Chapter 450: Robbery (1)

Yun Feng followed them.
The deputy president of the Tamers’ Union, blushing, reined the bats to follow too.
Seated on the bat’s back, Mu Yinghua stared at Yun Feng’s back with admiration.
If he could get closer to Yun Feng, not just himself, but also the Mu family would rise to the sky.
Then, he would become the master of the Mu family, wouldn’t he?

The team landed in a town under the lead of the two men.
The town must’ve been built recently, because all of the buildings seemed new and there were few residents.
There was also a unique view in the town.
On the two sides of the town were two groups of soldiers that belonged to Shengyao and Ovey respectively.

Seeing that, Yun Feng sneered.
“What’s this about? Do we have to pick a side?”

The two guides chuckled.
“Of course not.
The Fengyun Empire is free to side with anyone.
Nobody can tell you what to do.” While talking, they led the team to a spacious house that didn’t belong to either of the sides.
It was sort of respect for the Fengyun Empire.

“Please make the best use of the five days.
I’m sure you’ll find them worthwhile.
Goodbye.” The two guides left.
The deputy president of the Tamers’ Union gathered the bats, and the others entered the house for a rest.
“Girl, what do we do now?” asked Ao Jin in a low voice.
The trip of ten days was nothing for Ao Jin at all.

The same was true for Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi.
They were too strong to be exhausted by a ten-day trip.
“We’re new here.
Let’s take a tour of this place.” Yun Feng glanced at the town, wondering if she would encounter Shengyao’s and Ovey’s teams, and especially, Muqing and Xiaoxiao.

“Then let’s go out.” Qu Lanyi grabbed Yun Feng’s arm.
Yun Feng glanced at his hand, and didn’t do anything.
Little Fire and Lan Yi, naturally, didn’t disagree.
They were about to leave the house, when someone called out to them, “Yun Feng, where are you going? Count me in.”

Yun Feng turned around, and saw Mu Yinghua running out.
He had apparently tired from the trip, but he was still struggling to keep up with Yun Feng even though he didn’t have enough stamina.
Yun Feng smiled.
Seeing that he was breathing heavily after running a few steps, she wanted to tease him.
“You want to come along?”

Mu Yinghua caught his breath, and nodded.
He put on his sunniest smile at Yun Feng, which made Qu Lanyi unhappy.
She narrowed her eyes.
Mu Yinghua saw Qu Lanyi’s expression from the corner of his eyes, and thought that she was jealous because he was smiling at Yun Feng instead of her.
He became even more proud of himself, and smiled even more brilliantly.

Little Fire raised his brows.
Why was this man like an idiot? Did he think his smile was pretty? What an idiot who loved flattering himself.

“Yes, please count me in,” Mu Yinghua kept smiling.
Yun Feng stared at him for a while, and then said.
If you insist, you can come along.” Mu Yinghua was overjoyed.
He had been betting with himself, and thought that Yun Feng would truly be treating him and the Mu family specially if she accepted his request.
And she did! That gorgeous lady seemed upset.
It was probably because he was courting Yun Feng instead of her!

At this moment, Mu Yinghua felt that the whole world was pink, with peach blossoms everywhere.
He was already envisioning how jealous Qu Lanyi was for him and how Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi were fighting for him.
He was quite an imaginative man at that.

Ao Jin frowned.
He didn’t like that man.
Dragons always hated humans.
Although Ao Jin was unlike most dragons, he was a dragon anyway, and some of the hate was etched into his blood, but since Yun Feng accepted the man’s request, he could only hold himself back.

Qu Lanyi was thinking the same as Yun Feng did.
Hearing that Yun Feng accepted his request, Qu Lanyi smiled.
“Then let’s go.” They walked in the lead, and Mu Yinghua willingly followed them.
He didn’t have the courage to walk by their side, so he looked like a lackey.

The town wasn’t really big.
It was much smaller than Chunfeng Town.
Seeing Yun Feng and his companions on the streets, all the soldiers who were on guard became unconsciously vigilant.
They looked at Yun Feng and Little Fire with complicated expressions.
The street was filled by such tension that sparks were almost bursting out.

The guys in the lead certainly didn’t care about the tension.
However, Mu Yinghua, who was following them, was so pressured that he was trembling.
Seeing how the others were reacting at ease, Mu Yinghua forced himself to calm down, but his body was still shivering.
He quickly wiped his cold sweat, fearing that Yun Feng or Qu Lanyi might see him.

Walking forward, Yun Feng saw a few people standing outside of an inconspicuous house.
Noticing Yun Feng’s gaze, they looked back at her.
Yun Feng smiled.
She had indeed met acquaintances.
She knew one of them to be Xiaoxiao from Shengyao.

“Yun Feng?” Xiaoxiao stared at Yun Feng, who approached her, and glanced at Qu Lanyi, Ao Jin, Little Fire and Lan Yi.
She noticed Mu Yinghua in the rear too.
She knew some of them, but not all.
Ao Jin, in particular, brought her immense pressure.

“What a coincidence to see you here.” Yun Feng greeted her.
Xiaoxiao was dazed for a moment, and then shook her head helplessly.
“I was wondering if you would come.
You came anyway.
Without Yun Feng, the Fengyun Empire wouldn’t get anything from the exploration, but the situation is entirely different with Yun Feng.”

Yun Feng smiled.
“Muqing of Ovey is here too, isn’t he?”

Xiaoxiao nodded.
“Of course.
Ovey’s team cannot live without their Young Master Muqing.
It’s quite unlucky that the Cashya Empire lost the qualification,” Xiaoxiao gloated.
The Cashya Empire had truly suffered a heavy loss.
Its royal family was probably regretting.

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