Chapter 77 – Kneel, or Die

An incident once shook the entire Great Zhou.

A young man who’d married into the imperial family and become the imperial son-in-law couldn’t handle the rules and restrictions that came with his new position and attempted to dissolve his marriage, only for his in-laws to order his dismemberment by five horses!

This was the fate of the live-in son-in-law.

And in the eyes of the Wen Family, no matter how exceptional Su Yi became, he was still just their live-in son-in-law, and his fate was still firmly within their grasp. Even if they killed him, no one would point the finger at their Wen Family.

Thus, despite knowing that Su Yi had recovered his cultivation, that Fu Shan thought highly of him, that Huang Yunchong favored him, and that the daughter of the Yuan Family admired him, Wen Changjing wasn’t the least bit concerned. 

This was a private family matter!

Wen Changjing certainly didn’t think the likes of Fu Shan and Huang Yunchong would have a falling out with the Wen Family over a mere Su Yi.

Of course, that was only the worst-case scenario.

Wen Changjing was confident that in the face of such terror, Su Yi, a seventeen-year-old, would cave beneath the pressure and obediently accept the conditions he offered.

The atmosphere within the great hall was stifled.
A chill hung in the air.

But Su Yi didn’t seem to mind.
On the contrary, he sighed.
“So you’re saying that if I don’t agree, you people won’t ever let me hear the end of it?”

“Su Yi, you were once a prominent young talent, and you once fell back into obscurity.
Now, you’ve finally become a martial artist once more.
It can’t have been easy; don’t tell me you don’t know how to cherish your good fortune? I urge you to hurry and lower your head; don’t provoke our family head any further!” said an elder coldly.

Another sighed, “Young man, remember these words: you have to know when to lower your head if you want to live to a ripe old age.
If your success makes you insolent, you’re certain to put your life at risk.”

“Su Yi, what do you have to be dissatisfied about?” someone snorted coldly.
“Becoming the younger generation’s captain of the guards is an honor.
Don’t you know what’s good for you?” 

It was then that Wen Jueyuan rose as well.
“Su Yi, if you’ve really got the guts, go ahead and refuse.
I dare guarantee that if you do, you won’t leave our clan hall in one piece.

He sounded awfully pleased with himself, and inside, he was indeed as pleased as punch.

But Su Yi merely swept his gaze around the room, his expression gradually dulling.
His inscrutably deep pupils were already utterly indifferent.

He glanced at his bamboo staff, then smiled faintly.
“Wen Jueyuan, you’ve made yourself quite clear, so I’ll put everything out in the open too.
If any member of the Wen Family dares act against me, this place will flow with rivers of blood.

Although he smiled, his emotions didn’t so much as ripple.

An inexplicable chill coursed through the hearts of all in attendance.

Wen Changjing completely lost his temper.
“Guards! Seize this scoundrel and throw him in the dungeons! Don’t let him out until he lowers his head and learns penitence! “If he dares resist, kill him where he stands!”

There was an uproar as a group of armed guards charged into the clan hall and surrounded Su Yi.

All of them were on guard.
They were well aware that Su Yi was no longer the cripple they’d once known; he was the dazzling figure who’d recently claimed first place in the Dragon’s Gate Banquet!

“Wen Family Son-in-law, the family head has already graciously granted you an important position.
Why must you refuse? I urge you to come quietly.
Don’t make this difficult; weapons don’t have eyes.
If you get hurt, it won’t be our fault,” said the leader of the guards gravely.

As he spoke, all of them surrounded Su Yi, step by step.

“Try me,” said Su Yi indifferently.

“Attack!” The leader of the guards’ expression darkened, and he hesitated no longer.
He and his subordinates all charged at once.

Ten or so guards, all of them Wen Family elites.
Even the weakest was at the Refining Sinew Stage.
All of them charged at once, their swords flashing, the sight terrifying to behold.


Su Yi stood there proudly, unmoving.
Mortal Edge emerged from its sheath with a clear hum, as if thirsting for blood.

With a shake of his wrist, Mortal Edge arced, leaving afterimages in its wake.
In a flash, countless illusory swords struck in all directions.

Airy and ethereal, distant and at ease, without the slightest spark, yet omnipresent and inescapable, with a profound charm.

My sword wanders the ten directions, from the blue dome of heaven to the yellow springs below!

This was the Rejoicing Sword Sutra’s “Wandering the Ten Directions”!

The name came from the phrase “My sword wanders the ten directions, with nowhere it cannot reach.” 

In his past life, this stance could pierce the limitless heavens and kill his foes from hundreds of thousands of miles away!

In its current form, it was nothing but a sword move, but when Su Yi used it, it was far stronger than any ordinary martial arts technique. 


The guard leading the charge lost his grip on his weapon.
His saber flew through the air as the bones of his right wrist shattered, and a streak of sword light pierced him in the chest.
It went three inches into the bone, leaving a bloody gash behind.

He screamed, then fell to the ground, writhing in agony.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Similar noises rang out in rapid succession.
All the guards’ weapons were sent flying. Soon, without exception, all of them had three-inch gashes in their chests.
The wounds spurted blood as the impact forced them backward.

The hall’s chairs, tables, and furnishings were soon nothing but rubble.
The floor was covered in ruined furniture.

In the time it took to snap your fingers, Su Yi left a dozen or so guards wounded and defeated!

As for Su Yi? He stood in place, his clothes unruffled and undamaged, not injured in the least. The only thing that had changed was his sword; tiny drops of blood dripped from its edge and fell to the floor.

