Chapter 64: Turning the Tables

The attitude of the level-6 warrior when he talked to Yun Feng changed.
He sounded like he was an unimportant or even a bit lowly person.
After all, Yun Feng’s strength was shown right before his eyes.
That weird and incomprehensible strength made the level-6 warrior feel deeply terrified.
Strength determined everything.
Strength also determined a person’s status!

Yun Feng never had any grudge against other people.
These were just a gang of desperados after all.
They could do anything for money.
Now that they had declared their stance, she didn’t have to give them a hard time.

“If so, please leave.” Once Yun Feng finished talking, a hoarse voice came.
Lin Sen who hid far away just then had never expected things to turn out like this.
Two level-5 warriors and one level-6 warrior couldn’t deal with this bastard of the Yun family.
They took money from the Lin family, but they weren’t doing anything and were about to retreat right now!

“What do you mean? You took money from the Lin family! Are you planning to back out?” Lin Sen walked over with bloodshot eyes.
He stared at that level-6 warrior full of anger.
These few cowards!

The level-6 warrior glanced at Lin Sen and knew that he was a bit unreasonable.
It was certainly not right for them to take money from the Lin family without doing their job.
He immediately pondered.
If he had to choose between his life and money, he would definitely choose his life! He wouldn’t be able to enjoy life if he weren’t alive, no matter how much money he had!

“Then, we’ll give you back all the deposits the Lin family paid us.
We won’t interfere with the matter between the Yun family and the Lin family.”

What the level-6 warrior said made Lin Sen’s face completely darken.
If Lin Sen wasn’t just a level-3 warrior, he would have already run forward to fight with him.
They said they quit whenever they wanted.
What did they think the Lin family was? How could they suddenly back out of something like this? If these people quit, wouldn’t the Lin Family’s strength be ravaged by Yun Feng arbitrarily?

“I don’t care.
I’ll give you twice the price.
Get things done!” Lin Sen stared at Yun family with his bloodshot eyes.
He didn’t have the strength, but they did! He could only rely on these people now, or… the Lin family would be doomed!

Yun Feng sneered on the side as she watched Lin Sen bargain and she pitied him for not being able to understand.
Even if he gave them a sky-high offer, how would they dare to lay a hand on the Yun family? Their lives were squeezed in Yun Feng’s hands.

Once the level-6 warrior heard that, he was immediately upset.
After all, if I didn’t take your money, I’d have nothing to do with you, Lin Sen.
You’re just a level-3 warrior.
How dare you shout at me and command me?

“Brother, what’s wrong?” Another two level-5 warriors and the sullen Lin Miao also rushed over.
Yun Jing was brought here as well.
Seeing that her father was alright, Yun Feng instantly felt relieved, and so did that level-6 warrior.
Luckily, Yun Jing was fine.
How lucky.

“Brother, we still haven’t done anything.
Are we dealing with them both together? That’s great.
It’s more convenient!” A level-5 warrior, who didn’t know what was going on, burst into laughter and thought their leader wanted to finish off everything with one blow.
He couldn’t help but feel his blood boil with excitement.

“Shut up, dumbass!” The level-6 warrior immediately shouted with a low voice and looked at Yun Feng’s face.
Yun Feng’s expression didn’t change, but she looked a little colder.
The level-6 warrior felt his scalp tingle as he cupped his hand in the other in front of Yun Feng.

“Yun Feng, my friend, we’ll leave now.” Once the level-6 warrior said this, the two warriors who rushed over instantly widened their eyes.
Their brother was a level-6 warrior and he was bowing to a little girl? What kind of world was this?

The level-5 warrior who went to find the two of them whispered something in their ears and gazed at a place nearby.
When the two level-5 warriors looked over, they couldn’t help but gasp.
One of their gang was dead!

They immediately understood why their level-6 brother was so respectful to Yun Feng and they also shut their mouths right away, behaving obediently like sheep.

Seeing such a scene, Yun Jing knew right away it was his daughter’s strength that frightened these people.
There was a hint of pride in his heart, and disdain and contempt in his eyes when he looked at Lin Sen and Lin Miao.

“Stop!” Lin Miao instantly yelled.
The level-6 warrior abruptly stopped walking.
Before Lin Miao started scolding the warrior, he had already felt some kind of pressure coming straight at his face, which made his throat so tight that he couldn’t make any sound.

“Lin Miao, who do you think you are? How dare you ask me to stop?” The face of the level-6 warrior darkened.
The fierceness that shot out of his eyes made Lin Sen and Lin Miao feel resentful and upset, but they couldn’t vent their emotions at all.
They were only level 3.
If it weren’t that they were the employers of the warriors, how would the level-6 warrior respect them?

“We’ll return all the deposits to the Lin family.
Look out for yourself!” The level-6 warrior immediately turned around and left with the remaining three level-5 warriors after saying that, clearly and quickly.
This time, not only did they earn nothing at all, they even lost a brother.
The level-6 warrior was also a bit frustrated.
After all, he kicked on this iron plate, Yun Feng.
If it weren’t that he was wise enough to stop fighting, he would have lost more than one of his brothers.

Lin Sen and Lin Miao watched the hired masters turn around and leave.
Their minds were instantly filled with resentment, but they were even unable to save themselves now.
Lin Miao yelled at Lin Sen, “Brother, let’s go!”

Even though Lin Sen really wanted to kill Yun Feng himself, he didn’t have such strength, so he could only nod and quickly retreat behind Lin Miao with bloodshot eyes.
Next time, next time he would definitely make this bastard fall in his hands, at any cost!

Seeing both of them trying to run away, Yun Feng immediately sneered and flashed as swiftly as lightning in front of the two of them who wanted to escape the mansion of the Yun family.
Her slim body stood there, completely blocking their way out.

“Do you think you can come to the Yun family and leave whenever you want?”

Lin Sen and Lin Miao looked nervous.
Yun Feng blocked their way out.
Although they didn’t know Yun Feng’s strength clearly, they knew that she had a higher level than they did.
Thinking that they might die in the Yun family today, anger instantly surged in their hearts.

“Brother, split up!” Lin Miao shouted.
They would only have a chance of living if they split up right now.
They must go back to tell their eldest brother, Lin Quan, and ask him to take necessary measures as quickly as possible!

Lin Sen and Lin Miao were indeed brothers.
Without communicating to each other at all, Lin Sen also moved as Lin Miao did.
The two of them dashed in two totally different directions and ran away!

“Great plan…” Yun Feng froze for a moment.
Her black eyes then darkened slightly and her body also caught up with one of them without hesitation.
It might be a bit difficult for her to go after both of them with her speed, but if she hurried, she could give it a try!

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