Jueyuan couldn’t help but ask.

The others all turned to look at her.
The matriarch then said with an air of self-mockery, “Do you really think that I’d simply hardened my heart to force Lingzhao to marry the cast-off disciple of Blueriver Sword Manor just because? I had no choice either….”

Everyone was stunned. So, the matriarch had no choice but to accept this arrangement either.
There really was something fishy about this wedding arrangement!

Wen Changjing suddenly recalled something; it was as if he’d been struck by lightning.
He couldn’t help but ask, “Matriarch, don’t tell Su Yi has something to do with the Jade Capital’s Su….”

“Silence!” The matriarch immediately cut him off, but his words were still enough to get the others pondering.
Wen Jueyuan aside, all of their expressions filled with surprise.

All of them were well aware that years ago, when the matriarch was still young, she worked in the Jade Capital as the Su Family Head’s personal servant!

The Su Family! That was one of the top clans in the Jade Capital!

By comparison, the Wen Family was like an ant; they could only gaze upon the Su Family from afar!

But Su Yi was surnamed “Su” too….

Who wouldn’t have been shocked after putting the pieces together? 

When the Wen Family matriarch saw this, she sighed inwardly, but on the outside, she was unusually solemn and grave.
“Not one word of this is to leave the hall.
Otherwise, it’ll bring annihilation upon the entire Wen Family.
That’s no empty threat, either!”

Everyone’s hearts shook, and chills coursed down their spines.

With the power available to the Jade Capital’s Su Family, they wouldn’t even need to take action themselves.
All they had to do was say the word, and countless people would charge forth to annihilate the Wen Family on their behalf!

“If I’d known there was something fishy about Su Yi’s background, I… I would never have….” It was as if Wen Changjing had lost his soul; he completely lost control of his emotions. 

“No, you’re mistaken.” The matriarch’s expression turned indifferent.
“Su Yi is Su Yi.
He doesn’t represent anybody except himself.
He’s just the unworthy child of a concubine.
The more he jumps around, the closer he is to death.”

The crowd’s minds went blank. Su Yi? An unworthy descendent? 

That was certainly food for thought.

“Today’s incident ends here.
Su Yi won’t remain in Guangling City any longer.
That’s excellent news for the Wen Family.”

The matriarch rose and exited the hall.
“Remember what I said today.
You are not to get involved with that boy in any way.
He’s a walking disaster, both to himself and to others!’

Wen Changqing suddenly recalled something, and he hurriedly asked, “Matriarch, what about Lingzhao? That girl wants nothing more than to annul this marriage.
If she offends Su Yi, won’t that lead to trouble?”

The matriarch instantly froze midstep, her expression alternating back and forth.

Wen Lingzhao was a disciple of Heaven’s Origin Academy, the live-in disciple of the Martial Dao Grandmaster, Zhu Guqing.
She represented the Wen Family’s hope for a brighter future.

She couldn’t let a good seedling like Lingzhao fall to ruin. 

“I’ll personally write Lingzhao a letter and tell her what to do,” said the matriarch.
With that, she turned to leave.

They sealed all word of what had happened in the clan hall today.
No one was to spread news of this incident.

Fortunately, this incident had occurred within the clan hall, and there’d been no random bystanders present. 

Otherwise, they could never have kept this under wraps.

But even so, Wen Changjing and the other higher-ups knew that they could hide this for a while, but not for a lifetime. 

Still, this was all they could do now.


Late at night.

The Apricot Cottage.

Su Yi stood, hands behind his back, before the courtyard’s old locust tree.
He narrowed his eyes and peered through the branches and up at the sky, perfectly relaxed.

“Guangling City is barely the size of my palm.
There’s nothing here worth seeing.” After a while, Su Yi looked away, went to his room, and started packing his things.

He’d originally planned to wait for Wen Lingxue’s return and spend some time with her before he left.

But she’d stayed behind, and was currently cultivating at Blueriver Sword Manor.
There was nothing else keeping Su Yi here, so he decided to leave for the Cloudriver Prefectural Capital at dawn!

The skies gradually darkened.

Once Su Yi had everything in order, he lazed in the courtyard’s bamboo chair and admired the light of dusk over the horizon. 

Inwardly, he was pondering various matters.
Most were related to the next steps of his cultivation, but some were memories of his time in the prefectural capital. 

He’d spent three years cultivating in Blueriver Sword Manor, and he’d been to the prefectural capital many times.

It was just that most of his memories of those three years were tinged with grey; there was grief, regret, depression…

When he first entered Blueriver Sword Manor, he was just thirteen, and he was all on his own.

Due to his aloof nature and inability to get along with others, because he didn’t know how to ingratiate himself to his elders, and because of his stubborn refusal to lower his head to wealthy and influential sectmates, he’d suffered an unknowable amount of bullying, attacks, insults, and rejection…

But none of this knocked him down.
On the contrary, it only fanned the flames of his hatred, motivating him to cultivate harder and pursue strength with everything he had. 

During those three years, he’d advanced step by step, becoming the Sword Chief of the outer sect!

But then….

Before he could avenge his three years of accumulated hatred, an accident robbed him of his cultivation.

As a result, he’d yet to resolve the resentment he’d accumulated during those three years or the grudges and hatred he’d buried deep within his heart.
They haunted him even now.

My past self could only suffer in silence.
Although he was pitiable, he had an iron will.
He never once lowered his head to fate… Su Yi leaned into his bamboo chair and let out a breath of turbid air.
Those distant, profound eyes gradually lit up with sharpness and fire.

This time, when I return to the prefectural capital, I’ll be sure to resolve everything that happened then, one by one.
I’ll cleanse my heart of all its grievances!

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