Chapter 79 – Roast Chicken and Pear Blossom Brew

The night was cool and tranquil.
Moonlight bathed the world below.

The occasional burst of uproar emanated from the distant alleyways, but this only further offset the peace and quiet of the courtyard.

Just as Su Yi’s thoughts raced, someone knocked at his gate.

“Young Lord Su, are you home?” Zhang Yuanxing’s voice sounded from just outside the courtyard.

Su Yi rose, opened the doors, and saw Zhang Yuanxing standing there with a pot of wine and a roast chicken. The ever-present, black-hatted Uncle Xiong was with him as usual.

“Might I ask why you’re here?” asked Su Yi.

“Doesn’t sharing a drink and conversation on a beautiful night like this sound grand?” As he said this, Zhang Yuanxing strolled right into the courtyard, a broad grin on his face.
He looked around, then nodded.
“It’s a bit crude, but it's nice and quiet.”

Zhang Yuanxing set the wine and chicken on the stone table beneath the old locust tree, then sat on one of the stone benches and smiled.
“Please take a seat, Young Lord Su.”

He really made himself right at home, huh? Su Yi didn’t call him out on it, though.
He took two wine glasses and sat across from Zhang Yuanxing.

“I brought this wine from home.
It’s called ‘Pear Blossom Brew’, and it’s made from the first pear blossoms of spring steeped in spiritual spring water.
Thirty-six varieties of spiritual medicine are infused into the liquid, which is then sealed and aged in clay vats for nine years.
Even back at home, we only bring this out to entertain our most distinguished guests.”

As he said this, Zhang Yuanxing opened the wine, and a clear fragrance immediately permeated the night sky. When Zhang Yuanxing poured the wine into the two cups, the liquid was crystal-clear and a faint, translucent amber.
It reflected the moon and emanated a hint of spiritual light.

“Cheers.” Zhang Yuanxing smiled and toasted Su Yi, a boastful smile on his face. He trusted that with Su Yi’s keen powers of observation, he’d be able to sense how exceptional this Pear Blossom Brew was.

But against all expectations, Su Yi remained quite calm.
“Young Master Zhang, I’m afraid you aren’t just here for a drinking partner.
Why not tell me what you’re really here for? There’s no reason we can’t drink after we finish our business.” 

This Pear Blossom Brew really was an excellent wine, but that was by the standards of the mundane world.

Alas, it was light years away from the immortal brews and exquisite ambrosias Su Yi had savored in his past life.
How could something like this move him?

Zhang Yuanxing might seem personable, but in truth, he was blatantly showing off.

The funny part was, he didn’t even realize it.
Zhang Yuanxing froze, then set down his glass.
“It’s nothing major.
I just wanted to ask about what happened in Mother Ghost Ridge.”

“Didn’t you learn all that a long time ago?” asked Su Yi.

Zhang Yuanxing said directly, “No, I want to ask what specifically you helped Yuan Luoxi and Cheng Wuyong with to make them treat you with such respect.”

Both he and Uncle Xiong looked over.
Although their expressions were calm, their combined gazes were enough to put an enormous amount of pressure on someone.

Su Yi could vaguely sense the true purpose of Zhang Yuanxing’s visit.
“Why not just ask them?”

Zhang Yuanxing furrowed his brow.
He felt a bit impatient, but he nonetheless explained, “There’s no way they’d share that information with me.
If it were that simple, I wouldn’t have needed to come here and disturb you in the first place.”

Su Yi said lightly, “The answer’s actually quite simple.
In Mother Ghost Ridge, I saved their lives, and I sold them a stalk of Six Yin Grass.
I expect that’s why they’re treating me with such respect.”

He didn’t hide anything.
He disdained lying about something so trivial.

There was no need, either.

But Zhang Yuanxing merely froze, stunned, and furrowed his brow.
“Young Lord Su, that joke isn’t the least bit funny.”

He obviously didn’t buy it.

With a peak Qi Accumulation expert like Cheng Wuyong at her side, how could Yuan Luoxi possibly need a Blood Circulation Realm youth to save her life?

