The girl bit her lip, lowered her head slightly, her cheeks were a little smoky pink, her clear black eyes were slightly widened, and her two hands hanging by her side were restless, as if she was trying to restrain her embarrassment.


She is like a precious and lovely gift hidden in pink rose paper.


Jiang Yu's eyes froze.


“Sister?” Seeing that she was not moving, Cheng Suran called out cautiously, then realized something, lowered her head slightly, and shook her nightgown.


The gift with the wrapping removed, reveals itself.


She is very white, although she is thin, she is not dry and thin, she looks like a small lychee with its shell peeled off under the bright light.


Jiang Yu's throat tightened and she took a sip of his wine.


The cool liquid is sweet with a little sourness.


Suddenly, she stretched out her long arms, grabbed the girl's wrist, and with a little force, she pulled her into her side, and expertly hooked her tightly.


When she sniffed lightly, she smelled the pure milk aroma, like hugging a fluffy and warm cotton.


She should be very comfortable to hold and sleep at night.


“Can you drink?” Jiang Yu asked softly, as if she was not in a hurry to get to the point.


Cheng Suran was so nervous that her heart was beating wildly, she clasped her shoulders with both hands, and answered honestly: “I drank beer once when I was a child…it's not good.”


“Would you like to drink some red wine with sister?”




“It's sweet.”




Once she was told it was sweet, Cheng Suran felt less resistant, and even wanted to try it.
Seeing that there was only one glass in Jiang Yu's hand, she sensibly wanted to go down, “I'll bring another glass.”


“No need,” Jiang Yu hugged her tightly, holding the glass to her lips with the other hand, “Drink here.”


The glass contained a small amount of scarlet blood-like liquid.


Intense, warm, enchanting.


Like love and lust.


Cheng Suran lowered her eyes and raised them again, looking at Jiang Yu uncertainly, “Do you…


“I do not mind.”




Cheng Suran lowered her head and smelled it.
It seemed to be a faint fruity fragrance, fresh and sweet, mixed with the smell of tobacco or leather, and the smell of alcohol was slightly strong, which was a bit offensive.


She took a sip tentatively.


The thick sweetness hit her taste buds in an instant, and the slight sourness and astringency melted away.
The smell of alcohol flooded into her nasal cavity, and she swallowed it suddenly, her throat turned cold.


“How is it?” Jiang Yu brushed the hair from her forehead.


Cheng Suran showed a surprised smile and nodded again and again: “It's delicious, like a beverage”


After speaking, she took another two sips.


The small dimples on her cheeks became fuller.


There is not much wine in the glass, just three or five sips.
Jiang Yu watched her act like drinking water, couldn't help laughing, reached for the big bottle, and added another half a glass for her, “Don't drink too much, be careful you'll get drunk—”


…and fall into the jaws of a tiger.


She didn't say the second half of the sentence.


This sweet red, it initially tasted like a beverage; sour and sweet, the more you drink it, the more you want to drink it, but its 19% alcohol, half a cup is enough to make people who are not strong enough, drunk.


A little pre-dinner wine before enjoying the meal can not only add to the fun, but also relieve the tension of her little friend.
Everything is natural and makes the “dinner” more delicious.


A sly look flashed across Jiang Yu's eyes, and she just looked at her quietly.


After a while, Cheng Suran gradually felt her face was hot.
Her head was a little dizzy, and her heartbeat became clearer.


“Elder sister……”




“I feel hot.” She muttered in a low voice, subconsciously trying to grab her collar as she spoke, but raised her hand only to touch the ends of her hair.


Jiang Yu took the glass away, put it in her ear and whispered, “You can't drink any more, little friend.”


“Hmm.” Cheng Suran tilted her head and leaned against her actively.


Jiang Yu caressed the girl's hot face, slowly moved his fingertips back, pressed the back of her head, lifted her chin slightly, and pressed it gently.


The room fell silent.


Perhaps it was the effect of alcohol, Cheng Suran felt her heart beating faster and faster, as if an electric current had surged through her, and paralyzed her brain nerves.
Like a fish thirsty for water, she threw herself into the embrace of Jiang Yu's vast ocean.


It wasn't until the air became thinner that it was possible to breathe again.




She took the initiative to hug her.


