Chapter 571: My Self-Proclaimed Father Is Here (5)

Lord Hao almost blurted out that she didn’t look like him.
Zhan Li’s face was rather rough, but Yun Feng’s facial features were exquisite and beautiful.
Although Yun Jing had a serious face and was a solemn father, his facial features were handsome, and so was Yun Sheng.
If Yun Feng were really Zhan Li’s daughter, she should have looked more wild.

“Alright, this matter ends here! Take down that bounty.
I don’t want anyone to cause trouble for my daughter.
If necessary, I’ll talk to Yue Fenghe myself.”

Lord Hao laughed dryly and said that he would ask the hall master to cancel the bounty immediately.
Yuehua, who was standing aside, didn’t say anything at this moment.
She didn’t have the intimidating aura she had just then.

Zhan Li rubbed Yun Feng’s head with his big hand again.
Yun Feng smiled helplessly.
Things were indeed a bit unexpected.
This cheap father settled the matter with just a few words.
It seemed that this cheap father’s identity wasn’t as simple as a senior figure of the Mercenary Union.

Zhan Li and Yun Feng left, leaving a courtyard that was almost destroyed by Yun Feng and three people who were still in shock.
After a long time, Luo Xu finally spoke reluctantly.

“Lord Hao, didn’t you know about this?”

Hao Cheng’s face darkened again.
“Even the hall master probably didn’t know about this.
Zhan Li has always been a loner.
It’s truly unbelievable that such a person has a daughter.”

“She got lucky!” Yuehua gnashed her teeth and said.
Lord Hao pulled the corners of his mouth awkwardly.
“My Lady, this matter is no longer up to us.
Let’s just drop it.”

Yuehua stood there with a vicious expression as the unwillingness in her heart kept surging.
She was unwilling to just let it go like this! Those two people humiliated her like this.
How could she let them go so easily? However, even if she was unwilling, so what? Even if she cried to her father, with Zhan Li here, her father wouldn’t just let her do whatever she wanted!

Yuehua clenched her fists and bit her lips.
Why was she so unlucky? She was Zhan Li’s daughter!

“We should tell the hall master about this sooner.” Lord Hao pondered for a while.
“My Lady, let’s go back to the main hall.”

Yuehua gritted her teeth.
She couldn’t get that man! Without saying anything, Yuehua turned around and left angrily.
Lord Hao also followed her quickly.
Luo Xu stood there and couldn’t help but wipe the sweat on his forehead.
Luckily, he didn’t attack Yun Feng impulsively.
Otherwise, what would have happened to him?

Zhan Li and Yun Feng left the branch hall together.
Yun Feng thought that her self-proclaimed father came to the West Continent to work, but he didn’t seem to be in a hurry at all.
He even said that he wanted to spend some time with her.
According to Zhan Li, it wasn’t easy to meet his daughter, so he naturally had to accompany her.

Yun Feng was helpless.
She knew that Zhan Li came to the West Continent to do something.
He might have to leave in a while.
This father of hers was quite nice to her, and Yun Feng didn’t reject him in her mind.
Zhan Li liked to stroke Yun Feng’s hair, and only stopped when he messed up her smooth hair.
Yun Feng avoided him every time, but Zhan Li always got her.

The two of them started playing around unconsciously.
They looked like a father and daughter who were enjoying each other’s company.
Zhan Li’s laughter could be heard from time to time.
Yaoyao, who had been rejecting others from getting close to Yun Feng, didn’t show any aggression towards Zhan Li at all.

Yaoyao had been following Yun Feng silently.
When Zhan Li walked next to Yun Feng, Yaoyao unconsciously stepped back a bit.
Yun Feng didn’t notice these subtle movements and also ignored Yaoyao’s abnormal behavior.

However, Lan Yi and Little Fire were Magic Beasts after all.
They were sensitive to Yaoyao’s behavior.
After staying in Wind Moon City for a few more days, Qu Lanyi didn’t have to hide his face or hide anymore.
Everything became easier.
Yaoyao seemed to be a bit resistant to Zhan Li.
Finally, when Zhan Li tried to pick Yun Feng up in midair, Yaoyao suddenly let go of Yun Feng’s hand and stepped back.

Zhan Li burst into laughter.
He grabbed Yun Feng by her arms and picked her up.
Yun Feng was enraged.
This way of hugging was for kids and it was too embarrassing! She didn’t care about Yaoyao’s movement in a moment of panic.
Yun Feng turned around and escaped from Zhan Li’s hands.
Zhan Li burst into laughter and touched Yun Feng’s head again.

“My daughter, it’s not a big deal to let me hug you.”

Yun Feng couldn’t help but roll her eyes.
“Uncle, I’m not a kid anymore!”

The two of them chatted and laughed, and Qu Lanyi joined them.
The three Magic Beasts retreated to the side quietly, and Meatball sat on Little Fire’s head.

Yaoyao’s eyes were still looking at Yun Feng.
She could see the desire in her eyes, but she didn’t dare to approach her.
Lan Yi squatted down gently.
“Yaoyao, are you scared?”

Yaoyao suddenly turned around and looked at Lan Yi with her blue but vertical pupils.
The fear hidden in those pupils made Lan Yi catch it precisely.

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Little Fire seemed to understand something.
It put its arms behind its head and looked at Zhan Li, who was talking to Yun Feng, thoughtfully with its black eyes.
“That uncle is a bit weird.”

Lan Yi touched Yaoyao’s head and stood up.
He looked at Zhan Li and frowned.
“So, we all feel the same!”

Meatball sat on Little Fire’s head and cried.
Little Fire nodded.
“Meatball said that the uncle always exuded a kind of aura that surprised it.
I feel the same.”

Lan Yi frowned.
“I feel the same way.
That person is probably already at the Lord Level, but… why do I feel a bit scared and oppressed?”

Lan Yi looked at Little Fire.
“Brother Fire, are you the same?”

Little Fire’s black eyes glittered.
“Ah, when I saw that uncle, I always felt a bit uncomfortable.
This discomfort isn’t just because of the suppression of strength.
It’s a kind of… fear rising from the bottom of my heart.”

When Yaoyao heard this, the vertical pupils in her eyes shrank slightly.
The three Magic Beasts all looked at Zhan Li’s back thoughtfully.
Little Fire suddenly thought of something and Lan Yi also thought of something.
The two of them looked at each other and their expressions changed abruptly..

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