The very concept was ludicrous.

The nearby Elder Xiong suddenly asked, “Might you explain in more detail just how you saved them?”

Zhang Yuanxing was a bit stunned.
He looked at Su Yi, half-convinced, but still doubtful.
He too wanted to hear a more detailed explanation.

Su Yi said casually, “Last night, a Six-Severings Yin Corpse took advantage of the rain to ambush our party.
Cheng Wuyong alone wasn’t any match for it, but by perfect coincidence, I went to Mother Ghost Ridge specifically in pursuit of that very creature.
I killed it, so you could say I inadvertently saved their lives in the process.”

Zhang Yuanxing’s expression gradually darkened.
He forced back his rage and said, “Su Yi, I treated you like a friend, someone I could really talk to, yet you’re trying to deceive me with such blatantly obvious nonsense? Don’t you think you’re looking down on me a bit too much?”

As he spoke this final sentence, he looked and sounded stern.

Seeing Su Yi and Yuan Luoxi together outside the city had already left him quite displeased.
He thought that Su Yi had failed to appreciate his kindness, that he’d admired Su Yi in vain.

Then there was their banquet in the Immortal Gathering House.
Just thinking about the awed, respectful way Yuan Luoxi treated Su Yi soured Zhang Yuanxing’s mood.

That was why, by the time he paid Su Yi a visit tonight, rage had already accumulated in his heart.
He’d thought that so long as Su Yi obediently cooperated with him, he wouldn’t mind showing some magnanimity and letting off just this once. 

Who would have thought that Su Yi would stubbornly persist in telling blatant lies full of holes? Su Yi was insulting his intelligence!

The nearby Uncle Xiong furrowed his brow as well.
“Su Yi, if you’re saying this to show off before our young master, all I can say is, you’re acting like a child.

His voice carried a chill.

It was obvious that neither of them believed that Su Yi could use his Blood Circulation Realm cultivation to kill a Six-Severings Yin Corpse, a foe even Martial Dao Grandmasters would struggle to overcome.

Su Yi was like an ant bragging about biting a tiger to death: ridiculous and absurd to the extreme.

Su Yi sighed. He was telling the truth, but no one believed him.
This was really exasperating.
“I already said everything I have to say.
If you don’t believe me, you’re welcome to ask Yuan Luoxi and her companions.
I’m in no mood to explain myself any further.”

With that, he turned and entered his room.
“Have a good journey home.
Forgive me for not seeing you off.”

He was effectively giving them an eviction order.


Zhang Yuanxing picked up his wine glass and flung it against the ground, shattering it.
“Su Yi, you’ve refused my good intentions.
You’re forcing my hand!” 

Su Yi suddenly turned around, his gaze increasingly cold.
“What? Young Master Zhang, do you plan to cause a disturbance at my residence?”

“A disturbance?” Zhang Yuanxing was so angry, he laughed, but he couldn’t be bothered to concern himself about his bearing any longer.
“I was polite to you earlier because I admired your performance at the Dragon’s Gate Banquet, but you’ve repeatedly pushed your luck.
Do you really think I’m so easy-going that I’ll just let this slide?”

His expression frosted over, and he pointed at Su Yi.
“Listen up! If you don’t give it to me straight, don’t blame me for my poor manners!”

The nearby Uncle Xiong said indifferently, “Young Master, please remain calm.
Su Yi says he’s capable of killing a Six-Severings Yin Corpse, so why not let me test him? We’ll see for ourselves if he was lying or if he’s really as skilled as he says.”

Zhang Yuanxing took a deep breath, then nodded.
“That works too, but Uncle Xiong, whatever you do, you mustn’t kill him.
I still want to ask him about Mother Ghost Ridge.
If I don’t learn the truth, it’ll gnaw away at my heart.”

Uncle Xiong nodded.
“Young man, too much is just as bad as too little.
It’s not too late for you to mend your ways and tell the truth.”

