Lord Hao stood where he was.
The black chains in his sleeves were extremely agile under his control.
Their speed and direction of attack were exactly the same.
Yun Feng kept dodging in the air at an extremely high speed.
However, the black chains were everywhere.
They were chasing her relentlessly!

“Attacking with his body as the center…” Yun Feng moved quickly as she looked at Lord Hao, who didn’t even move at all.
The guardian of the Main Hall was indeed quite capable.
The black chains were very annoying!

Yun Feng suddenly waved the wand in her hand and looked at the black chains that were chasing her relentlessly with her black eyes.
Fury surged in her heart.
“Thunder!” She suddenly shouted as the purple lightning element that Yun Feng rarely used appeared!

“Sizzle…” Tiny sounds of thunder echoed around Yun Feng.
Tiny silver snakes twisted their bodies and pounced at the black chains crazily.
“Clap, clap, clap!” The sound of several iron chains breaking sounded.
The silver snakes were unusually fierce.
Under the sharp attacks of the lightning elements, the black chains broke into iron pieces one after another and fell on the ground.
Lord Hao was shocked when he saw this!

Lightning element?! She had lightning elements!

The black chains broke and Yun Feng’s red lips slowly curled up.
She pointed her wand at Lord Hao, who was standing there.
The silver snakes were jumping around the wand, as if they were ready to attack!

At this moment, the roles of the pursuer and the pursued switched!

“Boom…” There was a loud explosion.
Countless silver snakes gathered together with the buzzing sound of the lightning elements.
Their purple bodies turned into a long dragon and roared towards Lord Hao!

“Humph!” Lord Hao’s face darkened and he waved his sleeve abruptly.
Countless black shadows surged out of his sleeve.
Countless thin black chains formed a tight barrier in front of Lord Hao at the same time.
The purple dragons hit the black barrier and made a crisp sound.
Many of the black chains were broken, but Lord Hao wasn’t hurt at all inside!

“What exactly is this black chain?” The lightning elements all dissipated in the air.
That weird black chain could be controlled so agilely by this person.
There must be something unusual about Lord Hao’s body.

The dense black chains wriggled slowly like black snakes, which made people’s scalp tingle.
Although a few of them were broken by the lightning elements, there were still a lot of them left.
Otherwise, Lord Hao wouldn’t be safe.

“You’re one of the few people who can make me do this.” Lord Hao’s voice came from behind the dense black chains.
“Yun Feng, you’re the only one who can make me use this move.”

The black chains suddenly opened wide and Yun Feng and Lord Hao faced each other.
The excitement in Lord Hao’s eyes made Yun Feng’s heart tighten.
What was this old fox trying to do?

“Inescapable Net!”

The black chains that were spread out suddenly moved together and extended in all directions in the sky.
The long black snakes instantly covered the entire sky.
They seemed to be without any order, but they had already sealed the entire space.

Yun Feng’s black eyes darkened and she waved the wand in her hand abruptly, causing lightning elements to roar.
Lan Yi and Luo Xu, who were fighting fiercely on the side, suddenly stopped.
Lan Yi looked at the black chains that filled the sky and Yun Feng, who was sealed inside, and its pupils shrank!

“Master!” Lan Yi roared as it spread its wings and was about to fly over.
Seeing this, Luo Xu immediately raised his double knives and blocked Lan Yi’s way.
“Don’t even think about leaving!”

“Get out of my way!” Lan Yi suddenly spread its wings and waved the wind element fiercely, turning it into sharp blades that attacked Luo Xu.
The double knives in Luo Xu’s hands flipped agilely in his hands, blocking all the blades formed by the wind element.
Luo Xu shouted and rushed forward, raising his double knives and slashing towards Lan Yi’s back!

“Swish!” Another pair of wings suddenly appeared on Lan Yi’s back! Luo Xu was shocked.
Four wings!

Lan Yi suddenly turned around and opened all four wings.
The picture of the griffin depicted on the wings also appeared in front of Luo Xu.
Luo Xu looked at the ferocious Magic Beast depicted on the huge wings.
The creature’s head seemed to be roaring at him!

“I said, get lost!”

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Luo Xu’s pupils dilated abruptly.
The next second, before he could defend with the double knives in his hands, the wind element that was flying all over the sky had already rushed towards him!

“Argh!” Luo Xu fell to the ground in a sorry state.
The wounds on his body increased under the attack of the wind element, making him look miserable! Luo Xu covered his wounds and looked at the situation in the sky.
He suddenly burst into laughter with a hint of madness in his tone!

“Hahahaha! Lord Hao used this move.
Yun Feng, you’re finished!”

Lan Yi looked at Yun Feng, who was tied up by the black chains, with his blue eyes.
The black chains kept breaking but new ones were added.
Lan Yi wanted to rush over fiercely, but…

Lord Hao stood on the spot and burst into laughter as he watched Yun Feng attack.
The light in his black eyes became brighter and brighter.
“Alright, it’s time to retract the net.

The dense black chains in the sky suddenly changed their direction.
Yun Feng only saw thousands of black snakes pouncing at her.
The sky was full of them.
She had nowhere to go!

“Clap, clap, clap!” The long black snake quickly and accurately wrapped around Yun Feng’s limbs, holding her body firmly in the air.
Yun Feng’s body only moved slightly when the black chain suddenly tightened, as if it was going to be embedded in Yun Feng’s body! She looked at Lord Hao’s body that suddenly jumped up from the ground, and his unusually excited eyes.
Damn it! Yun Feng only heard Lan Yi shout loudly, and then a hand that was as cold as a dead person pressed on her head.
Two cold and slightly excited words came in her ears…

“Soul Searching!”

Human memories could be forgotten, erased, or destroyed.
Naturally, they could also be peeped at.
Soul searching was a unique secret technique that peeped at memories.
This secret technique had been passed down for a long time, but fewer and fewer people knew it.
The strangeness and power of this secret technique made many people fearful.
Those who could master soul searching were also highly respected on this continent.
For example, Lord Hao..
He had become the guardian of the Main Hall not because he was very strong, but because he was capable of performing soul searching.

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