Chapter 639 Unique (1)

Yun Tianfan knelt on the ground with a serious expression.
Yun Feng also knelt down naturally.
Her movements were so natural and her expression was so solemn.
Yun Tianfan saw the expression on Yun Feng’s face from the corner of his eye and a glint of darkness flashed in his eyes.
Yun Luochen also knelt on the ground immediately.
In this ancestral hall, no one spoke easily.
There were only calm and steady breathing sounds.

Yun Feng knelt on the ground and glanced at the plaques that were enshrined with her black eyes.
These were the ancestors of the Yun family of the West Continent.
When Yun Feng glanced at something, the corners of Yun Feng’s eyes became slightly sore and hot.
The volcano in her heart burst out.
She had found it.
She found the branch of the Yun family, and the people she was connected to by blood!

The Yun Family Badge that was emitting a faint luster was enshrined at the top.
It looked like an accessory for decoration, but Yun Feng saw the word “Yun” engraved on the back! Yun Feng flipped her hand, and the Yun Family Badge she got in the Yun Palace appeared in her hand.
Seeing this, Yun Tianfan’s breath tightened and he looked at Yun Feng in surprise.

Yun Luochen also looked at the item in Yun Feng’s hand in shock.
If he hadn’t seen Yun Feng’s movement with his own eyes, Yun Luochen would have thought that his item had run to Yun Feng’s hand! “I don’t think we need to prove it anymore.
We’re family.
We’re members of the Yun family who share the same bloodline!” Yun Feng held the Yun Family Badge tightly and looked at Yun Tianfan with her clear black eyes.
Her face was full of excitement.
Yun Tianfan suddenly put on a smile.

“I didn’t wait for nothing.
I really didn’t wait for nothing… I’ve never believed that the Yun family would still exist in other places.
But now, it seems that it’s true.”

“Father, what do you mean?” Yun Luochen was a bit dumbfounded when he heard that.
Yun Tianfan looked at his son and then slowly talked about this thing that he had been hiding in the bottom of his heart.
“Luochen, the Yun family doesn’t just include us.
There are traces of the Yun family on the East Continent and even the Central Continent!”

Yun Luochen suddenly widened his eyes.
Yun Tianfan had never said anything like this.
So… the Yun family was scattered on this vast continent! Yun Tianfan slowly opened his mouth and talked about it.
What he said was only a rough idea, but Yun Tianfan knew much more than Yun Jing.
He knew the existence of the Yun family’s headquarters, the Yun Family Badge, and the existence of the Yun family’s bloodline on the East Continent.
Yun Jing didn’t know any of these at first.

Yun Tianfan also told Yun Luochen about the Yun Family Badge.
He only said that the Yun badge was the only way to contact the headquarters.
However, he didn’t know how to open the Yun Family Badge these years, so he could only put it in the ancestral hall and gradually turned it into a decoration.

“To open the Yun Family Badge, you must reach the Lord Level,” said Yun Feng casually.
Yun Tianfan and Yun Luochen were shocked again.
The Lord Level! It turned out that the Yun Family Badge could only be opened after reaching the Lord Level! Yun Tianfan smiled wryly after hearing that.
“No wonder… This Yun Family Badge is wasted here.”

Yun Luochen was a bit ashamed.
He was fifteen this year and his strength was only at level 5.
Among his peers, he was considered smart, but he was a thousand miles away from the level of the Lord! He could only open the Yun Family Badge when he reached the level of the Lord.
It was still a question if he could reach that level!

“Yun Feng, you must have reached the Commander Level by now, right?” said Yun Tianfan with admiration in his voice.
If Yun Feng had reached the Commander Level at such a young age, Yun Tianfan would think that she had extraordinary talent.
But Yun Feng’s answer shocked Yun Tianfan again.

“Uncle Tianfan, I’m in the mid-stage of the Monarch Level right now.” Yun Feng didn’t hide her strength in front of the Yun family and told the truth.
However, such a truth made Yun Tianfan and his son feel like they were struck by lightning!

“Mid-stage of the Monarch Level!” Yun Luochen exclaimed.
Yun Tianfan was also quite shocked.
Then, he exclaimed even more admiration, “The Yun family of the East Continent must be all-powerful! The Yun family is quite lucky to have a descendant like you!”

Yun Feng chuckled.
Was the Yun family of the East Continent all-powerful? “You’re too kind, Uncle Tianfan.
We’re just an ordinary family.” Yun Feng was being humble.
Although the Yun family of the East Continent had fewer members, their status was absolutely high.
Even the four empires didn’t dare to provoke them easily! If it were on the West Continent, it would be a family that even the three halls had to yield to!

“You’ve reached the Monarch Level! Are you an old monster?” What Yun Luochen said made Yun Tianfan’s face darken.
“Luochen, what are you talking about?”

What Yun Luochen said wasn’t unreasonable.
According to Yun Feng’s age, it was already outstanding for her to reach the Commander Level! However, Yun Feng was at the Monarch Level.
Nobody would believe that she had reached the Monarch Level at such a young age!

Yun Feng simply smiled gently.
“Old monster? Not really.
But someone did say that I’m a monster.” Yun Luochen raised the corners of his mouth.
Yun Tianfan looked at Yun Feng with approval in his eyes.
The more he looked at her, the more he felt proud from the bottom of his heart.
Even though he didn’t live on the same continent as she did, she was still a genius of the Yun family after all! Other families would definitely envy such a talent! “Is Yun Feng a warrior or a mage?” asked Yun Tianfan.
He didn’t even think about summoners at all.
Yun Feng smiled.
“I’m a summoner.”

“What?” Yun Luochen exclaimed again.
The father and son of the Yun family had been shocked a lot in such a short period of time.
They subconsciously looked at Yun Feng’s finger.
They were a bit puzzled, as they didn’t see the Ring of Contract.
Yun Feng smiled.
“I don’t like wearing that ring.
I feel that it’s a bit troublesome.” As soon as she said that, two rings appeared in Yun Feng’s hand.
Yun Tianfan’s eyes widened abruptly.
“Double-element summoner? Are you a double-element summoner?”

Yun Feng was about to say no, but she changed her mind.
“Yes, you can say that.” She shouldn’t talk about the five elements just yet.

Yun Luochen looked at the Rings of Contract in Yun Feng’s hand with glittering eyes.
He’d be lying if he said he wasn’t envious in his mind! A summoner! A Monarch Level summoner! A double-element summoner at the Monarch Level! How could there be such an awesome person in this world?

“Alright, alright!” Yun Tianfan was full of excitement after the initial shock and his voice also trembled slightly.
Yun Feng knew Yun Tianfan’s mentality at this moment.
He was probably feeling the same as her sullen father did when he found out that she was a summoner.
It was a kind of joy and pure pride!

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