Chapter 395: You Are Too Unworthy To Know My Name (4)

“All trespassers shall die!” The ancient voice echoed again, and its power significantly expanded.
Qu Lanyi, however, turned into a streak of light that darted towards it.
Yun Feng’s eyes widened when she saw that.
“Idiot, do you want to get killed? Come back!”

Qu Lanyi didn’t decelerate at all, and instead moved towards the target even faster.
The streak of light dashed into the heavy fog and disappeared.
The creature that had been hiding in the heavy fog saw a pair of bloody eyes before it launched any attack.
The coldness and thirst for blood in the eyes completely stiffened it.

“Who are you?”

Wickedness and aggression flashed in the bloody eyes.
Then, a most beautiful face appeared in front of the golden eyes.
“As I said, you’re too unworthy to know my name.”

The golden pupils looked at the bloody eyes.
The distant, ancient voice came to a sudden halt, because the aggression from the bloody eyes had prevented it from moving.
It had been tied up by a web of aura.

How was it possible? How could it have been suppressed with its strength? Who was this person?

“You…” The ancient voice echoed again, but before it finished, a fair hand had extended to it.
Despise burst out of the bloody eyes.
“Old fart, if you dare to hurt her, I’ll kill you!”

The hand turned around, and dazzling light flashed.
The golden pupils suddenly narrowed, and the creature’s body that was shrouded in the fog was wriggling crazily, trying to dodge.

You want to run? You’re in my hand.
Where can you possibly run to?”

“Don’t be too outrageous!” Fury flashed in the golden pupils.
This ancient creature was about to burst into an outrage because its dignity had been insulted and the pressure was too strong.
It didn’t know who the person was, but it had never been suppressed like this.
After the initial fury, its golden pupils glittered again.

“This land is under my protection.
She is the trespasser here.
It’s not my fault.
How can you be so unjust?” said the ancient creature in a softer tone, knowing that it couldn’t fight this person head-on.
The bloody eyes were narrowed.
This creature must’ve existed for so long for a good reason.
Besides, as the guardian of this place, it probably knew a lot about this place.
Qu Lanyi thought for a moment, and realized that it was still useful.
However, she couldn’t let it walk away so easily after hurting Fengfeng!

“Ohhhh…” A furious roar, mixed in an air current, suddenly burst out of the heavy fog.
At this moment, Yun Feng, who had been worried, became anxious.
“Qu Lanyi! Qu Lanyi!”

Hearing Yun Feng’s call from the fog, Qu Lanyi curled her lips and withdrew her hand.
Steam was popping up from part of her hand.
She had just ripped a piece of the ancient creature’s shell from its body, leaving a bloody wound on it.

“This is your lesson.” Qu Lanyi smiled.
Her bloody eyes turned black.
She turned around and dashed out of the heavy fog.
The gargantuan creature that was shrouded in the fog trembled hard.
Its scale had been ripped off so easily… Was that person really so strong? How could such a person have appeared here? Remembering how much Qu Lanyi cared about Yun Feng, the creature felt lucky that it didn’t kill that human, otherwise it probably would’ve been killed.

When the slim girl flashed out of the heavy fog, Yun Feng hurriedly ran to her and pulled Qu Lanyi to her, before she looked at her up and down.
“Are you crazy? Are you alright?”

Qu Lanyi didn’t say anything.
She simply smiled with her lips pursed.
After confirming that she was fine, Yun Feng was greatly relieved.
Then, she was puzzled.
“Did that guy not attack you? What happened?”

Qu Lanyi was about to talk, when they heard a vague call from the distant.
“Girl! Where are you?”

Qu Lanyi furrowed her brows sullenly.
Yun Feng, however, pricked her eyes in disbelief with glittering eyes.
“Uncle… Uncle Flirtatious!”

“Who’s Uncle Flirtatious?” Qu Lanyi couldn’t help but ask when she heard the name.
Yun Feng listened attentively and replied, “An old friend.”

Hearing that, Qu Lanyi mumbled, “An old friend…” After confirming that it was indeed Ao Jin’s voice, Yun Feng called out, “Uncle Flirtatious, I’m here!”

There was a moment of silence.
Then, the wall next to Yun Feng suddenly exploded! Both Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi were dumbfounded.
Even the wounded creature was shocked too.
Who had just come here? How did he shatter the wall?

After the wall collapsed, Yun Feng saw the handsome face that hadn’t changed in years.
After Ao Jin came, he fixed his golden eyes on Yun Feng immediately.
Although she looked different from before, he was still able to recognize her!

“Girl, you’re fine!” Ao Jin rushed to her like a tornado.
Both Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi were amazed at his speed.
Without any preparation, Yun Feng had been pulled into his arms and heaved like a kid.
When Ao Jin held her wrist with both hands and lifted her, Yun Feng immediately blushed.

“Release me!”

“Release her!”

Two furious voices sounded at the same time.
Stunned, Ao Jin looked at Yun Feng’s reddened face, and couldn’t move his eyes elsewhere.
He was still holding Yun Feng with both hands.

“Drop the frivolity! Put me down!” said Yun Feng, blushing.
It was truly embarrassing that she had been lifted like a kid!

Ao Jin was still a handsome young man as he always had been.
Although Yun Feng roared several times, Ao Jin didn’t do anything.
Qu Lanyi raised her hand and darted a streak of glittering light to Ao Jin’s hand, only to cause no damage!

Qu Lanyi’s eyes widened.
She carefully observed the man who was still clinging to Yun Feng.
That was not a human!

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