Chapter 544: Incubation (1)

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Seeing that the atmosphere was getting more and more tense, Ling chuckled.
“The seller’s request is actually very simple.
The Fire Essence Origin Life Fluid.”

After hearing that, some people on the scene frowned, while others were full of question marks.
Yun Feng, who was in the room, was suddenly stunned.
The Fire Essence Origin Life Fluid? Little Fire also realized something.
“Master…” Yun Feng had contracted Little Fire not long ago, and jumped into the big crack because of Meatball’s carelessness.
In the cave where she met Ao Jin, Yun Feng had obtained a small bottle of blood-red Fire Essence Source Fluid from the Fire Essence Source Tree that was emitting a weird and thick fire element! That must be the Fire Essence Origin Life Fluid!

“The Fire Essence Origin Life Fluid is obtained from the Fire Essence Source Tree.
The area where the Fire Essence Source Tree grows is still a mystery.
Please work hard.
Whoever takes out the Fire Essence Origin Life Fluid first will own this egg.
The time limit is uncertain.
Whoever offers it first gets the egg.”

What Ling said made the audience sigh endlessly.
Many people even cursed angrily.
What kind of condition was this? They had never even heard of the Fire Essence Source Fluid! They didn’t even know where the Fire Essence Source Tree grew.
Where could they find it?

“Can’t they change the conditions? I have something good too.” Someone said.
Ling smiled.
“Sorry, the seller only wants the Fire Essence Origin Life Fluid and nothing else.”

Yun Feng looked at the pale faces of everyone in the hall and could only sigh at her luck.
She hadn’t used the bottle of Fire Essence Origin Life Fluid she got back then and it was still in her bracelet.
The Fire Essence Origin Life Fluid could devour fighting energy.
Yun Feng originally planned to use the Fire Essence Origin Life Fluid on the Monarch Level wand she was using right now.
Imagine if her wand had the ability to devour fighting energy, it would be more powerful than before, but it was a nightmare for warriors!

Yun Feng flipped her hand and the bottle of Fire Essence Origin Life Fluid appeared in her hand.
Now, the entire bottle had gradually turned light red.
After a few years, the vitality of the Fire Essence Origin Life Fluid was still the same.
Yun Feng could still feel the raging fire-element energy even now.

“This is… the Fire Essence Origin Life Fluid?” Qu Lanyi glanced at the bottle and immediately knew what was inside.
Yun Feng raised the corners of her mouth.
She was truly lucky.
She had already got something that other people didn’t have any clues on.

“Master, you’re awesome!” Xia Qing’s big eyes were full of admiration.
In her eyes, Yun Feng was already omnipotent.
No matter how difficult things were, they couldn’t stop her teacher.
Her teacher actually had such a magical thing too.

Yun Feng nodded as she played with the bottle in her hand.
She could clearly feel Little Fire’s drooling eyes.
Little Fire had this expression back then.
It seemed that it still hadn’t changed after so many years.

“Ahem, Brother Fire,” said Lan Yi in a low voice.
Little Fire suddenly turned around and barely looked away from the bottle.

“I can only say that I’m quite lucky.” Yun Feng said and smiled.
She pressed a button with her hand.
“I have the Fire Essence Origin Life Fluid.
How much does the seller want?”

This sentence immediately made the noisy hall fall into silence.
Some people were still discussing what the Fire Essence Origin Tree was, but it seemed that someone had already got it!

“If you do, my Lady, the seller would like to talk to you in person.” Ling smiled gently without much change in his expression.
Yun Feng thought that it was not bad to talk to him in person.
If the seller thought that he could take advantage of her, he would be wrong.

“Then let’s talk face to face.” After Yun Feng said that, a figure suddenly stood up in the hall with excitement on his face.
It was the level-9 female summoner who had always been as steady as a mountain.
The woman Yun Feng met when she entered the summoner alliance that seemed very unapproachable.

“I’ll exchange ultimate ores for it!” The woman’s excited voice sounded in the hall.
“Eight hundred ultimate ores! If you think it’s too little, I can increase it! I’ll use these to buy your bottle of Fire Essence Origin Life Fluid!”

Yun Feng looked over with her black eyes.
The woman looked straight at her.
Even though she couldn’t see Yun Feng, she still stared at her persistently, as if she could see through the wall.
Seeing that Yun Feng didn’t say anything, the woman bit her lips.
“A thousand ultimate ores! I can only offer so much! You’re the person who won the Flower Eagle, right? You already have a wind-element Magic Beast.
A water-element Magic Beast can’t be reduced to a pet.
Someone with a water-element Magic Beast should have it!”

Yun Feng didn’t intend to yield to begin with.
What this woman said at the beginning wasn’t a big deal.
In the end, she said with a tone as if it was only right for her to yield, which made Yun Feng quite upset in the bottom of her heart.

“So what if I don’t?” Yun Feng’s cold voice echoed in the entire hall.
Nobody was talking right now.
They were all listening to their conversation with bated breath.
Most people thought that Yun Feng had already won the Flower Eagle, so she should leave some leeway for others.
She might not be able to take all the good stuff.

“You… You’re too greedy! I’m a water-element summoner.
A water-element Magic Beast can only be put to good use in the hands of a water-element summoner!” The woman straightened her back and shouted loudly.
In fact, what she said made sense, but it was a bit aggressive.
After all, this wasn’t what was discussed at the auction.
Only those who could afford the price were qualified to get it.
Who cared if you were a water element summoner or not?

Yun Feng sneered.
“How do you know that I’m not a water element summoner?”

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When the woman heard this, she laughed in disdain.
“You’ve already won the Flower Eagle.
Of course, you have the wind element.
If you didn’t have the wind element and won the Flower Eagle, it only shows that you have the capital to be arrogant.
Do you think you’re a double-element summoner?”

Yun Feng smiled.
“The highest bidder wins in this auction.
I didn’t violate any rules.
What right do you have to talk to me like this? Do I have to give in just because you have water element?”

“You… You! How will you sell the Fire Essence Origin Life Fluid to me? Just tell me what you want!” The woman shouted.
The corners of Yun Feng’s mouth were very cold.
She sounded quite arrogant.

“Hm.” Yun Feng couldn’t be bothered to talk to her at all.
You’re a water-element mage, so I must give in to you.
What kind of logic is that? This is an auction, not somewhere else! Why don’t you look at the occasion when you’re saying this? Besides, you’re not my friend..
At most, you’re just a stranger.
Why should I give you something that I, Yun Feng, must get?

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