Chapter 647 The Name She Was Proud of (4)

“Father! What happened?” A slightly childish voice sounded as a person rushed out.
When he saw Yun Feng, he said loudly, “It’s you?” Yun Feng looked up.
It was the young man from that day.
If she remembered correctly, his name should be Li Zhong.

“Zhong, do you know her?” A glint flashed through the eyes of the Li family’s master.
Zhong knew someone with such strength? It seemed that the Li family could establish some friendship with her! “Humph! If it weren’t for this woman, I wouldn’t have lost Caihua’s Magic Beast! She’s the one who messed things up! Did she come here to cause trouble today?” Li Zhong’s words made the Li family’s master’s face darken.
He wanted to slap this ignorant little bastard to shut him up immediately!

“Young friend, don’t feel offended… He’s just a kid.” The Li family’s leader smiled.
Although he didn’t know Yun Feng’s name or her identity, based on what Yun Feng did just then, the Li family’s leader decided to please this young man! “Father, why are you so polite to her?” Li Zhong didn’t quite understand.
The Li family’s master roared fiercely and asked Li Zhong to shut up.
Li Zhong didn’t say anything, feeling wronged.
He only looked at Yun Feng with hatred.
Yun Feng smiled gently and didn’t say anything.
She was here to cause trouble today.

“Big brother, Zhong is only a child.
Why are you so fierce?” Another voice came.
However, without the domineeringness of a man, it sounded a bit feminine.
A man with a strong scholarly vibe walked out.
His face was not bad, but there were traces of age on him.
It could be seen that he wasn’t young anymore.
“Second Uncle!” Li Zhong shouted.
Yun Feng raised her brows.
Second Uncle? He seemed to be the Li family’s master’s brother.

The man reached out his hand and touched the top of Li Zhong’s head.
Another voice came from behind him.
Then, a woman walked out.
“That’s right.
He’s just a kid.
He can be forgiven for his mistakes.”

Yun Feng suddenly narrowed her eyes and looked at the woman who walked out casually.
The woman in front of her had a flushed face and looked like she was lusty.
The clothes she was wearing were very luxurious.
After she walked out, the scholarly man put his arm around the woman’s waist lewdly.
The woman smiled very unrestrainedly.
When the woman saw Yun Feng, she was very surprised.
“Why are you here?”

Although there was a smile at the corners of Yun Feng’s mouth, her eyes were already filled with coldness.
Wasn’t this woman in front of her the wife of Uncle Tianfan’s brother, the woman who repeatedly slandered the Yun family? Very good, this woman had cheated on him blatantly and even reached out to the Li family!

“Do you know her?” asked the scholarly man.
When the woman saw Yun Feng here, she didn’t panic.
Instead, she was very generous.
“Ah, she’s just a fool who wants to get related to the Yun family.”

The scholarly man burst into laughter.
“She does? Kid, are you crazy?”.

Yun Tianfan only told his two brothers about Yun Feng’s identity.
This woman certainly didn’t know who Yun Feng was, or she wouldn’t have such an ignorant expression.
The Li family’s master couldn’t help but shout angrily, “Control yourself! You want the shoes that other people have worn? Can you be more manly?”

What he said made the woman blush.
The scholarly man didn’t care.
“Brother, what are you afraid of? So what if I take her out in front of the Yun family? What can they say? They can only be cowards, thousand-year-old turtles!”

“You’re the thousand-year-old turtle.” Yun Feng said in a low voice.
The scholarly man’s expression changed abruptly.
“What did you


Yun Feng raised her head and said to the woman who didn’t know what shame was, “Don’t you have any shame at all?”

The woman was stunned.
Then, she roared furiously, “What do you know? The Yun family is just a pile of mud! I regretted it the moment I was married! Why? Are you not allowing me to pursue what I want? If the Yun family can’t give what I want to me, someone else can! What’s wrong with me? Marrying into the Yun family was the biggest mistake of my life!” “Did you hear that? What’s so good about the Yun family? Yun Tianfan and those two brothers are just a bunch of fools! They don’t even know that their woman is being slept with by another man.
Hahahaha!” The scholarly man laughed loudly and arrogantly.
Qu Lanyi was a bit shocked to hear that.
This woman was a wife of the Yun family?

“It seems that you have no remorse at all.
Then, there’s no need for me to ask you anything else,” said Yun Feng in a low voice.
The woman laughed arrogantly after hearing that.
“I say, little girl, are you blind? You want to meddle in the Yun family’s business as a member of the Yun family? You look pretty good too.
It turns out that your head is full of straws! I gave you a clear direction, but you didn’t go.
You just jumped into a pit.


There were dozens of people present, and they all laughed in a low voice after hearing that.
Yun Feng’s face was extremely gloomy at this moment.
The master of the Li family sensitively felt that something was wrong.
“Are you f*cking done? The Yun family must be blind if they want you.
Don’t think that you can enter the Li family just because you’ve hooked up with my brother! The Li family doesn’t want someone else’s woman!”

The woman blushed again.
Qu Lanyi lowered her body and Yaoyao turned around to look at him.
“It seems that Fengfeng is angry.” Yaoyao nodded after hearing that.
Yun Feng’s cold fury had already been ignited from the bottom of her heart.
She wouldn’t allow anyone to insult or defile the Yun family!

“The Yun family was indeed blind to have someone like you.” A cold voice came out of Yun Feng’s mouth.
The woman was already enraged by what he said.
“What right do you have to talk about me? Who are you?”

“If you really want to do something about it, you should tell Yun Tianling that I’ve had sex with his woman more than once.
Did he enjoy being cuckolded?”

Yun Feng glanced over with her black eyes.
The expression of the man, who was still wearing a filthy and complacent expression just then, changed.
His body had already been lifted slowly by an invisible force.
Yun Feng didn’t do anything, but everyone present knew clearly that she did it! It was done by this unusually young girl!

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“Young friend, please show mercy! Why do you have to care about the matters of the Yun family? That’s an unranked family.
You don’t have to do anything!” The Li family’s leader immediately shouted.
He looked at his brother, who was struggling in the air like a rooster whose neck had been stuck.
That was an invisible force that he couldn’t touch at all.
He could only keep waving his arms and legs, with a terrified look on his face!

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