Not only the face, but her whole head is slowly burning up, it is a bit heavy, and her eyelids are also heavy.
She leaned against Jiang Yu's arms, and her moist black eyes were stained with confusion.


“Are you really ready?” Jiang Yu rubbed the girl's smooth hair, lowered his coaxing voice, “If not, I can continue to wait, sister is willing to give you time.”


As she spoke, she couldn't help but kiss the little brown mole again.


Can't wait.


She can't wait.


Cheng Suran shook her head vigorously and firmly, “I'm really ready…” She took the initiative to hug Jiang Yu and lowered her head to touch those lips.


Inexperienced, unskilled, clumsy and raw


But this dodder-like clinging is really tickling her heart.


The alcohol made her movements a little sluggish, but her consciousness was clear.
Cheng Suran tried her best to recall what she had learned.
There were a lot of things that looked simple but were difficult to practice.
She tried several times, but still couldn't figure it out.


Seeing her anxious and confused look, Jiang Yu's heart softened, and there was a bit of tenderness in her eyes.


She just remembered feeling this way for a long time.


And the last time was when she was seriously in love with her ex-girlfriend.  Almost ten years.


“Sister…” Cheng Suran blushed and left her lips, “What should I do?”


“Is this considered ready?” Jiang Yu raised her head and chuckled, stretched out her index finger and tapped the girl's nose, intending to tease her.


Cheng Suran buried her face in her hair in shame.


Jiang Yu took a deep breath, leaned his head close to the girl's ear, “Sister will teach you.”


The light in the bedroom was dim and the curtains were completely open.
Outside, there were tall buildings and city lights, which cut off the hustle and bustle, leaving only a mountain fire.


The desk lamp casts overlapping shadows on the wall.






Cheng Suran blushed up to her ears, Jiang Yu hugged her, and grabbed the ankle tied with a small silver lock with one hand, so thin that she couldn't hold it.


The dim yellow light brightened the flames in her eyes.


The beauty of a young sister is that she is young and pure, clings to you like a newborn lamb, relies on you, trusts you, and you, like a clay figurine, can mold them to be whatever you like.
You will always be in their hearts.
Leaving your own mark.


She is obsessed with this game and never tires of it.


The night was getting dark.


Cheng Suran curled up in Jiang Yu's warm embrace, breathing slowly, her breathing and heartbeat returned to calm, her eyelids drooped heavily, sleepiness captured her.


The whole world seems to have sunk into the bottom of the sea, deep and silent without any light.


She smelled the delicate fragrance of Jiang Yu's body, and felt fully safe.
When she was about to fall asleep, she murmured: “Today…
I discovered that sister is a very good model.”


The sound stopped abruptly.


Jiang Yu waited quietly for a few seconds, and the sound of light and even breathing came from her ears.
When she opened her eyes, she found that the kid had already fallen asleep.


In the darkness, she had a smile on her brow, but her eyes were cold.


The next day, when the sun shone on her waist, Cheng Suran woke up slowly from her sleep.


She was extremely drunk and tired last night, and she slept so comfortably this time that she forgot the time.
She lay on the bed staring at the ceiling for a while, and suddenly remembered that school had started, and hurriedly got up.


She was the only one on the large 1.8 meter double bed.


The place beside her was empty and cold.


Thinking of last night, Cheng Suran blushed, lowered her head repeatedly, then raised her head again, she looked around and saw the pink nightgown at the end of the bed.




That night, her sister's gentle voice was still in her ears, she kept asking and comforting, and it was everywhere, making people unable to resist.
It satisfied her perfect fantasy and let her know that it's not that no one cares about her feelings, but that she has never met that person before.


A tiny seed falls into the soil…


She bit her lower lip, her eyes were filled with shame, and there was a hint of sweetness in her heart.


After sitting for a while, Cheng Suran got up and put on her nightgown, went back to her bedroom to get her mobile phone, and checked the time, it was eight minutes past ten.
She was relieved to remember that classes don't start until tomorrow.


WeChat has several unread messages.


While reading, she turned and went into the bathroom, stood in front of the mirror, ready to wash, when she looked up, she was startled by herself in the mirror.


Her neckline is densely packed with marks, not deep, like mosquito bites that has been scratched.




At this time the phone vibrated.


Jiang Yu transferred 30,000 yuan, and then sent two more text messages:




 [Good performance last night.]

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