s cheek.
What Qu Lanyi said made Yun Feng ponder deeply.
A dimension container was a good idea.
However, where could she find a dimension container that could accommodate a hundred people? Such a huge dimension container…

“Ah!” Yun Feng suddenly shouted in a low voice.
Qu Lanyi frowned.
“What’s wrong?”

Yun Feng suddenly raised her head, her clear eyes glittering! “I’ve thought of it.
This is indeed a good idea!” Yun Feng suddenly pulled Qu Lanyi’s face down, and planted a kiss on Qu Lanyi’s cheek with her red lips.
“Thank you.” After saying that, Yun Feng had already disappeared.
Qu Lanyi was about to open his arms and hug her, when she missed.

“You ran too fast…” Qu Lanyi smiled helplessly.
He touched the remaining warmth on the side of his cheek with his finger and curled his thin lips.
“Never mind.
I’ll just accept the thank-you gift this time.
It won’t be so simple next time.”

Yun Feng flew all the way back to her room and immediately closed her eyes without saying anything.
After a while, a dragon-shaped jade pendant appeared in her hand.
There was a smile in Yun Feng’s eyes.
Right, why didn’t she think of that? She had always had a spatial container that could accommodate so many people.
The Dragon Palace! As long as she refined the Dragon Palace again, it should be fine!


If it weren’t for this matter, Yun Feng would probably have forgotten about the refinement of the Dragon Palace.
She had only refined a small part of the Dragon Palace for now and could only send people to the tenth level.
However, right now, she wasn’t sending a few people, but hundreds of people! And she couldn’t just control the tenth level!

Yun Feng made up her mind and immediately sat cross-legged.
The dragon-shaped jade pendant immediately floated in the air and her mental strength surged out fiercely, enveloping the dragon-shaped jade pendant densely.
Yun Feng slowly lowered her eyes.
The progress of refining the Dragon Palace had to be accelerated now!

Somewhere inside the Dragon Palace, a pair of gray eyes opened lazily.
Sensing Yun Feng’s movement, a hoarse chuckle came out.
“I thought this girl would take another few decades to think about refining it.”

“Haha, she must be planning to do something with the Dragon Palace.” Another old voice sounded.
The gray eyes of the old man glittered and he closed them again.
“I don’t care what she does.
I just want her to refine it.
I’ve waited long enough… Old man, the outside world is still more interesting.”

“So many years have passed.
What’s the point of going out?”

“Hm! Don’t just stand there and talk.
Don’t you want to go out too? Don’t think I don’t know what you’re thinking.”

“Hehehehe…” The old voice laughed, echoing in the empty area of the Dragon Palace.
“Which one of us here doesn’t want to go out? Just wait, just wait…”

“Go to sleep.
It’s so noisy.” The hoarse voice fell silent after saying this.
The old voice didn’t move anymore, and peace was restored in the Dragon Palace.
On the tenth floor of the Dragon Palace, Xia Qing, who had been practicing here, slowly opened her eyes.
When she opened her beautiful eyes, a kind of moving light flashed through them.
The temperament of the little girl changed drastically.
She still had that young face, but she looked very different.

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