Chapter 86 – A Body Like Water and Clouds, the Charm of the Mists

The purple-robed youth felt the urge to jeer, but out of consideration for his bearing and propriety, he simply smiled faintly, put on an air of magnanimity, and went up to greet them.
“Su Yi, the wise know when to go with the flow.
I’m pleased that you realized your mistakes and decided to return.
I won’t linger on that earlier unpleasantness, so you shouldn’t take it to heart either.”

Yuan Luoxi and the others were stunned, and their expressions went a bit strange. Why does this guy think so highly of himself?

Su Yi pointed to the stairwell.
“Trouble has already come knocking.
Young Master Zhili, you’d best be careful.”

WIth that, he returned to his chair by the railing, gazed at the distant river shrouded in darkness, and sank into thought.

He feared tonight wouldn’t be peaceful.

Trouble? The purple-robed youth frowned, then glanced at Zhang Duo.
“Go take a look.”

“Your High—….
Please be careful sir.” Zhang Duo hesitated, then leaped into action.

The youth then turned his gentle gaze toward Yuan Luoxi.
“Miss Yuan, I said it earlier: so long as I’m around, this is the safest place on the entire tower ship!”

But how could she possibly be in the mood to waste words with him?

Just as she was about to leave, a woman carrying a swaddled infant hurried over, her words flowing out in a panic.

“I have to go downstairs! My husband is on the eighth floor….”

The purple-robed youth frowned, then went up to stop her.
“It’s dangerous downstairs.
Listen to me: you and your child will be safest if you remain here.”

The woman had kept her head lowered this entire time, but she suddenly looked up, a hint of a cold smile on her lips.
“That so?”

As she spoke, a dagger emerged from the bundle she clutched to her chest.
She grabbed it by the hilt and viciously stabbed the youth right in the stomach. 

She was unquestionably an experienced assassin.
Her disguise was on point, but more than that, her movements and bearing were no different from an ordinary woman’s. 

Yet when she struck, she was fast, arrogant, and ruthless!

The purple-robed youth bent at the waist and clutched his side, staggering backward.
Shock and bewilderment were written all over his face.

“You’re seeking death!” Cheng Wuyong wasn’t far away, and when he realized what was happening, his eyes glinted.
He swung at the woman, but her nimbleness far exceeded his expectations.
She dodged, reappearing nearby.

She’d tossed the “swaddled infant” she’d used to disguise herself away, but she didn’t look happy; on the contrary, her expression was grave and unsightly.

“Young Master Zhili, are you alright?” asked Cheng Wuyong gravely. 

Huang Qianjun and Yuan Luoxi had only just realized what had happened, and they broke out in cold sweats.

Neither of them had sensed the woman’s assassination attempt!

Su Yi sat not far away, minding his own business.
He merely glanced at the woman, then looked away.

The woman had seized the perfect opportunity to make her assassination attempt; she timed it for just after Zhang Duo left his master’s side. 

Without Zhang Duo to protect him, there was nothing the youth could do to stop such an assassination attempt.

Unfortunately for her, the woman still failed. 

It wasn’t that she wasn’t capable enough.
Her dagger was just too low quality…

“I’m fine,” said the young man in purple.
His brow was covered in sweat, but he was alive and well.
“With the Golden Nephrite Rainbow Armor to protect me, even ordinary spiritual weapons can’t hurt me.”

And indeed, when the crowd looked over, they saw that although the dagger had torn through the youth’s clothes, he wasn’t injured, and there was no trace of blood.

“Your Highness!” Zhang Duo dashed over like a gust of wind, shock, rage, and concern written all over his face.

“I’m fine.” The purple-robed youth took a deep breath, and his expression darkened.
“I just wouldn’t have thought that would-be murderers lurked on the ninth-floor terrace!”

He turned his gaze towards the woman, icy and intimidating. 

Against all expectations, the woman didn’t shrink back or flee.
She merely crossed her arms and sighed.
“And I wouldn’t have guessed the Sixth Highness had spiritual artifact flexible armor on under those robes.”

Many of those nearby retreated in panic; this scene left all of them too startled to draw near.

“‘Sixth Highness’? You….
You’re…..” Yuan Luoxi clasped her hand to her lips, and her beautiful eyes widened.

The Sixth Highness!

This was a title reserved for either kings hailing from the imperial family, the emperor’s brothers, or the current emperor’s direct descendants!

Judging from the purple-robed youth’s age, he was most likely the latter!

Huang Qianjun went rigid, and his eyes widened in disbelief. That braggart is actually an imperial prince!?

Even Cheng Wuyong’s expression changed as waves of shock coursed through his heart.

The Cloudriver Prefecture was one of the six prefectures of the Imperatorial Province.
It was in the Great Zhou Dynasty’s southwestern territory, far removed from the Jade Capital at the heart of the Sky Province.

From their perspective, Yujing, the Jade Capital, was far, far away.

But now, a prince of the imperial family was standing right in front of them.
It was easy to imagine the extent of their shock.

“He really is trouble.
Big trouble.” Su Yi furrowed his brow.

Whoever these people were, they dared assassinate a prince of the imperial family.
It was easy to imagine just how great a storm this incident would stir up!

And it was highly likely that they’d all get dragged into this mess through no fault of their own.

But before long, Su Yi’s brow relaxed.
He couldn’t be bothered to worry about this.

If trouble came knocking at his door, he’d just swing his sword around and be done with it.

“Everyone, I apologize for hiding my status earlier, but this expedition was supposed to remain a secret.
Who’d have thought these crooks would set their sights on me anyway?”

