It removed its claws, which were covered with fire, slowly from the scorched ground.
The light blue shield in front of Yun Feng dared not relax at all.
Even though Yun Feng was determined to win, she understood that the Fire Cloud Wolf before her was a mutated Magic Beast.
They had just fought for a bit and the place where they were had completely changed.

A lush forest turned into a scorched land in a blink of an eye!

The meatball on Yun Feng’s shoulder didn’t seem to be afraid at all.
Its soft body rubbed hard against her face.
Yun Feng really didn’t know if she should laugh or cry.
She was fighting with a mutated Magic Beast right now and this meatball still looked so relaxed.
They were both Magic Beasts, so maybe it wasn’t scared of a mutated Magic Beast?

“Nana!” The meatball let out some sounds again.
Yun Feng immediately looked nervous.
She couldn’t be distracted at this moment.
She better put this meatball… aside.

Yun Feng had made a decision.
She pulled the meatball, which was constantly rubbing against her cheeks, from her shoulder.
With a thought, the Bracelet of Dimension appeared.
Yun Feng casually threw the meatball inside the Bracelet of Dimension which then vanished.


The Fire Cloud Wolf and Yun Feng confronted each other for a while.
Both of them kept thinking about the strength of the other party.
The Fire Cloud Wolf twisted and turned in its mind.
It was certain about the fact that this little girl in front of it was a level-6 mage, so it might be no match for her in terms of magic.
If it wasn’t carefully enough, it might truly become a Mage in chains that lost all its freedom.
Thinking of this, the caution in the Fire Cloud Wolf’s heart grew higher.


Summoners and mages were the same.
They were all opponents with strong mental strength.
Thinking of this, a glint of thought flashed through the eyes of the Fire Cloud Wolf.
It might not be stronger than her in magic, but if they fought hand-to-hand, this little girl would lose under its hands, undoubtedly!

The mouth of the Fire Cloud Wolf slowly curled up.
Yun Feng also smiled lightly.
How would she not know what this mutated Magic Beast was thinking? Fighting hand-to-hand? Haha, if she were other summoners or mages, this might indeed be her weakness.
However, when the method was applied to her, this Fire Cloud Wolf would be destined to be disappointed.

“Kid! If you want to contract with me, I’ll give you the chance and play with you!”

A smile flashed through Yun Feng’s mind when she heard this, but her face remained expressionless.
Her light blue shield was still here.
Facing a Magic Beast, she couldn’t let down her guard at any time, unless she thought she had lived too long.

“Play with me? Sure! Tell me how we should play.”

The Fire Cloud Wolf saw that Yun Feng didn’t reject the offer and it knew the little girl had fallen into its trap.
There was a touch of pride in its heart.
“We’re both not allowed to use magic.
If you can withstand three attacks from me, I’ll let you contract me.
What do you think?”

Yun Feng smiled joyfully.
This Fire Cloud Wolf seemed to think that everything was going as it planned.
That was great.
She could paralyze the enemy and make a final attack in the end.
The effect would be even more unexpected!


“Alright, no problem.”

Yun Feng’s quick reply made the Fire Cloud Wolf extremely thrilled.
It knew this little girl was a human with no experience in life at first glance.
She didn’t know that this was originally an unfair condition at all.
However, the Fire Cloud Wolf was afraid that Yun Feng would regret.
If the girl discovered its plan and they had to fight with magic, there wouldn’t be a great chance that it would win.

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