Chapter 403: Yun Feng Wakes Up (1)

The emperor of Karan was always a cautious man.
Although Yun Feng went missing, it didn’t mean that she was dead.
Until her death was confirmed, he didn’t really dare to deal with and eliminate the Yun family.
Otherwise, if Yun Feng were to suddenly pop up somewhere, the Karan Royal Family would suffer.

Getting to the bottom of it, the emperor was scared of Yun Feng’s identity as a summoner.
If she ended on bad terms with the Karan Royal Family, then none of the other three empires would idle by, and the Karan Royal Family would be caught in an awkward position.
It was possible that the other empires would strike Karan with that excuse.

The emperor’s prudence raised confusion within the Karan Royal Family.
The Yun family was supposed to be the Karan Royal Family’s mortal enemy.
Wasn’t this the best opportunity to remove it? Wasn’t Yun Feng already gone? Naturally, the emperor thought differently.
Just like that, the Yun family stayed in the capital safely, for now.

Ever since the collapse of the Forsaken Maze, Yun Sheng had been utterly depressed.
How could Feng have survived that collapse? If she were safe, why didn’t she send any messages?

After the Forsaken Maze’s collapse, Yun Sheng, Murong Yuntian and Ze Ran were all deported by the Cashya Empire.
Fortunately, Zheng Ran escorted the three frustrated kids back to Karan safely.
Zheng Ran felt quite sad and pained too to see the Forsaken Maze collapse in front of his eyes.
He was reluctant to admit that the talented kid had perished just like that.

Zheng Ran patted Yun Sheng’s shoulder and said many times, “Yun Feng is fine.
She will come back.
Yun Sheng, you are now the pillar of the Yun family.
You must live a good life and wait for her to come back.”

Yun Sheng tried to pull himself together.
Whatever was left of the hope in his heart was his only motivation.
His dear sister couldn’t have died so easily! She couldn’t! She would suddenly appear and call him brother again in a couple of days! Yun Sheng cheered himself up.
Murong Yuntian and Ze Ran were thinking the same.
Nothing could’ve happened to Yun Feng.
She would certainly come back!

Yun Sheng returned to the capital, and dutifully told everything to Yun Jing.
After hearing him out, Yun Jing was stiffened on his chair, and silent for a long time.
Yun Sheng sat in silence too.
Yun Jing’s eyes turned bloodshot.
He rose and didn’t say anything.
Yun Sheng looked at his father’s back, and felt that he was suffocating.

Yun Jing went to the ancestral hall of the Yun family.
He fell on his knees and lowered his head.
In front of him were the badges of previous leaders of the Yun family.
The summoner ancestor’s painting was on the top, with the same big smile and short hair.

Yun Jing was on his knees for a long time.
“All previous leaders of the Yun family, I swear that I’m willing to sacrifice anything as long as you let Feng return safely!” declared Yun Jing.
He clenched his fists.
He was willing to exchange his own life for his daughter’s safety!

After learning what happened to Yun Feng, Mu Xiaojin immediately burst into tears.
She called out to Yun Feng with the Sound Transmission Jade, but there was no response from Yun Feng’s end at all.
Seeing that, Yun Sheng was even more grieved.
He held Mu Xiaojin, who was crying, in his arms.
Her tears gradually wet Yun Sheng’s clothes.
Both of them were calling the same name, and praying that she could come back.


The dragons were just the same as before.
Ever since Ao Jin left, the Black Dragons and the Red Maples had been competing again.
Ao Jin rarely came back.
When he came back last time, he left in depression after learning what happened to Yun Feng, which gave the Black Dragons a headache, and made Xiao Ling feel terrible.
She didn’t know that Yun Feng was the only one that mattered to Ao Jin.

On this day, a fierce earthquake took place at the edge of the Dragon Valley.
After the tremble of space, a dragon that was glittering in gold flew in.
When Ao Jin arrived, everybody in the Dragon Valley was excited.
They felt that their Young Master was back!

Just like last time, the Black Dragons and the Red Dragons all came.
They were all astonished to see Ao Jin in his original form, and then changed their expression at seeing someone on his back.
Ao Jin the Young Master was one of the most honorable Golden Dragons.
Who dared to ride him? Wasn’t it a disgrace to the dragons?

The chief elder of the Black Dragons, without a word, extended his hand that had turned into a dragon claw, and slapped at the offender.
The head of the Red Dragons was going to attack too.
Seeing that, fury burst out of Ao Jin’s golden eyes.
“F*ck off! I’ll kill whoever touches her!”

The chiefs of the Black Dragons and the Red Maples both saw Qu Lanyi on the dragon’s back, and were astonished at her pretty face.
Was their Young Master into this human being and carried her back? Then they noticed Yun Feng, who was bleeding in Qu Lanyi’s arms.
Although her skin had all cracked and she looked miserable, all of them recognized that she was Yun Feng!

Hadn’t she already died in the Dragon Palace? Both Elder Qi and Yan Ting had the same question.
How could a person who had died in the Dragon Palace appear here? They had an answer in only a few seconds, and looked more awful than ever.
Xiao Ling and Yan Yu were truly bold enough to lie to the Young Master! Remembering Ao Jin’s bad temper, they both panicked, and took a step back, making way for him.
Ao Jin glanced at them, and then quickly flew onward.

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