After these years, he had made progress again, and was still stronger than her.
However, it didn’t occur to Yun Feng that she had risen to the final stage of the Commander Level from level 7 in only three years.
She was actually even more gifted.

Qu Lanyi pulled Yun Feng back.
Both of them simply watched.
Ever since Ao Jin showed up, this unknown creature seemed to have become a lot more obedient, and didn’t make any sound.

Ao Jin stared at the creature’s golden pupils and coldly declared, “Why do you carry the Golden Dragons’ golden pupils? Reveal yourself, or I’ll beat you up!”

Ao Jin’s furious voice echoed in the space.
Yun Feng was dazed for a moment.
Was that creature not a Golden Dragon? Qu Lanyi said softly, “The Golden Dragons are the noblest of dragons and extremely rare.
They’re all kings of the dragons.
Also, the Golden Dragons do not have many offspring.
When the old Golden Dragons die, they’ll be buried in the Dragon Valley.
All dragons will relentlessly attack whoever steals the bodies.
The Golden Dragons are the pride and honor of dragons.
If that creature is a Golden Dragon, then it’s fine.
If it’s not, then…”

Yun Feng understood.
It was indeed worth questioning if a creature that was not a Golden Dragon carried the Golden Dragons’ pupils.
That creature must’ve stolen the noble bloodline of the Golden Dragons, or even just gouged out the Golden Dragons’ eyes.
No wonder Ao Jin is so angry.

If the creature revealed itself not to be a Golden Dragon, Ao Jin would surely go on a killing spree…

The ancient creature didn’t make any sound.
It didn’t seem to be trying to resist either.
It was very obedient.
There was no telling whether it was because of the heavy wound, or because Ao Jin was here.
In front of Yun Feng, the heavy fog that shrouded the creature dispersed, and it gradually revealed its true self on the enormous square.

After the heavy fog dispersed and the ancient creature revealed itself, all three of them were dumbfounded.
Yun Feng blinked his eyes, Qu Lanyi was shocked, and Ao Jin’s eyes were widened too.
The creature was none other than a real dragon!

It showed up in front of the three people with a dragon’s body identical to any other dragons’.
However, its scales were all black and gray.
None of its scales were pure.
It looked like the most inferior product.

Ao Jin looked up at the dragon whose scales had mixed colors.
It was quite enormous, and occupied most of the space in the square.
It had obviously lived for a long time.
Ao Jin looked at its golden pupils, unable to say anything.
It was a dragon, with the most inferior bloodline, yet it carried the pupils of the Golden Dragons!

“You…” Ao Jin was so shocked that he couldn’t say anything.
What was going on? Was it a Golden Dragon? If not, why did it have the Golden Dragons’ pupils?

“Are you the current young master of the dragons?” asked the creature.
Ao Jin nodded, and narrowed his golden pupils.
“Are you a hybrid dragon or a Golden Dragon?”

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