Chapter 233: Acting Pretentious (3)

“You fucking kid, how dare you stand in my way!”

Mu Xiaojin closed her eyes abruptly and heard her brother yelling loudly.
Her small body fell on the ground as she trembled.
She was a little panicked at this moment.

“Aren’t you a bit too fiery?” A gentle voice came.
The horse whip that the young man raised stopped in the air and he immediately looked at the person who talked.
When he saw Yun Feng’s face, he couldn’t help but feel startled and fierceness flashed in his eyes again afterwards.

“It’s none of your business.
If you piss me off, I’ll beat you up as well!” The young man said as he lashed the horse whip in his hand abruptly, but he found that his whip seemed to hit a transparent shield.
That girl and this bitch who suddenly came out weren’t injured at all!

“How dare you bully my sister!” Mu Canghai pounced over with anger in his eyes like fire was spouting out of them.
He reached his fist out abruptly and punched the young man on his face firmly.
The young man staggered backwards as he clutched his face in a daze.
“You beat me.
How dare you beat me!”

“I’m beating you!” Mu Canghai shouted with his eyes red and he swung his fist again.
The young man, who had been punched once, suddenly became clever.
His body dodged to the side agilely and also gave a punch rapidly, hitting Mu Canghai’s face.

“Bastard! How dare you hurt me! I’ll kill you first, then rape that bitch and kill her too!”

Mu Canghai’s face was swollen after being punched hard.
Hearing the young man’s arrogant words, the anger in his mind started burning.
The young man’s companions also joined immediately after seeing that and the one-on-one situation instantly turned into a gang fight, with them besieging Mu Canghai.

There were many onlookers at the entrance of Park City, but none of them stepped up to mediate between both sides.
People only looked at Mu Canghai, his sister and Yun Feng a bit worriedly and started discussing with a low voice.

“Those people offended the Young Master of the Huangzu family.
Looks like they’re already dead…”

“Right, ah…”

Yun Feng heard all these whispers in her ears.
For Yun Feng who had reached the Commander Level, no movement could get away from her senses, even though she was very far away.
The Huangzu family? Haha, those five dumbasses on the Shiny Plains were from the Royal Mercenary Group.
It seemed that this young man was also someone of the same quality.
He was as dumb as they were!

Yun Feng looked at the young man and the four men next to him with her black eyes.
Among these five people, the young man who spoke aggressively was a level-5 warrior, while the other four were just level-3 warriors.
They were nothing at all.
However, it was still a bit difficult for Mu Canghai to fight against so many of them.

Yun Feng carefully took Mu Xiaojin to the side and quietly formed an enclosed space around Mu Xiaojin with her mental strength.
As long as it wasn’t a threat of the Commander Level, nobody could hurt Mu Xiaojin!

After doing this, Yun Feng’s body swayed suddenly and directly disappeared in the air.
Among the few people who were fighting chaotically, the young man, who was the leader, only felt that there were several invisible fists hitting him.
Each punch really hit on his body.
No matter how he dodged, the fists still chased after him and didn’t let him go; it was like they had eyes!

The other few companions were also treated like this.
Unlike the young man, the few of them immediately groaned and fell on the ground after taking several punches, looking like they were seriously injured.
Their noses were bruised and their faces were swollen.

The young man suddenly moved his body backwards after seeing this scene and stayed a distance away from Mu Canghai.
There were bruises all over Mu Canghai’s face right now.
Clearly, he suffered quite a lot during the gang fight just then.
The young man stayed away from Mu Canghai and was thinking to see who played dirty clearly, but as soon as he moved half a step away, he felt that his knee was swept by someone.
His legs became weak like jelly and he knelt in front of Mu Canghai with a “plop” sound.

Mu Canghai burst into laughter after seeing that.
“Why? Are you kneeling to apologize?”

The young man made a “bah” sound and immediately got up from the ground.
Before he stood steady, someone kicked his knee again.
He staggered once again and knelt in front of Mu Canghai.

“You’re still kneeling? Knock your head on the ground three times and I’ll think about it.”

Mu Xiaojin watched this scene on the side and couldn’t help widening her eyes curiously.
Looking around again, Yun Feng, who was still next to her just then, was gone.
“Xiao Feng…” Mu Xiaojin yelled, but Yun Feng was nowhere to be seen.

The young man only felt a fire burning in his heart and he scolded as soon as he opened his mouth, “Fuck you! Just wait, bastard! If I don’t kill you and that bitch, I’ll not call myself Huangzu Yelian!”

Mu Canghai turned cold.
Before he did anything, he only heard Huangzu Yelian, who was still shouting just then, scream miserably, “Bah! Which bastard did this? Come out if you have the guts.
Don’t play tricks!”

Both cheeks of Huangzu Yelian had already become swollen completely.
In that moment, he was slapped in the face continuously, which made his originally handsome face swell like a pig and he couldn’t speak clearly as well.

As soon as Huangzu Yelian finished scolding, he felt like his nose was being punched fiercely.
Warm blood flowed down from his nose and those onlookers at the entrance of Park City couldn’t help chuckling softly.

Huangzu Yelian knelt there in panic.
He quickly wiped off the blood on his nose with one hand and put the other on the ground to jump up.
However, before Huangzu Yelian’s body landed on the ground, he felt like his thighs were swept again.
“Crack!” Huangzu Yelian groaned as he knelt on the ground again and couldn’t get up anymore.

When Mu Canghai saw how embarrassed Huangzu Yelian was, the anger in his mind also reduced slightly.
This was how such a jerk should end up! Even though he didn’t know which master helped him again, it was pleasing to see this jerk suffer!

Huangzu Yelian felt like his kneecaps were broken.
The three consecutive kicks hit on the same position with a very fierce force.
After these three kicks, it would be weird if his kneecaps didn’t break! Drops of sweat as large as beans appeared on his forehead.
Huangzu Yelian’s face turned pale, but this hadn’t ended yet!

“Argh!” Huangzu Yelian didn’t only feel the scorching pain from his kneecaps, his spine was also hit hard! Huangzu Yelian lay on the ground messily with a pale face.
His head knocked on the ground fiercely and his clothes were torn, exposing a huge part of his body.

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