a wish in their mind.
Most of them might be born and destined not to have great achievements in mental strength, but this didn’t stop each of them from having a dream.
They all dreamed of becoming a summoner!

Every child was given the expectation of becoming a summoner when they were born.
Although the result was always the same, everyone was still passionate about it, looking forward to it generation after generation.
And the expectation of thousands of years had finally come to fruition.
Even though there were less than five summoners in the last few thousand years, this was enough to make everyone crazy and the empires that had them crazy!

The Karan Empire was lucky to have one summoner and this summoner was born in the small Yun family! Since then, the Yun family rose to success overnight and became the most respected family in the Karan Empire, a family that everyone could only look up to! Just because of that summoner!


The Emperor gave the Yun family countless wealth and fame.
Even members of the royal family had to bow to the Yun family.
All the glory came from that summoner and the Yun family also became the hope of the Karan Empire.
With the appearance of the first summoner, there might be a second one!

If the Yun family could have a summoner every generation, even just one, then the Karan Empire would be the first in power among the four empires and would be the strongest!

And yet, the hope gradually faded as time passed.
The summoner born in the Yun family had already died and there weren’t any summoners again in the Yun family in the next few centuries.
They were just like any other normal families, even having pitifully few mages.

Eventually, the royal family also became less passionate about the Yun family.
The Yun family even moved back to Chunfeng Town from the Imperial Capital.
As time went, the Yun family, which used to be glorious and admired by thousands of people, had already faded out of people’s sight.
Only that legendary summoner was left deep in their memory.

The Yun family came back to this small town with the huge amount of money they saved.
Originally, the other families were still in awe of the Yun family’s glory, but in the last century, the Yun family completely declined.
Not only did they have very few members, but even the most ordinary warriors had just average achievements.
People’s gazes of reverence and respect slowly ceased and they were ridiculed and taunted instead.
Without powerful strength, all the glory was just empty talk.
Although the Yun family had had a summoner once, it was just a flash in the pan, not to mention it had been a few centuries ago.

With such a huge amount of family property, it was difficult for them to stay away from prying eyes and those snobbish families preyed on the Yun family’s assets! Their tactics became more vicious and even intensified to hurting the direct bloodline of the Yun family in the end!

The Yun family had declined, but the pride and dignity in the bones of the members of the Yun family had existed for a thousand years.
The glorious past of the family made every member proud and becoming a summoner was the dream every generation of the Yun family went after their entire life!

“Summoner… The Yun family…” Yun Feng lay in bed and mumbled.
There were glitters flashing deep in her black eyes and she finally raised the corners of her lips slowly.
Weak mental strength? Destined not to be able to go far on the road of mental strength? Then, this theory was destined to end here.
She was captured by the research institute because of her terrifying brain wave ability in her previous life and brain waves should be the so-called mental strength in this world.


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