1637 The Final Winner (4)

“The one-month deadline is up.
Those who haven’t come out don’t have to come out anymore.” The Second Prince said coldly.
Then, he looked at Yun Feng with a smile.
“What’s the name of this powerhouse?”

Yun Feng smiled gently.
“Lian Yi.”

The Second Prince chuckled.
“Lian Yi[1]? What a good name.
Young Lady Lian’s strength and personality are far from this name.
However, I like it.”

Yun Feng smiled gently and didn’t say anything.
The Second Prince chatted with Lun Sheng again.
Even though Lun Sheng was valued by the Second Prince, there was more or less a hint of awkwardness on his face.
After all, the process of the competition this time was unexpectedly bloody and heartless.

“You’re here.” After waiting for a while, the familiar black-robed figure appeared.
The Second Prince greeted him very kindly when he saw this.
Yun Feng glanced over with her black eyes.
The person of the Blood Souls walked over casually.
The Second Prince said, “This is the final winner of this competition.
What do you think?”

A cold gaze swept over and Lun Sheng inexplicably felt a bit uncomfortable.
Yun Feng stood there indifferently.
The person of the Blood Souls let out a hoarse chuckle.
“Your Highness’s choice is always good.”

“Hahahaha!” The Second Prince burst into laughter.
“I’m very satisfied with the result of the competition this time.
I wonder what kind of person will appear on my brother’s side.”

“Second Prince, why are you in such a hurry? We’ll meet sooner or later.” The person of the Blood Souls said with an extremely hoarse and unpleasant voice.
The black robe on his body slowly dragged on the ground and a coldness came from his body.

“You’re right.
Sooner or later.” The Second Prince’s eyes turned cold.
When he turned around, he was already warm like a spring breeze.
“Guys, come back to the palace with me.
There’ll be plenty of opportunities to put you in an important position in the future.
You must perform well.”

Lun Sheng nodded stiffly, while Yun Feng chuckled.
“Of course.
I’ll work hard.”

The Second Prince was stunned for a moment.
Then, he smiled and didn’t say anything.
The person of the Blood Souls glanced at Yun Feng carefully, then turned around and walked to the Second Prince.
The two of them discussed something in a low voice.
Lun Sheng lowered his voice.
“Young Lady Lian, don’t you think… that person in the black robe is a bit strange?”
Yun Feng raised her brows and looked at Lun Sheng with her black eyes.

Lun Sheng was startled.
He wanted to say something else, but Yun Feng had already walked forward with a smile.
Lun Sheng looked at her back in shock.
Why did he feel a faint excitement coming from her? Young Lady Lian… Did something good happen?

The King’s Inspection of Zhuangning City came to a conclusion in just one month.
Yun Feng and Lun Sheng became the dark horses this time.
There were all kinds of surprises in Zhuangning City.
The few powerhouses that everyone thought highly of earlier were gone.
Seeing the Second Prince’s smile and extremely satisfied look, the crowd guessed that these two people were indeed quite capable.

Yun Feng and Lun Sheng followed the Second Prince back to Zhuangning City.
Even though it had been more than a month, there was still a sea of people when they returned.
Sang Yue was extremely happy to see Lun Sheng.
After knowing that he got the first place, she was even more delighted.
After a while, Yun Feng and Lun Sheng would follow the Second Prince to the capital.
After settling things in Zhuangning City, Yun Feng wondered what would happen in Huangqi.

Yun Feng and Lun Sheng stayed in the place the Second Prince asked them to stay.
There was someone to wait on them.
Sang Yue looked delighted.
After coming to the designated place, she was even more delighted.
The two of them lived in the connected courtyard.
They were separated by a wall and it was convenient for them to walk around.
However, Yun Feng didn’t have any intention of contacting Lun Sheng and the others after staying here.
She didn’t go out at all.

“Brother Lun Sheng, I knew you were the best!”

Lun Sheng chuckled.
After all, he was still a bit guilty in his mind.
The more he thought about the pharmaceutical situation that day, the more he felt that something was wrong.
Lun Sheng knew his level of ability.
Such a tricky formula succeeded so smoothly in the last time that it was a bit unrealistic.
After thinking about it, Lun Sheng always thought that someone helped him, but he couldn’t figure out who exactly helped him.

He wanted to talk to Yun Feng, but Yun Feng didn’t show up even once.
Lun Sheng couldn’t help but feel a bit uncomfortable.
Young Lady Lian had always been cold.
How could she be so cold… Were all the Magic Beasts of the Sea Clan like this?

“Brother Lun Sheng, what are you thinking about?” Sang Yue found it a bit strange that Lun Sheng had been silent.
Lun Sheng smiled lightly.
I just remembered that Young Lady Lian doesn’t seem to have shown up.”

Sang Yue pouted.
“Isn’t it better if she doesn’t show up? She doesn’t look easy to get close to.
I’ll feel uncomfortable if she really shows up.”

“Sang Yue.” Lun Sheng scolded her softly.
Sang Yue chuckled.
“Brother Lun Sheng has such achievements today.
Our family must be thrilled for you! As long as you can be put in an important position by the Second Prince, you can be considered to have survived…”

Lun Sheng’s black eyes darkened slightly.
Thinking of the Second Prince’s seemingly gentle but actually vicious methods, Lun Sheng felt a bit regretful.
“Haha, yes, you’re right.” He looked in Yun Feng’s direction with his black eyes and sighed softly in his mind.
He turned his gaze back and didn’t think about anything else.

At this moment, Yun Feng was staying in her room and communicating with Qu Lanyi.
The competition on the First Prince’s side was in the final stage.
Qu Lanyi was extremely bored.
After knowing that Yun Feng was done, he immediately said, “Now that it’s over, it’s time to come and see me.”

Yun Feng smiled and didn’t say anything.
Qu Lanyi’s voice came.
“The people of the Blood Souls have already left Zhuangning with the Second Prince.
Why are you staying there? There’s still some time anyway.
I miss you, Fengfeng.”

Yun Feng raised the corners of her mouth helplessly.
Meatball on her shoulder widened its mouth in disdain.
“Lanyi, I…”

“I have nothing to do anyway.
The First Prince knows that the competition in Zhuangning City ended early and is very angry.
He’s throwing a tantrum.”

“Hey, who are you talking to?” A weak voice came from the Sound Transmission Jade.
Yun Feng was shocked! Her heart suddenly sank! Meatball also narrowed its eyes fiercely and stared at the Sound Transmission Jade, sweeping its tail back and forth.

“Fengfeng?” Seeing that Yun Feng didn’t reply, Qu Lanyi asked.
Yun Feng sneered.
“I think you’re quite happy there.
You’re not as bored as you claim.”

The Sound Transmission Jade suddenly fell silent.
Then, a smiling voice came.
“Rather than believing that, why don’t you see it with your own eyes so that you can be at ease?” Whether it was intentional or not, the soft voice came again just then.
Yun Feng’s face darkened when she heard that.
She suddenly cut off the connection with the Sound Transmission Jade.
She sat there with deep black eyes and unusual emotions kept rolling in her heart.

[1] ripples


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