Su Yi’s lips angled upward.
In the end, he couldn’t help but laugh, as if he were looking at a pair of buffoons.
“You’re well aware that Yuan Luoxi and Cheng Wuyong respect me, yet you dare act so brazenly in front of me? Should I call you stupid? Or just reckless?”

Zhang Yuanxing froze.
From the look of him, he didn’t dare believe that even at a time like this, Su Yi would speak with so few reservations. 

Uncle Xiong’s expression darkened, his gaze suddenly murderous. Even he was stunned; he would never have imagined that a paltry little Blood Circulation Realm cultivator like Su Yi would treat him with such disrespect!

He hesitated no further.
He stepped towards Su Yi, his stride as powerful as a tiger or dragon, his aura billowing around him. 


The courtyard gates suddenly swung open.

A graceful figure charged over and roared, “Zhang Yuanxing, try it if you dare!”

She wore military attire, with long, slender legs.
Beneath the moonlight, her pretty face blazed with unconcealed rage.

This was none other than Yuan Luoxi.

Three people trailed after her: Cheng Wuyong, Fu Shan, and Nie Beihu.

Their expressions weren’t the least bit pleasant either.

Su Yi was briefly stunned. What are they doing here?

Zhang Yuanxing had obviously been caught off guard too.
He froze, then asked, “Luoxi, didn’t you depart the city this morning?”

Uncle Xiong frowned, then stopped in his tracks, forcibly suppressing his killing intent.

“If I hadn’t come, how could I have witnessed your ‘awe-inspiring might’?” Yuan Luoxi’s beautiful eyes flashing with intimidating fury.

“I wouldn’t have guessed that the distinguished son of the Zhang Family Head would be so short-sighted,” Fu Shan snorted coldly.

When Yuan Luoxi flung blatant insults at him, Zhang Yuanxing could endure. But when he saw that even Fu Shan dared mock him, he instantly lost his temper.
“Fu Shan, who gave you the gall? How dare you talk to me like that?”

“I am the lord of Guangling City, and you’re attacking someone in my territory.
Am I not entitled to say a few words? Do you really think this is your home turf?” asked Fu Shan, his expression imposing. 

“You….” Zhang Yuanxing was just about to say something when Uncle Xiong pulled him back.

“Young Master, we ought to leave,” said Uncle Xiong gruffly. 

He could tell at a glance that with Yuan Luoxi present, if they really dared touch Su Yi, Cheng Wuyong, Fu Shan, and the others would stop them without hesitation.

Cheng Wuyong was enough to restrict their movements.
With two more Qi Accumulation experts like Fu Shan and Nie Beihu in the mix, the results were sure not to be in their favor.

But Zhang Yuanxing wasn’t willing to just leave like this….

He took several breaths, suppressed his irritation, and said sincerely, “Luoxi, it’s really not what you think….

Yuan Luoxi cut him off, not the least bit polite.
“Scram! Who wants to hear your explanations? If you don’t get out of here right this second, don’t blame me for losing my temper! When that happens, I’ll be interested to see whether or not your daddy comes running to help you get even!” 

These words were more than a little rude; she was blatantly trampling all over Zhang Yuanxing’s dignity.

His expression went red, and the veins bulged in his forehead.
He was on the verge of losing it. 

He wouldn’t have guessed that Yuan Luoxi would throw all caution to the wind and oppose him directly over the Wen Family’s live-in son-in-law! 

“Young Master, don’t forget the bigger picture.
This is but a moment’s shame; you’ll naturally make this right one day!” As he spoke, Uncle Xiong grabbed Zhang Yuanxing by the shoulder and dragged him off.
They soon disappeared from view.

The moonlight flowed like water through the misty night skies. 

The roast chicken on the stone table was left uneaten, the Pear Blossom Brew undrunk.
The hostile stand-off vanished into nothingness, just like that.

But Su Yi’s brow furrowed slightly.

Yuan Luoxi and company arrived right in the nick of time….
They’d essentially just saved Zhang Yuanxing and his Uncle Xiong’s lives….

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