Chapter 56: Yun Feng, You Can’t Touch (1)

In the past, the Lin family in Chunfeng Town was very lively.
After all, even though Chunfeng Town wasn’t dominated by any family, everyone knew how the Lin family did things.
They would fawn over them whenever they could.
It was always good to have a better relationship with the Lin family.
However, the Lin family didn’t look as lively as usual.
The huge mansion was unusually quiet, as if something was brewing silently, a bit gloomy and terribly quiet.

Even the servants, who were usually busy in the mansion of the Lin family, couldn’t be seen right now.
There was a silent, depressed atmosphere in the empty mansion.
Meanwhile, in a chamber of the Lin family, a few middle-aged men were sitting with gloomy faces shrouded in a thundercloud right now.
There was a kind of depression, a kind of grief, on their faces.
In the main hall of the chamber, a lifeless dead body was lying on the ground.
It was the body of Lin Meng who was beaten to death by Yun Feng.

“Brother! Yun Feng attacked and killed Xiao Meng! I must tear that little bastard to bits!” Lin Sen’s eyes were bloodshot right now.
His eyes were widened, as if they were jumping out of his eye sockets.
He looked at his son who was still talking to him yesterday.
Right now, he had already turned into a cold corpse, being moved back from the Martial Arts Institute miserably.
His heart felt like it was being slashed open with a knife viciously.
If the leader of the Lin family, Lin Quan, wasn’t here, he would have already rushed to the Yun family and torn Yun Feng apart!

Lin Quan looked extremely awkward.
He frowned and looked at Lin Meng’s dead body, which had blood all over it, on the ground.
When Lin Meng was brought inside just now, he was so shocked that he felt a little dizzy.
That was the only hope of the Lin family.
Lin Meng, who was at the peak of level 3, was beaten to death by someone!

Lin Quan was also furious at that time.
He just wanted to slash the person who killed Lin Meng to pieces.
However, when he heard that Yun Feng did it, his head rush was immediately relieved.
Lin Quan was indeed the leader of the family.
Lin Meng’s death was a huge loss for the Lin family.
When everyone else couldn’t stay calm, he calmed Lin Sen and Lin Miao down and kept these two men, who were so enraged that their eyes were bloodshot, inside the house.

“Brother, what are you still thinking about? Just go to the Yun family.
We can only vent the hatred in our minds after killing all the members of the Yun family!” Lin Miao shouted with a flushed face and panted like a cow.
Seeing how miserably Lin Meng died, the anger in his mind burnt fiercely wave after wave!

Lin Quan frowned and sat in the main seat with an awkward look.
His two brothers were already enraged.
At this moment, he remained silent and his eyes only stared at Lin Meng’s corpse, not looking away for a long time.

“Brother, say something! Are you scared of a kid? Even if that kid has great ability, so what? I don’t believe that she can still live in Chunfeng Town without worrying about anything after angering the Lin family!”

“Yea, brother.
Xiao Meng was our only hope, but he was beaten to death by Yun Feng just like that.
We must vent our anger on her!”

“Brother, say something! You just have to say it and we’ll immediately exterminate the Yun family.
We’ll not let any one of them go this time!”

Lin Sen and Lin Miao looked at Lin Quan, who was sitting in the main seat, with resentment on their faces.
Seeing that he wasn’t talking, they were a bit angry.
If it wasn’t that they had been brothers for so many years, the two of them would have exterminated the Yun family themselves!

Lin Quan frowned even tighter.
His lips moved a bit and his eyes glanced at his two brothers, especially Lin Sen.
Finally, he spoke with a slightly hoarse voice.

“Xiao Meng is dead and we must take revenge for him.
That kid from the Yun family can’t be left alive!”

The two brothers immediately looked thrilled after hearing that.
They couldn’t wait to rush to the Yun family and kill Yun Feng a thousand, ten thousand times, especially Lin Sen.
A kind of heat surged out of his red eyes.
He would tear Yun Feng to bits with his own hands, with his own hands!

“But…” Lin Quan continued mumbling, which made Lin Miao and Lin Sen a bit shocked.
They looked at their brother in confusion.
But? But what?

Lin Quan glanced over Lin Meng’s limp body on the ground again and a hint of anger flashed through quietly.
“All the bones in Xiao Meng’s body are shattered and his Qi meridians are broken.
If Yun Feng can make attacks like this, do you really think that her Qi meridians were damaged?”

Lin Sen and Lin Miao froze.
They glanced at Lin Meng’s body again with a trace of astonishment in their eyes.
They only focused on their hatred and truly forgot about this point.
If she could kill Lin Meng, who was at the peak of level 3, then she should at least have the strength of level 4.
It was true that Yun Feng killed Lin Meng.
However, her Qi meridians were damaged.
Judging from the current situation, how would that be possible?

The members of the Lin family had no idea that there were many things in this world that couldn’t be explained.
Yun Feng was already an existence they couldn’t understand.
Even though her Qi meridians were damaged, the power of her body was still no worse than that of the warriors of the same level and could even compete with those with a level higher!

“Perhaps…” Lin Sen widened his blood red eyes with several emotions, including doubt, shock and resentment, alternating back and forth.
Lin Quan frowned and his eyelids dropped slightly, looking a bit exhausted.

“There was a mistake.
Xiao Meng didn’t damage Yun Feng’s Qi meridians and she has already gone beyond level 4.”

After hearing what Lin Quan said, Lin Sen and Lin Miao immediately trembled.
Beyond level 4! Lin Quan was only at the mid-level 4.
That kid from the Yun family already had a higher level than they did?

Lin Sen gritted his teeth and a fishy smell came in his mouth.
“I don’t care! Even if I have to pay a huge price to hire someone, I want that little bastard dead!”

Lin Miao’s body shook slightly.
His scorching mind also cooled down a little.
If Yun Feng was a little loser, they wouldn’t have anything to be scared of, even if her Qi meridians weren’t damaged, but now, it was different.
Yun Feng’s strength had already gone beyond their imagination.
She had the power of at least level 4.
Being able to reach such a level at this age, she was indeed amazing!

“Brother, we can’t keep her alive.
We definitely can’t keep her alive!” Lin Miao clenched his fists fiercely, making the blue veins burst on the back of his hands.
Lin Quan nodded with a solemn look.
He had also made some kind of a decision in his mind.
Right now, it wasn’t simply about taking revenge for Lin Meng anymore.
The Lin family would never let Yun Feng grow.
They would certainly get rid of her at all costs!

“Master, we have a guest!” The butler of the Lin family stood outside of the door fearfully and yelled into the chamber with a slight tremor in his voice.

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