Chapter 483: The Yun Family’s Roots (4)

Mental strength surged out of Yun Feng’s body quickly and covered every corner of Yun Feng’s body like a thin film.
These light spots weren’t ordinary light spots.
They were a group of mysterious creatures who were spying on her and treating her like a delicious meal!

“Kid, kid!” As if he had broken through some shackles, the ancestor’s voice came weakly.
Usually, she talked to the ancestor like they were facing each other, but right now, they seemed to be talking through a few layers of thick walls.

“Ancestor, I hear you!” Yun Feng kept releasing her mental strength to cover the original shield layer by layer.
These creatures hadn’t attacked yet.
Perhaps they were waiting for an opportunity to enter her body and empty her!

“Kid, these are elemental insects!” The ancestor’s voice was much clearer.
The back wall seemed to be much weaker.
Yun Feng listened carefully.
Everything the ancestor said was very important to her right now!

“Elemental insects are made of elemental energy.
The glowing things on their bodies are all elemental energy.
After swallowing the elemental energy, they will reproduce.
They are extremely dangerous insects.
They only appear in places where certain elements gather, or places with high concentration of elements.
They are almost extinct in the human world.
Why are they here?”

Yun Feng smiled helplessly.
Her mental strength still didn’t stop as it covered her body layer by layer.
She could already feel that these elemental insects were a bit impatient.
They were already gathering slowly, as if they were merging.

“Is there any way to stop their invasion?”

“You’re undoubtedly a feast in front of them right now.
The elemental energy in your body has already reached a certain level and the elemental insects are already excited.
There’s only one way to prevent the elemental insects from devouring the elements: mental defense!”

Mental defense! It seemed that she had made the right choice to envelop her entire body with mental strength! “So, I’m going to fight with these little insects.
Are their teeth more powerful or is my mental strength more so?”

“That’s right.
Elemental insects usually only attack three times.
After three attacks, they will disperse.
They’re a kind of creature that knows their own limitations.”

Yun Feng raised the corners of her mouth.
She didn’t have time to care if these insects were truly self-aware.
She only knew that the first wave of attacks from the elemental insects was about to begin!

The light spots around Yun Feng’s body suddenly gathered together and turned into a worm’s mouth.
That was the original appearance of the elemental insects! Mental strength surged out crazily and covered the surface of Yun Feng’s body again.
The elemental insects had already opened their mouths and were biting towards Yun Feng’s body!

Cold sweat dripped down from Yun Feng’s forehead.
The attack this time wasn’t an ordinary attack.
It wasn’t physical, but spiritual.
The insects’ bite tore off the mental defense covering Yun Feng.
Yun Feng’s face was already extremely pale.

“Kid, replenish it quickly!” The ancestor’s anxious shout resounded in her mind.
Yun Feng endured this strange and uncomfortable feeling and urged the dense mental strength solid in her mental space.
The mental strength instantly melted and covered Yun Feng’s body, turning into solid armor.

The attack just then tore Yun Feng’s defense apart.
Before the insects could feel proud, it found that Yun Feng’s mental defense quickly filled up again, giving them no chance to escape!

The insect seemed to be enraged.
Light flashed through its tiny eyes.
That was the sign of the collective anger of countless elemental insects.
It opened its mouth abruptly and launched a second attack!

“Ah!” A devastating pain came.
Yun Feng couldn’t help but scream in a low voice.
The pain seemed to be spreading to every nerve in her body and stimulating her brain every moment!

“Hang in there!” The ancestor’s voice came with trembling and pain.
“Kid, you must hang in there! The elemental insects only attack three times.
After three times, they will disperse on their own, kid!”

Red blood oozed out of Yun Feng’s lips because of her own biting.
It flowed into her mouth with a bitter and fishy taste.
Yun Feng didn’t know what expression she had right now, but it couldn’t be good.
When the insect’s mouth bit her mental defense just then, it was obviously more aggressive than the last time.
The force of the attack was also several times stronger.
There was one more time, and this time, it would be fatal.

Her body was restrained by an unknown force and only her mental strength could move freely.
This was a contest of mental strength.
This was a contest of whether she could live or not.

“I won’t lose.
I definitely won’t lose.” Yun Feng said in her mind.
The ancestor smiled with relief.
All the remaining mental strength in Yun Feng’s spiritual space had already surged out, and the elemental insect was already enraged to the peak.
Its mouth opened again and fierce light burst out of its body!

Dazzle, and pain!

Those were the only feelings Yun Feng had left.
This time, she clearly felt that the mouths of the elemental insects approached her skin.
All of her mental strength defenses were broken again.
She could even feel the waves of pain caused by the insects trying their best to burrow into her skin.
All her senses were already blurred, except for hearing and touch.

Suddenly, everything disappeared.
The darkness and the dense light spots in her eyes all disappeared.
Yun Feng only felt that her body was lying on the cold ground and the darkness in front of her eyes disappeared.
Yun Feng moved her body slightly and felt extremely uncomfortable.
She glanced at her bare skin and saw a few tiny black spots on it.
Yun Feng’s black eyes darkened.
The elemental insects did exist.
They weren’t illusions.

“Don’t worry.
They’re all dead.” A voice echoed in Yun Feng’s ears.
Yun Feng looked up in shock.
This empty place was like a damaged palace.
The ground was covered with collapsed stones and brick walls.
On the stone steps, a man was standing with his back facing Yun Feng.

“Who are you?” Yun Feng stood up from the ground and staggered slightly.
She turned her heel and stabilized herself.
The man chuckled and slowly turned around.
He had a tall and skinny body, messy short hair, a serious but smiling face, and the expression in his black eyes made Yun Feng gasp..

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