The next couple of months were constant meetings with John and Claire as they talked through what they had envisioned for their big day. Everything from flower arrangements, colors, dishes, decorations, photography, and fittings were discussed. The amount of planning Abigail had to do exhausted her every day, but she loved every minute of it. She knew her brother was only getting one marriage and she wanted to make it perfect for him.

Abigail had meetings with the chefs once a week to discuss developments, every day with the designer and occasionally Claire would stop by. She had meetings twice a week with the sound system to select all the music and work through the queues. John wanted a short slideshow, so Abigail had to collect pictures and hire a programmer. She was her own florist and arrangements so she had to repetitively make sure all the flowers are growing steadily until the day comes. She also had to find backup flowers for unexpected situations. All the while, she still had to keep up with the housekeeping duties in Penrose. Before she knew it, only a week was left before the actual date.

John and Claire were very busy with their fitting this last week while Abigail looked over the flowers and made sure there was enough.

She had gone down to the garden and designated specific plants by staging an orange flag next to them. She had just come back into the house for a meeting with the chefs when Butler Henry stopped her just outside the kitchen.

”Missy, Mr. Barrington wanted you to tidy up the Young Masters bedroom and put fresh flowers for his return. ”

As soon as she heard this, her world halted for a second. The smile from seeing Butler Henry subsided. Did she hear him correctly?

”Return for what? ” The sudden statement came out as surprised and almost rude.

Butler Henry cocked his head as if he heard her wrong. ”For the…wedding? ”

Abigails mouth opened into an ”Ah! ” as if it was just a clumsy mistake of hers.

”I can have Harriet change the bedsheets, the curtains, and bring fresh flowers from the greenhouse– ”

”Mr. Barrington was very specific that you must tend to it. ”

Damn it!

Abigail wet her lips and looked behind Butler Henry where the swinging doors to the commercial kitchen were just a few feet away. She was so close but it just had to. They were supposed to have the last meeting about the reception and updates on the china plates. She picked her fingers at her side so hard that it hurt.

”If you will, Missy, please. ”

Abigail turned to her right where Mr. Barrington is descending the back staircase of beautiful mahogany and gold balusters in another knitted sweater and dress pants. This time, he was holding a book in hand and had his glasses on.

”I just felt that the whole house will be covered in wedding adornments and preparations. You are the best person to fill Lucas in if he were to have any questions. Of course, I would have the event coordinator do it, but that happened to be you. Im sorry to give you more duties, darling. Do you mind? ”

Abigail took a deep breath and forced a smile that wouldn disappoint the Master.

”Of course not. Usually, Harriet would clean the Young Masters quarters. I will have to apologize ahead of time if I am unfamiliar and missed anything. ”

”Youll do great, Little Missy. ” Mr. Barrington accepted Butler Henrys greeting before turning around and disappearing under the stairs.

Abigail asked Butler Henry to assist in dismissing her meeting with the chefs as she attempted to head towards the Young Masters quarters. He resided on the top floor with the entire left wing belonging only to him. She would have to change out some of the decorations into the wedding theme, some furniture, some of his outfits, all of the curtains, and all of the bedsheets. It took her almost two days just to change his living quarters to match the wedding theme. With only three days left, she was glad she was almost finished with this duty as she went in there one last time to put in new suits and dress shoes.

Abigail flicked on the switch and entered the massive walk-in closet. She wheeled in a rack of multiple black garment protector bags on hangers. Underneath the hangers were boxes of newly ordered dress shoes of the finest quality. She had taken out the old stuff an hour earlier, making it easier for her just to put the new clothes in.

When she finished, she stepped back and gave the room one last look to see if anything was out of place or missing. It was at this moment that she noticed an old leather-bound book on one of the shelves of binders. It was thin, sitting upright and standing out like a sore thumb amongst the crisp, shiny, plastic covers of the binders. This leather book hidden in the closet while the Young Master hadn been home in three years became very intriguing.

The shelf where it sat was a little high, but it might be just within reach if she tiptoed. She pressed her body against the shelf and reached her fingers high above her head. Wiggling her body up some more, she could feel the book on her fingertips.

”Stealing? ”

A deep, rich voice from behind startled her. She quickly turned around but her eyes went large when they met a pair of piercing ocean-blue orbs. Her chest tightened and her breath caught in her throat. Of course, everyone had failed to mention to her when the Young Master would be back today, and she had completely forgotten to ask herself.

Lucas had slick auburn hair like his father, large almond eyes, seductive lashes, high cheekbones, and a sharp square jawline. He stood towering and masculine with broad shoulders. Right now, hes in a full black suit with a thin stubble of hair around his chin. Hes leaning a shoulder against the entrance of the closet with his hands up as hes unbuttoning a cuff. The whole image of him was godly and drool-worthy, but Abigail knew the real side of the Barringtons gorgeous Young Master.

”Im sorry. I was just– ”

”Going through my stuff? ”

Shes caught. She bit her lip and swallowed roughly. Her heartbeat is accelerating. She had not expected to see Lucas until the day of the wedding. It really was a shock to see him like this after three years.

”I wanted to make sure everything was okay before your arrival. I wasn expecting you so soon. ”

There was a short moment of deafening silence where Lucas was eyeing his wrist as he finished unbuttoning one and started the other. He took a deep breath and a muscle jumped in his jaw.

”Hm, ” he first said with a skeptical look. ”I have my own private jet and can come and go as I please. So tell me, what were you expecting? ”

After he finished both sleeves, he blinked and locked eyes with her. There was power and dominance in his eyes as if they could command her. He grabbed the knot of his tie and yanked vigorously but flawlessly, almost as if to intimidate her.

Abigail realized she had stopped breathing ever since she turned around and saw him. His tall silhouette and dark mood had always frightened her so she wouldn dare anger him.

e right. Im sorry. ”

Lucas leaned away from the doorway and started taking large strides toward her. There was an island in the middle of the room that separated them. She thought he was going to cross around the island and approached her. This small thought with his unpredictable personality made her wobble backward in slight terror. Fortunately, he stopped at the island and opened a top drawer.

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