Chapter 347: The Yun Family’s Boundaries (1)

“Brother Yun Sheng, is she alright?” Mu Xiaojin glanced at Qu Lanyi worriedly, and then turned her head.
Qu Lanyi had been fine, until she suddenly turned into a different person.
Mu Xiaojin didn’t know her very well and didn’t dare to approach her at this moment.

Yun Sheng frowned.
He had just spoken to Yun Feng, who must be on her way.
Even he didn’t dare to approach Qu Lanyi at this moment.
He felt like she would go on a rampage if he did.
She carried a suppressed vibe, and if something was brewing and waiting for a point of breakthrough.

“Hey, I didn’t expect to see a pretty girl here! Tsk, tsk.
Not just one, but two!” A flirtatious voice came close, making Yun Sheng frown.

A couple of mobsters drew near.
All the other passers-by kept their distance.
Some looked at Yun Sheng’s team, especially Mu Xiaojin and Qu Lanyi, worriedly.
“Those mobsters are here.
These two girls are really…”

“I hope that the boy is strong… Can’t anyone teach those mobsters a lesson?”

Yun Sheng heard their whispers loud and clear.
As it turned out, those mobsters had been active on this street for a long time, and often took advantage of the folk.
It wasn’t rare for them to flirt with girls in public.

“Little beauty, you seem preoccupied.
How about a smile?” said one of the mobsters teasingly, while staring at Qu Lanyi and drooling.
Qu Lanyi didn’t react at all, as if she didn’t hear anything.

“Is this one deaf? Haha.
Then how about a smile from the other beauty?” The mobsters then put on a dirty smile at Mu Xiaojin, who was nauseated.
“Villains!” she shouted, but it only made the mobsters laugh loudly.

Hahaha! You’re not wrong, little beauty.
We’re villains!” The mobsters stepped up, and were about to push Yun Sheng aside.
However, they retreated their hands, shivering, with twisted expressions.
“What did you do to us, bastard?”

Blueness glowed in Yun Sheng’s hand.
The crowd who were watching the scene were all amazed.
A mage! So this guy was a mage!

“Damn! You think mages are something! Go and beat him up!” The mobsters who were hit by Yun Sheng roared.
They all unleashed their vibes, which made Yun Sheng anxious, as those mobsters were all level-5 warriors.
No wonder they had dominated the street!

Yun Sheng sneered and pulled Mu Xiaojin behind her.
He then shouted at Qu Lanyi, “Qu Lanyi, what are you waiting for? Come here!”

Qu Lanyi didn’t listen.
She simply stood there in silence.
The mobsters all laughed aloud.
“Do you see? This one doesn’t listen to you.
She listens to us!” One of the mobsters approached Qu Lanyi with an obscene smile, and reached for her cheeks, only to cry out in the next second.
“Ouch! It hurts!”

His hand that was trying to touch her had been grabbed tightly.
Qu Lanyi stared at the mobster and curled her red lips, speaking in a hellish low voice.
“You dare to touch me? You want to die today, don’t you?”

The mobster’s hairs all stood up.
He struggled and tried to move away from Qu Lanyi.
Qu Lanyi snorted with disdain on her face.
However, she then quickly changed her facial expression, which shocked the mobster.
“You molested me! Fengfeng, help!”

The mobster trembled.
Before he had the chance to defend himself, he had been smashed to the ground.
So were his partners, who had been knocked down before they could attack.
They all lay on the ground in frustration.

“Damn it, who’s ruining my business? I…” The mobster raised his head and roared, but his face became as pale as pale the next second.
The other mobsters were the same.
They all gazed in the same direction in the sky.
What was the winged man in the sky? Did human beings have wings?

“A-Angel…” The crowd were shocked at everything they saw, and finally came up with a word.
Everybody agreed on the conclusion, and watched the winged man slowly descend.
The girl in his arms dazzled everybody too!

“Is she the angel’s… master?” someone suddenly proposed.
The crowd were rather surprised too.
Did angels have masters? Yun Feng simply ignored the surprised crowd.
After Lan Yi landed, its wings vanished.
Hardly had Yun Feng regained her balance when she noticed that a wind was moving towards her.
She quickly dodged, and Lan Yi even stood in front of her.
However, the wind circumvented Lan Yi and continued moving towards Yun Feng.

“Fengfeng, you’re finally here.
They just molested me…” Qu Lanyi stuck herself to Yun Feng, and held Yun Feng in her arms intimately, even though she was significantly taller than Yun Feng.
The crowd were shocked again.
While the two girls holding each other was quite an enjoyable picture, they did seem inappropriately close…

“Qu Lanyi, get off me!” Yun Feng ran out of patience and roared.
She tried to drag Qu Lanyi off her body, but Qu Lanyi was surprisingly sticky.
No matter how hard Yun Feng tried, she simply wouldn’t let go.
Yun Feng became sullen.
She would’ve forcefully pulled her down if she weren’t worried that it might hurt her!

“Nana!” Meatball shouted in dissatisfaction too, and patted the back of Qu Lanyi’s hand with its furry tail.
Qu Lanyi suddenly raised her head and glanced at Meatball.
Then, Meatball somehow paused, and withdraw its tail.
It simply lay on Yun Feng’s shoulder and kept gazing at Qu Lanyi with its grape-like eyes.

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