What! ” I shrieked as father gave me the so-called ig news.

”You can be serious! ” I was practically yelling.

”Lucinda calms down, ” Father said and raked his fingers through his already tousled hair. We were currently in his office and by we I meant my father, my nanny and I.

”Don **ing tell me to calm down. You just killed me. Uh.. in case you didn know Lorenzo is out for my neck. Besides Im freaking 25 now. I think I should choose who Ill get married to!! ” I flared and got up from the chair.

”Lucinda Romano mind your tongue. ” Nanny Paula said. She was a really sweet lady who was a billion years old and whom I consider a grandma.

” Lucy, our mafias are in danger. We have to do this to save it or else we are all dead. ” Father with hints of pleadings tone. He normally looked so cold yet reserved it was impossible to see him look like this.

”When was this arrangement made? ” I asked through clenched teeth. Mother looked finally relaxed when she realized I had no option.

”Well about 6 months ago.. but this is why we brought you here. No one knows about this, just Paula you, The Berlusconis, and I. And when Adrienna comes, we tell her. About 7 people so please keep your mouths shut until the wedding is over. aye? ” Father warned with narrowed eyes.

”And why keep this a secret? ” I asked and got up to pour myself a glass of whiskey. Nanny looked at me with disappointment but I didn give two **s.

”We want to take Vladimir by surprise. I believe you have met him before? ” Father asked his eyes following my every move.

I replied with a simple nod and downed all the whiskey. I closed my eyes from the burning sensation. My meeting with Vladimir wasn exactly pleasant. One could call it erh… Deadly?

”We need to make Vladimir feel like he is strong and just when he poses a bigger threat we squash him! ” Father exclaimed looking a little bit dreamy.

Just then the doors to the office flared open. I didn even turn to check how who it was.

”Adrianna I thought I taught you better! ” Nanny scolded. She has been doing that for a while now and its getting annoying.

”No time Nana. What is this Im hearing? ” She asked going straight to the point.

Adrianna Ricci was like a sister to me. She practically was. My father found her in one of the cells in the dungeons of his safe house. Not knowing how she got there, he took her in. She was one year older than me though but we still bonded. She was about 6 feet tall with hazel brown eyes. Her hair was raven black but when she stood at a certain area it appeared violet.

I on the other hand had scorching brown hair, and pale grey irises and was about five foot nine inches tall.

One thing Adriana and I shared in common when it came to physical appearance was our olive-tanned skin. It was flawless.

I poured a drink for her and passed it to her. She didn look happy about the news.

”Is it true? ” She asked venomously and gulped everything all at once. Nana shook her head but Adrianna couldn care less.

”How did you hear? ” Father asked narrowing his eyes.

”Thats all everyone is talking about here! ” She yelled.

Father thought for a while and made a call. Adrianna and I discussed how bad this was and how it cannot be taken lightly and Nanny tried to calm us down.

”Go get dressed we are heading off to the Berlusconi mansion ” Father commanded.

What! Shit!

”But father- ” Adrianna started but father cut her off with a glare

”I want no comments. Go, get dressed, and come down. ” Father said in a clipped tone. Whenever he got pissed or angry his Italian accent just flowed heavily and itd just give you shivers.

Adriana and I nodded in sync and walked out of the office.

I scoffed and Adrianna huffed. This was our worst nightmare coming true.

Almost 5 years ago we had, well lets just say an intimate experience between the boys and us were shared. And I kinda stole something from him. So low… I know but it was valuable.

”Meet you down here in 5. ” She said with a smile that didn reach her eyes. She ran up the stairs before I could say anything.

No that I would. I guess she knew the shit we were in.

I sighed and nodded to no one in particular. I headed upstairs to my room and picked up my usual clothes. Black-tee, black skinny trousers, and black leather jacket. Call me an emo girl. I didn care. It was my style

I was only thinking of how I would escape Lorenzo if we were left alone. After a while, I heard nanna call my name from downstairs. Damn the woman could yell!

I sighed.

I wished we wouldn make it there or something but I guess we had no choice.

After all the mafia matters right?

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