Chapter 636 Meeting (4)

“Shut up! Yun Luochen, I knew you’re just a piece of worthless garbage.
Coward!” The girl screamed.
Li Zhong smiled gloatingly on the side.
He had wanted to say the same, but let this kid take her criticism for him.

The handsome young man’s self-esteem was obviously hurt.
He stood up from the ground and rushed forward without caring about his life.
Li Zhong watched with a smile at the corners of his mouth, but Yun Feng didn’t throw the young man away this time.
The young man rushed in front of Yun Feng fiercely and raised his hand fiercely to hit her, but Yun Feng grabbed his wrist gently.

She looked at the young man with her clear black eyes.
There was undisguised excitement in her eyes.
“What’s your name?” Yun Feng held the young man’s wrist.
Warmth came from the young man’s wrist.
The young man looked at Yun Feng’s face at such a close distance.
Not only did his cheeks turn red again, but he also forgot about the attack he was about to launch.
He replied in a daze, “Yun Luochen.”

The people and Magic Beasts watching on the side were all stunned.
Little Fire and Lan Yi both looked at the young man in astonishment.
Qu Lanyi also glanced over and carefully sized up the young man.
Only Yan Che and Yaoyao looked confused.
They didn’t understand why they were so excited.
They only knew that this young man was also surnamed Yun.
Yun Feng was unusually excited at this moment.
She searched the entire Bright Moon Hall, but didn’t find any clues about the branch of the Yun family.
However, she ran into one the moment she entered the Ancestral Forest Hall? Yun Feng tried to calm down.
Was it just a coincidence? The surname Yun didn’t necessarily mean that it was the bloodline of the Yun family.
Perhaps it was a whole different family.
Yun Feng tried her best to calm herself down.
However… the excitement in her heart kept erupting like a volcano!

“Yun Luochen, what are you doing?” The girl’s voice came again.
Seeing Yun Luochen’s frustrated look, Li Zhong got up from the ground and stood next to Shi Caihua.
“Caihua, that kid is staring at other women.
Why do you need him? I’m the only one who’s devoted to


Shi Caihua rolled her eyes at Li Zhong and cursed in her mind.
Did he not know how ugly he was? If it weren’t for his familial background, she wouldn’t have bothered to hang around with him at all! As Yun Luochen’s delicate face turned slightly red, Shi Caihua’s heart raced.
Even though Yun Luochen’s family background wasn’t good, he was good-looking and had a good personality.
If he had behaved better, she would have accepted him reluctantly.
She thought highly of him! But now, he was looking at another woman like this.
Damn it!

“Yun Luochen! Don’t you like me? If you like me, why are you looking at other women?” The girl’s voice suddenly made Yun Luochen come back to himself.
The young man awkwardly wanted to shake Yun Feng’s hand off.
Yun Feng knew that his surname was Yun.
How could she let him go? There were some things that she had to ask clearly.
If he was really from the branch of the Yun family, how lucky would she be?

“She’s not worthy of your affection,” said Yun Feng casually as she let go of Yun Luochen’s wrist.
“Such a disloyal girl doesn’t deserve you at all.” Yun Feng looked at Yun Luochen with burning black eyes.
Yun Luochen blushed again.
Shi Caihua couldn’t help but feel guilty after hearing that.
“I’m not disloyal! I’m just making comparisons! Luochen, Ah Zhong, don’t listen to that woman’s nonsense!”

Yun Feng chuckled.
“You knew it was dangerous, but you still let them take the lead.
Do you really like them? Or are you just using and manipulating them?”

The girl’s face immediately turned pale.
Both Yun Luochen and Li Zhong looked deep in thought after hearing that.
Shi Caihua looked at her anxiously and roared, “That’s not true! That’s not what I think.
Shut up!”

“I think we should go back.” Li Zhong’s face was gloomy.
Shi Caihua was extremely guilty because of what Yun Feng said.
It was already wrong for her to flirt with these two people simultaneously.
They didn’t object to it, so she thought she deserved it and wandered between them.
She had a sense of vanity.
After all, Yun Luochen was good-looking and Li Zhong had a good family background.
Shi Caihua had always enjoyed having these two people by her side unconditionally.
Now that she was embarrassed by what Yun Feng said, she couldn’t say anything else.

“Humph!” Shi Caihua turned around and left.
Seeing that Yun Luochen didn’t intend to leave immediately, she roared, “Yun Luochen! If you don’t leave now, don’t come and see me


Yun Luochen’s body shook and he immediately turned around to follow.
However, he turned back and glanced at Yun Feng again.
Yun Feng didn’t say anything else and let him go.
After the three young men left, Yun Feng still looked in the direction Yun Luochen left with excitement in her heart.
It seemed that there should be news of the Yun family in this town on the border.
It was hard to say if it was the Yun family she was looking for.

A warm hand rested on Yun Feng’s body.
Yun Feng turned around slightly and saw Qu Lanyi’s warm smile.
“Is he your family?” asked Qu Lanyi softly.
Yun Feng wanted to nod, but she wasn’t sure.
She also wanted to know.
Yun Luochen, was the Yun family of Jushui Town the same bloodline as the one she was looking for? She would soon have an answer.
Yun Feng took out the Finger Spiritual Jade.
Yun Luochen’s aura had already been absorbed into it.
There was a light on the jade, which pointed at Yun Luochen.
Looking at Yun Luochen’s direction, Yun Feng walked forward with a smile, feeling indescribable joy in her heart.
Even if he wasn’t the branch of the Yun family she was looking for, she would still be happy to meet someone with the same surname as hers.
She would visit him in private and check the Yun family in this town.
Yun Feng believed that she could get the answer she wanted.
Jushui Town was a small town on the border of the Ancestral Forest Hall.
In a remote corner of Jushui Town, in front of a small house, a young man pushed the door open and entered.
After closing the door, the young man looked at the rather shabby yard and couldn’t help but speak in self-mockery, “I’m back!”

A few people in the yard greeted the young boy.
“Luochen, you’re back.” “Did you go out with Miss Shi again? Did she say anything?”

“How’s your relationship with Miss Shi?”

Questions came one after another.
The young man felt a bit of a headache after hearing them.
He gave them a perfunctory answer that satisfied these people, and then ended it.
The young man walked to a room, pushed the door open, and entered.
He fell on his broken bed and heaved a sigh of frustration.
This was his home.
In this Jushui Town, in the area of the Ancestral Forest Hall, it was an unimportant family at the bottom of society, and it didn’t even have a rank.

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