ring green potion appeared in his hand.
Yun Feng’s pupils shrank abruptly as the familiar scene flashed in her mind.
In the battle between her and Kasa in the Masang School of Magic, Kasa had consumed similar fire potions!

That was a wind-element potion! Yun Feng’s heart tightened.
It was a potion that could forcibly increase one’s level in a short period of time.
If Carson drank that, he would reach the Monarch Level in a short time!

Carson opened the bottle and poured all the potions into his mouth.
Then, he took out another bottle and drank it again, followed by another!

He’s crazy! That was the only thought that flashed through Yun Feng’s mind! The side effects of swallowing three bottles of potions were obvious.
Carson was so crazy that he wanted to die with them.
Take the Cashya Empire with him!

After Carson swallowed the last bottle of wind-element potion, a strong energy suddenly came out of his body.
The Fengyun Wolf, which was fighting with Little Fire, suddenly let out a painful howl.
Little Fire was shocked and quickly retreated.

“Master! What’s wrong?” Little Fire listened to the painful screams of its kin and felt that its kin’s strength had risen a few levels in a short time.
This huge change also changed the shape of the wolf’s body!

The wolf’s body had undergone obvious mutation.
Its black eyes, which were still clear just then, were completely covered in blood red.
The ferocity of the Magic Beast was completely exposed.
They didn’t hold back at all!

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“This is power! Hahaha, this is my power!” Carson’s voice echoed in the sky above the capital of Cashya Empire.
Yun Feng suddenly moved back and avoided the energy waves that Carson suddenly emitted.
Then, a person suddenly rose from the ground and stood in front of Yun Feng and the middle-aged man.

“He’s already mutated.” The middle-aged man looked at Carson’s appearance and said in a deep voice.
Carson’s appearance had mutated because of the forcibly upgrade of his level, making half of his body unusually strong and developed.
The other half of his body was a bit withered and he looked more like a monster!

“Roar…” A shocking roar sounded.
Yun Feng’s heart tightened! That Green Cloud Wolf was probably in the same situation!

“Little Fire, Lan Yi, stop it!” Yun Feng shouted angrily.
Little Fire and Lan Yi immediately rushed towards the Green Cloud Wolf at the same time.
The two Magic Beasts were both at the Monarch Level, but in front of the Fengyun Wolf, which had forcibly increased its strength and mutated, Little Fire and Lan Yi actually felt slightly strained!

“Didn’t you want to kill me? Come on!” Carson stood in the air and laughed loudly.
He flipped his hand, and a huge amount of wind element energy appeared in his hand.
The wind element roared crazily!

“Hold him back!” The middle-aged man said as he rushed over.
Yun Feng nodded and held Carson back.
Once the time was up, he would be a spent force and a turtle in a jar!

“Water Chains!” The wand appeared.
Yun Feng waved it fiercely, and the water element instantly condensed into a huge chain that roared towards Carson.

The middle-aged man was already in front of Carson.
Carson laughed and waved his hand.
The wind element in his hand roared and shot towards the man! The man frowned and dodged..
However, the wind element seemed to have eyes and chased after the man after missing him!


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