ou back? You’re not going out?” Yun Feng looked back at Qu Lanyi, and pushed her anxiously.
Qu Lanyi chuckled and hugged her from the rear.
She laid her head on Yun Feng’s shoulder that was not occupied by Meatball, and watched the battle.

“If you’re not leaving, I certainly cannot leave either.
Since I decided to help you, I’d certainly make sure that you’re fine.
That old creature is a Golden Dragon, and so is Ao Jin.
However, that creature is much older than Ao Jin.
Ao Jin cannot defeat it.”

Yun Feng felt uncomfortable to be hugged by Qu Lanyi from the rear.
However, there was no time to consider that.
“Then what should we do? Does Uncle Flirtatious not stand any chance of winning”

Qu Lanyi chuckled.
“He certainly does.
Although that old creature is a Golden Dragon, its bloodline isn’t pure, as indicated from its scales.
It’s not as good at defense as Ao Jin.
Another difference is that the old creature is in its true form, which increases his strength in every aspect, and Ao Jin is in the form of a human being, which restricts his strength.
In order to win, he has to transform into his original form first.
If they both fight as dragons, Fengfeng, this place will be destroyed, and we won’t be able to get out.”

Yun Feng became anxious.
It would be impossible to get out… That’s true.
One Golden Dragon was already massive enough.
If Uncle Flirtatious turned into another one, the two Golden Dragons could easily destroy this Forsaken Maze.
Then it would be impossible for them to get out!

“Girl, don’t bother with me! Go out!” Ao Jin tried to dodge the Golden Dragon’s attack, only narrowly.
He looked at Yun Feng and shouted anxiously, “Don’t bother me!”

Yun Feng almost shed tears.
Uncle Flirtatious was the only dragon that she liked, and the only dragon that protected her wholeheartedly.
He was so innocent and straightforward.
He had never abandoned her.
How could she leave him behind?

Yun Feng bit her lips.
Qu Lanyi chuckled behind her and said loudly, “Ao Jin, just transform! Fengfeng is under my protection.
She’ll be fine.” A beautiful smile spread on Qu Lanyi’s face.
Then, such overwhelming mental strength spread out that even Yun Feng felt suppressed.

“Qu Lanyi, you…” Yun Feng looked back at her in surprise.
Qu Lanyi put on a charming smile.
Her mental strength had covered the space they were in.
She then clenched her fists, locking down the space.

Seeing that, Ao Jin laughed aloud.
In that case, I’m going to enjoy this fight!” Dazzling golden light burst out.
Then, Yun Feng saw a Golden Dragon that was exceptionally huge! Its golden scales were reflecting such brilliance that they could hardly keep their eyes open!

A dragon roar echoed throughout the sky, as if it was going to cut apart the clouds that had been lingering in the sky.
Seeing Ao Jin’s original form, envy and jealousy flashed in the ancient Golden Dragon’s eyes! It was a Golden Dragon too, and deserved to have such a body! It was so angry!

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