Chapter 456: Acquiring What Should Be Acquired (4)

Returning to their residence, Yun Feng headed towards her room, but Mu Yinghua was still following.
Seeing that, Qu Lanyi stopped and asked, “Mu Yinghua, how much longer do you intend to follow us? Are you going to sleep in our room too after we go to bed?”

Mu Yinghua suddenly blushed.
What Qu Lanyi said invoked a lot of inappropriate pictures in his head.
Qu Lanyi gazed at him coldly.
Finally, Mu Yinghua came back to himself, and scratched his head awkwardly.
“I’m leaving.
Have a good rest…” He walked away, blushing.

Qu Lanyi looked at his back and gnashed his teeth, “What an idiot.”

“Why are you gnashing your teeth? Come in.” Yun Feng’s voice finally quenched Qu Lanyi’s fury.
He followed Yun Feng into the room, and so did Ao Jin.
After they all entered the room, Yun Feng waved her hand and locked the space.
Yao Guang, who was hiding, curled his lips in disdain, obviously implying that he thought Yun Feng’s move was too unrefined.

“Are you going to take it out?” said Qu Lanyi with a smile while sitting aside.
Ao Jin laughed too.
“You’re more shrewd than I thought.”

Yun Feng smiled.
“I certainly had to keep silent in that special moment.
If they knew what I got, we wouldn’t have any advantage.” After saying that, Yun Feng took out the map she received.
Both Ao Jin and Qu Lanyi were astonished.
It was a map of the gods’ relics!

“Is it real?” asked Ao Jin.
He stared at the complicated map with his golden eyes, finding it hard to trust.
Qu Lanyi read it for a long time too, and finally nodded.
“It should be real, because it cannot be memorized.”

“Nana.” Meatball moved on Little Fire’s head, and Little Fire said, “This fat ball said that it’s real.”

Yun Feng glanced at it in surprise, wondering how Meatball could tell its authenticity.
Little Fire said again, “Meatball, master just asked you how you could tell whether or not it’s real.”

Meatball rolled its big eyes for a long time, and finally called out again in the end, “Nana, na, nanana…” After hearing that, Little Fire nearly fell on the ground.
“Are you serious?”

Meatball shouted unhappily, “Nana!”

All the others were confused.
Lan Yi couldn’t help but cover its forehead.
“Brother Little Fire, don’t just talk to it.
Tell master what it said.”

Little Fire finally realized what it should do, and looked at Yun Feng.
“Master, for the record, I’m just repeating what it said.”

Yun Feng’s heart raced when she heard that.
What did Meatball say to make Little Fire so surprised?

Little Fire swallowed, and Meatball sat on its head quite proudly.
Little Fire opened its mouth and said, “Well, it just said that it went there in the past, so it knows whether or not the map is real.”

Yun Feng grabbed Meatball and lifted it in front of her eyes.
Meatball shivered uncomfortably, and patted the back of Yun Feng’s hand with its furry tail.
Yun Feng ignored that and simply gazed at the little creature.

“You’ve been to the gods’ relics?” Yun Feng raised her brows in confusion and asked.
Meatball nodded and looked at Yun Feng pitifully.
Yun Feng’s heart suddenly raced.
Yao Guang, who had been hiding, looked at Meatball and smiled.

“This little thing might be more capable than you think.”

Yun Feng agreed, and shook Meatball’s body mischievously.
Meatball shouted in dissatisfaction.
If anyone else had done that to it, it would’ve bitten them already, but it had always indulged Yun Feng even when she made fun of it.
When she shook its body like that, it resisted for a moment, but simply let Yun Feng do what she wanted.

Yun Feng looked at Meatball’s cute little face, and remembered how it just threw itself at her in the Foggy Forest.
It seemed very intimate with her the very first time they encountered, even though it was mean and ferocious to anyone else.
She gently released Meatball, and Meatball jumped back to Little Fire’s head.
Little Fire looked above its head helplessly.

“In any case, we have a great advantage.” Ao Jin smiled in a great mood.
His girl had always been lucky.
It was quite remarkable that she had obtained a map of relics.

“It will be great if we’re the only ones who have the advantage, but we’re carrying a lot of burdens.” Qu Lanyi lazily combed his hair, and looked at Ao Jin with a charming smile.
Yun Feng agreed with him.

It wasn’t easy for her to acquire the map.
She nearly lost her Ring of Contract to the old man because of it.
She didn’t want to share it with the other people on her team.
She wasn’t such a selfless person as to let her map benefit the others, who were clearly useless to her.

“Let’s not tell anyone anything about the map.
We’ll get rid of them after we enter the gods’ relics.
I don’t think Muqing and Xiaoxiao believed what I said.
They are not easy to deal with.”

All the others nodded.
At this moment, someone knocked on the door.
Yun Feng frowned and asked, “Who is it?”

Mu Yinghua’s voice came from outside of the door.
“Yun Feng, it’s time for dinner.”

Yun Feng replied in a low voice.
There weren’t many days to go until the exploration of the relics.
She might as well behave more friendly.
She was the center of attention anyway.
“Alright, got it.” Mu Yinghua’s footsteps moved away.
Yun Feng smiled at Ao Jin and Qu Lanyi.
“Let’s go grab a bite.”

Qu Lanyi rose and approached her again.
Ao Jin, on the other hand, laughed.
“Girl, I would rather not eat human food.
It’s awful! I’m going back to my room.
You can go with her.” He then opened the door and walked out.
Yun Feng put on a helpless smile and looked back at Little Fire and Lan Yi.
Naturally, they didn’t need food either.
As for Meatball…

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