Chapter 626 Fight (3)


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The Ouyang family’s master suddenly stood up and shouted at the sky, “Hongyu, kill her!”

Ouyang Hongyu, who was in the sky, agreed fiercely and swung the longsword in his hand abruptly.
The pressure exuded by the huge sword had already reached a new height, which was several times more oppressive
than before!

“Yun Feng, you must die today!” Ouyang Hongyu roared with bloodshot eyes.
He swung the longsword in his hand forward abruptly and the huge sword behind the longsword also let out a buzzing sound.
It was like a
rainbow as it slashed towards Yun Feng!

“There’s no such thing as death in my dictionary!” The fused elements in Yun Feng’s hand suddenly expanded.
Yun Feng waved her hand fiercely and the fused elements in her hand shot towards the huge sword like a

Battle energy surged like a rainbow and elemental waves shook the void.
The two ultimate forces collided abruptly and space was torn and distorted instantly!

“Crack!” All the seats in the spectator area were instantly burnt to ashes, leaving only the small area where Qu Lanyi and his companions intact.
Qu Lanyi’s face was also slightly pale.
The violent force collided with each
other, making everyone gasp!

“Boom…” The huge shiny sword stabbed into the mixture of elements fiercely.
The three elements roared like ferocious beasts and a terrifying force suddenly exploded in the sky, shaking the entire land!

“Oh my god…” The civilians who had escaped couldn’t help but stop after hearing the deafening sound.
The violent power in the sky burst like an apocalypse, but in the next second, a wave of crazy energy surged
towards them!

“Argh!” A panicked voice sounded.
Some people were directly blown away by this energy, while some people grabbed onto something and didn’t let go.
They had already run out for quite a long distance.
However, how
strong was this energy? The aftermath of the energy was like this.
What would happen to those two people?

All the citizens of Canglan City were shocked.
The loud explosion echoed in the sky of Canglan City.
The headquarters of the Bright Moon Hall was still in chaos.
How could there be such a huge commotion with the
Hall Master there? What exactly happened?

At this moment, the Hall Master’s face was gloomy.
His temples were pounding fiercely and the veins on his forehead were popping up.
Ouyang Hongyu had taken a forbidden medicine that could forcibly increase a
person’s strength to the level of a Lord.
However, the side effects were also extremely powerful! Once one took this medicine, they would be temporarily strong, but they would have to pay for it for the rest of their
entire life!

The Ouyang family didn’t hesitate to destroy a peerless talent to take revenge on Yun Feng, which aroused the anger of the Master of the Bright Moon Hall.
It wasn’t easy to nurture the younger generation, especially
the elites among them.
The young man wasn’t the private property of the first-rate family anymore.
He belonged to the Bright Moon Hall!

The Ouyang family really had to give up everything.
It was fine if Ouyang Hongyu could take revenge, but if he couldn’t, the Ouyang family would suffer a double loss! They would lose everything!
The collision of the two astonishing waves of energy made people shocked and tremble! When the waves of energy dissipated, the two of them were already gone in the sky!
Ouyang Tian burst into laughter when he saw this scene.
“Dead, dead!”

The Hall Master’s face darkened.
They were really dead? Both of them were dead? If they couldn’t dodge that powerful energy wave just then, they would definitely die! The ground had already turned into ruins.

was broken wood and rocks everywhere.
It was chaos! The few people present held their breath and focused.
Where were they? Where were the two of them?

Qu Lanyi clenched his fists.
Yun Feng wouldn’t die.
She said that the word “death” didn’t exist in her dictionary!

“Xiao Feng…” Yaoyao’s big blue eyes were full of worry.
Meatball moved and was about to rush out, but Yaoyao grabbed its tail with one hand.
Meatball roared furiously in embarrassment and its sharp teeth bit at
Yaoyao’s hand.
Qu Lanyi’s hand blocked abruptly and Meatball’s teeth stabbed deep into his hand.

Red blood flowed out of Qu Lanyi’s hand.
Meatball pulled out its teeth, and its white fur was also stained with blood.
“Nothing can happen to her.
Don’t you trust her?”

As soon as he said that, a sound came from the ruins on the ground.
Some broken stones rolled down.
It seemed that someone was buried in the ruins! Everyone became anxious.
Who was it? Was it Yun Feng or
Ouyang Hongyu?

“Whoosh…” The debris was pushed aside by a person, sending stones flying.
The person rose from the debris, swaying.
When he saw that he was alone, he suddenly burst into laughter.
“Hahahaha, hahahahahaha!”
The Ouyang family’s master also burst into laughter when he saw this.
Revenge! The Ouyang family’s revenge had finally been taken!

“Yun Feng! Go to the other world and accompany Shanshan! Hahahaha!” Ouyang Hongyu swayed his body and laughed wildly with a crazy look on his face! He, who had forcibly increased his strength, was in a
miserable state right now.
His entire body was covered in blood and his muscles were stretched out all over his body.
His skin and flesh were rolling!

“That’s impossible!” Yan Ming shouted as he dashed out and searched the ruins crazily.
“Yun Feng! Yun Feng!” Yan Ming yelled.
Qu Lanyi’s body had already flashed and landed in the ruins.
His eyes had turned
completely black.
Qu Lanyi looked at the devastated scene.
Was he wrong? Yun Feng! Yun Feng!

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He forgot his magic and abilities.
His slim and white fingers started to grab the stone desperately.
Yaoyao also rushed forward and searched desperately with her tiny hands.
Meatball cried loudly with irrepressible

Yun Feng, Yun Feng!

“Yun Feng! Yun Feng! You won’t die! Even if you die, I’ll take you back from the God of Death! Did you hear that? I won’t let you die!” Qu Lanyi’s eyes were red and his hand was shaking slightly.
The wound on the back
of his hand that was caused by Meatball was still bleeding.
His fingers were already bloody and he was still digging, still continuing!

“Xiao Feng… Xiao Feng!” There was already a crying sound in Yaoyao’s voice.
Light blue tears kept gushing out of her eyes.
Meatball used its body to hit the rocks with all its might, smashing the rocks that were piled
up! If one pile was broken, it would move on to the next one! However, there was nothing.
That girl didn’t appear or respond at all!.

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