Chapter 624 Fight (2)


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The man narrowed his eyes, with obvious impatience and frustration in them.
At the critical moment when the atmosphere between the two masters was about to explode, a voice suddenly sounded.
“Look!” The
cheers of the crowd in the spectator stands startled the man.
He looked into the distance abruptly.
The critical danger had been resolved.
Ouyang Hongyu’s sword slashed through the air and pierced Yun Feng’s body.
However, Ouyang Hongyu was shocked to find that it was just a shadow!

“Yun Feng! How dare you tease me like this!” Ouyang Hongyu’s furious roar made the eyes of the men on this side show a smile.
The Hall Master didn’t dare to relax at all.
He kept his body tight and gathered his fighting
energy all over his body.
The man suddenly put on a smile and the elements in his hands instantly disappeared.
The Hall Master couldn’t help but feel relieved when he saw that.

“You’re lucky to get your life back.” The man mumbled softly and then turned around to leave.
The Hall Master’s heart suddenly raced.
He wanted to look for that man again, but couldn’t find him.
Who exactly was that
person? The Hall Master frowned hard.
When did such a person come to the Bright Moon Hall? Why did he appear? Was it because of… Yun Feng?

The Hall Master’s gaze stopped on Yun Feng.
The girl in the sky smiled with a calm expression.
What exactly did Yun Feng have that made such a person do that for her… The Hall Master sat back in his seat with a

sullen expression.
He looked at the crowd that was cheering in the spectator area and glanced at everyone’s faces.
No, that person had already disappeared completely.

“Hey! Where did you go?” Yan Che looked at Qu Lanyi, who had just returned, and asked.
He then looked around.
“Didn’t you see that Yun Feng’s move just then was truly impressive? How can she be so fast?”
Qu Lanyi chuckled.
Everybody in the spectator area stood up and looked up at the sky.
“So freaking handsome!”
“Hahaha, that’s it!”

Yaoyao looked at Qu Lanyi with her eyes.
Qu Lanyi stroked Yaoyao’s hair with his big hand and also looked at the sky.
He was probably worrying too much.
How would a person like Ouyang Hongyu be able to deal with
Yun Feng? Even if something unexpected really happened, it wasn’t a bad thing for Yun Feng.
She needed an opponent that could help her improve herself.

Ouyang Hongyu’s attack, which he thought would be fatal, turned out to be useless, which made him furious.
The fury burning in his eyes also became deeper and deeper.
Yun Feng seemed to be able to feel the hot
lava that kept erupting in Ouyang Hongyu’s heart!

“Sword Shining in the Sky!” A furious shout was heard.
Ouyang Hongyu suddenly pointed the longsword in his hand towards the sky.
The long, slender sword with a glimmer suddenly emitted dazzling light and the

body of the sword trembled, making a loud sound!

Battle technique, it was a Monarch Level battle technique! Sword Shining in the Sky!!

Yun Feng had only dealt with Monarch Level combat techniques once.
In the battle with Randal, Randal had used the “Thousand Swords Summoner”, which Yun Feng had kept in her bracelet.
When Randal used the
“Thousand Swords Summoner” to reach the early stage of the Monarch Level, it was already very powerful.
After Sword Shining in the Sky was used, Ouyang Hongyu’s strength had soared to a certain level, making him
even more powerful!

Battle techniques couldn’t be underestimated.
This was the most powerful way to unleash the power of a warrior! A small amount of power could cause a huge amount of destruction when battle techniques were used!

Following Ouyang Hongyu’s shout, vigorous fighting energy surged out of his body and gathered on the longsword.
The light of the longsword was stinging, and an even louder sword chime pierced the sky! A huge
sword that was magnified countless times appeared behind Ouyang Hongyu’s longsword.
The sword was like a small mountain.
When the huge sword gradually appeared, an endless pressure was emitted from the
body of the sword!

“F*ck! What’s going on? Has the Ouyang family gone crazy? How dare they use such a technique?” The members of the second-rate families finally couldn’t stand it anymore.
They all stood up one after another, but
they pointed at the sky and shouted, “Damn it, are they trying to send us flying?”

The commoners watching the battle didn’t know what was going on.
They just looked up at the sky and exclaimed when they saw the gigantic sword!
“What a huge sword! If it flies out, will this summoner be able to withstand it?”
Hearing the exclamations of the crowd behind them, the young masters and ladies of the second-rate families all turned around with anger on their faces.
“F*ck you! If it flies here, will you still be alive to watch?”

The Hall Master couldn’t help but have a headache.
It seemed that the Ouyang family was really going all out.
They didn’t care about anything and even used this move! He waved his hand abruptly and a transparent
badge protected everyone.
The Hall Master couldn’t help but feel a bit angry in his mind.
He was a Hall Master, yet he was working as a bodyguard here.
It seemed that the Ouyang family needed a beating!

Curses and excited shouts came from below from time to time.
It was already noisy.
Some people felt the fear of death, and some people were more excited than ever! However, this had nothing to do with the two
people in the sky!

Yun Feng narrowed her eyes and looked at the body of the sword that was emitting an astonishing aura.
The attack power of this combat technique should be extraordinary.
It seemed that she had to give it a try this
time! Yun Feng’s black eyes darkened as she put away her wand.
Two elements had already jumped out of her hand.
She didn’t have the strength to take this combat technique.
Even the possibility of defending herself
was slim.
Since she couldn’t defend herself, she would do everything she could to make this combat technique disappear! Energy versus energy, this was the most direct and simplest method!

A huge, bright sword had already formed behind Ouyang Hongyu.
Its momentum that shot up to the sky spread to the entire venue.
The few first-rate families were also restless.
Only the master of the Ouyang family
kept smiling and looking at Yun Feng with vicious eyes.
The Ouyang family would definitely take revenge! This time, they would let her die without a burial place!

“I think we should retreat.” Zhong Yuling and Xiao Xiang, who had been watching the drama, said at the same time.
The two of them looked at each other, and then ran in one direction in the next second!

Ouyang Hongyu stood in the air and looked at Yun Feng’s clasped hands.
He suddenly burst into laughter.
“Yun Feng, if you don’t do your best this time, you’ll only be greeted with death! I think Shanshan will be very
happy to see you go down to accompany her!”.

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