The youth grimaced, but the way Yuan Luoxi and Huang Qianjun looked at him had clearly already changed.
They dared not be as impudent as before.

Su Yi noticed this, but said nothing.

At the end of the day, this was the Great Zhou Dynasty’s territory.
Everything was subject to imperial authority.
Never mind Yuan Luoxi and the others; even Martial Dao Grandmasters would have to be respectful.

Thud thud thud!

Footsteps rang out, and a group emerged from the stairwell.

The leader was the same scholarly middle-aged man who’d blocked Su Yi’s path earlier.

A group of black-robed, masked figures followed him.
Only their eyes were visible, but they looked strong, and all of them emanated vicious murderous intent.

“We must have startled you, Sixth Highness.” The middle-aged scholar approached with a smile.
“Zhang Yiren and his subordinates are busy fighting for their lives; they have no time to spare worrying about others.
Our people are restricting those three subordinates of yours too.
I’m afraid only Zhang Duo is left to protect you.”

He paused, then continued, “Sixth Highness, if you know what’s good for you, please hand it over.
I guarantee that if you do, we’ll turn and leave here and now.”

“Who sent you?” The purple-robed youth asked, his expression cold as ice.

The scholarly middle-aged man sighed.
“To tell the truth, I’m wondering the same thing.
Just who spent such a vast sum to hire us? It was too tempting an offer to resist despite knowing capture might very mean death for our entire families.
We would never have agreed to such a dangerous undertaking otherwise.”

“Someone hired you?” The purple-robed youth’s brow knit together.
“How much did they spend? I can give you double.
All you have to do is leave right now.
If you do, I swear on my name that I won’t pursue this matter.”

The middle-aged scholar laughed and shook his head.
“Sixth Highness, no need to stall for time.
I’ll count to three.
If you don’t hand it over, don’t blame me for my poor manners.”

“One.” He extended a finger, his expression calm.

The men in black behind him clenched their weapons, ready to strike.
Tension filled the air, so thick, you could cut it with a knife.

“Is there really no room to negotiate?” The purple-robed youth frowned, but although his expression was unsightly, he wasn’t panicking.

The middle-aged man didn’t even dignify this with a response.
His lips parted, and he said, “Two.”

By now, Yuan Luoxi, Huang Qianjun, and Cheng Wuyong felt the tension too.
They inwardly cried out.

If possible, I would have preferred not to have learned that purple-robed youth’s true identity.

This is just great.
If something happens to His Sixth Highness, how can we just stand back and watch?

If the Great Zhou Dynasty’s imperial family blamed them for their inaction, it would inevitably implicate their families and factions too!

Master Su was right, Yuan Luoxi sighed to herself. This guy is a walking disaster. The most dangerous part of the ship is whatever part he’s in!

But for some reason, when she saw Su Yi sitting comfortably and at ease not far away, she felt reassured. With Master Su here, what’s there to be afraid of?

As she thought this, Yuan Luoxi adjusted her posture, standing more upright than before.

Meanwhile, before the middle-aged man could say “three”, the purple-robed youth shouted, “Martial Aunt Qing Jin, if you wait any longer, I’m afraid I’m really done for!”

His voice boomed throughout the darkness.

Everyone was stunned.

Immediately afterward, a lazy, yet uniquely magnetic feminine voice rang out.
“Hmph! What are you carrying on about? The fighting hasn’t started yet, has it?”

A flash of movement accompanied her voice, and before the crowd knew what was happening, a slender figure stood before them.

Her eyes were bright and sharp as knives, and her dark hair was tied back in a ponytail, revealing her exquisitely beautiful face.

Her fair skin was as smooth and unblemished as porcelain, and her simple white clothes did little to obscure her winsome figure.
The fabric nevertheless outlined her shocking curves.

She carried a jade circlet in one hand, a pot of wine in the other as she slumped lazily.
Her bearing was rather unique, but she had quite the presence.

The crowd’s gazes converged on her.
Most had never seen someone so stunning. 

Yuan Luoxi couldn’t help but mutter, “What a pretty big sister!”

“You’ve got good taste!” Qing Jin gave her a thumbs up, her full red lips curving into an intoxicating smile.

In a rare display of bashfulness, Yuan Luoxi blushed, then averted her gaze, not daring to meet Qing Jin’s eyes.

Huang Qianjun’s heart pounded in his chest. This woman is monstrous…..
How could any ordinary man withstand her charms!?

Even Su Yi couldn’t help but take a second glance at Qing Jin.
He was a bit stunned. A body of water and cloud with the mysterious charm of the mist.
I wouldn’t have guessed that the Great Zhou was home to a natural-born Spiritmist Jade Physique.
It’s included in ‘the Heavens’ Guide to Spiritual Physiques’, although admittedly only in the low eighth-tier.
Still, for a mundane nation like this, that’s already quite rare 

Numerous exceptional spiritual physiques existed in this world, and their owners typically blossomed into talents whose radiance far exceeded their peers.

The strongest such physiques included the Nine Yang Solar Physique, the Five Elements Physique, Sword Bone Spirit Embryos, Lightning War Physiques, among others.
All were heaven-defying existence. 

Even in the Nine Provinces of the Wilds, they were as rare as qilin horns and phoenix feathers.
Ten thousand years might pass without a single such individual appearing. 

But the girl the purple-robed youth had just called “Martial Aunt Qing Jin” had a natural Spiritmist Jade Physique!

This spiritual physique was as soft and ethereal as the clouds, with a spirituality as pure as mist.
Talent like this was enough to warrant calling her a “little monster”!

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