The liquid was bright red and eye-catching.

“You can’t even block a single swing of my sword.
Don’t embarrass yourselves in front of me again.” Su Yi shook his head.

The guards’ faces were pallid, their hearts full of terror.

Their weapons had flown from their hands, and all of them were injured in the exact same place.
They naturally understood that Su Yi had shown mercy upon them! Had he wished to kill them, all of them would already be dead!

The entire hall was in chaos.
Everyone’s expression shifted dramatically, and they started shouting:

“Scoundrel! You dare use violence here?”

“What gall! Su Yi, are you trying to overturn the heavens?”

“Are you trying to force us to execute you!?” Wen Changjing, Wen Changqing, and the other higher-ups were infuriated.
They barely dared believe their eyes.

None of them could have anticipated that a live-in son-in-law like Su Yi would dare fight back!

Even Wen Jueyuan’s jaw had dropped, and his mind went blank.

He’d always thought that Su Yi was just like him: young.
They might be full of youthful vigor, but in the face of so many higher-ups’ joint intimidation, they had no choice but to lower their heads.

Who would have thought that a youth like Su Yi would dare commit assault in the middle of the Wen Family’s great hall, in front of all the family higher-ups? 

Throughout all of Guangling City, which member of the younger generation would dare do such a thing?

He was practically seeking death!

“I certainly didn’t kill anyone just now, but if you keep refusing to wisen up, I wouldn’t mind killing a few of you as a warning to the rest,” said Su Yi flatly.

Wen Changjing’s face went ashen, and he shouted in fury, “Changqing, seize him!”

“Leave it to me,” said Wen Changqing coldly.
He strode right up to Su Yi. 

In an instant, all eyes were upon Wen Changqing.

Wen Changqing’s cultivation was on par with the family head’s; both were in the middle stage of the Martial Dao’s Qi Accumulation Realm, “Opening Meridians.”

What did it mean to open the meridians? 

The body housed twelve meridians in total.
Each one a martial artist opened meant an increase in power.

As of today, Wen Changqing had fully opened eight of them! 

Among Guangling City’s Qi Accumulation martial artists, he was a first-rate expert.

Wen Changqing’s eyes glinted, and his qi coursed around him like a river.
His aura expanded, and his robes billowed in the resulting wind.

This was the bearing of a Qi Accumulation expert.
His aura was so oppressive, those present could barely breathe.
All of them were visibly moved.

“Second Uncle, whatever you do, don’t go easy on that scoundrel!” Wen Juejuan gnashed his teeth and shouted.

Wen Changqing nodded, his gaze sharp as a hawk’s.
His lips parted, and he whispered a single sentence: “Kneel, or die!”

His words weren’t loud, yet went off like thunder, echoing throughout the hall and ringing in the onlookers’ ears. 

His bearing was so imposing, he shook their very souls!

But Su Yi remained as calm as ever.
The only difference was that his eyes glinted with a hint of murderous intent.

He said nothing. 

He just stepped forward, Mortal Edge in hand, and stabbed.

He’s throwing his life away! Many of those present sneered derisively. A Blood Circulation Realm kid like him dares attack a Qi Accumulation Expert? That’s like an egg throwing itself against a rock.
How is this any different from suicide?

Wen Changqing snorted.
His hands rose, then interlocked. 

The Divine Eagle Talons!

This was the strongest technique currently in the Wen Family’s possession, a mid-tier profound-grade martial art.
Its users’ palms and fingers were like blades; they could split swords, shatter boulders, and rip tigers and leopard limb from limb!

If a wielder of the Divine Eagle Talons struck an ordinary martial artist, a light touch would tear flesh from the bone, while a stronger impact would rip their bodies right open.
This art was vicious, sharp, and incomparably bloody.


Claws clashed against sword, scattering sparks.

The talons firmly clamped the sword in place, like an eagle seizing a snake.

When they saw this, those in attendance exclaimed in delight.

A hint of a smirk tugged at Wen Changqing’s lips.

But an instant later, Mortal Edge suddenly hummed in excitement, then burst with limitlessly terrifying power, like waters breaking through a dam.
It broke through Wen Changqing’s grip effortlessly.

The newly-freed sword struck like lightning, as easily as an ax through rotting wood.

This is bad! Wen Changqing’s expression shifted dramatically.
He tried to dodge, but he was one step too late.
Mortal Edge had already pierced right through his chest, coming straight out the other side.

He’d been run through!

The entire hall fell silent.

They’d only just been cheering Wen Changqing on, only to see this bloody scene play out before them.
Despite themselves, they were tongue-tied.
Their eyes widened, and they trembled.

“This…..” It seemed Wen Changqing could barely believe it either.
A Blood Circulation Realm Youth had run him through in just one attack!?


Su Yi pulled his sword back out, splattering drops of piping hot blood.
Wen Changqing grunted, staggered, then collapsed onto the floor.

The sword had penetrated him just two inches away from his heart.
The wound was severe and so agonizing, his vision was starting to go dark.
His face was pallid, and sweat poured from his forehead like a waterfall.

“Kneel or die?” A hint of a mocking smile tugged at Su Yi’s lips.
“Your cultivation might be a mess, but you sure can talk.”

His gaze swept across the room.
“Does anyone else want to test if my sword’s edge is sharp or not?”

Everyone’s hair stood on end.
They felt as if they’d plunged into an icy abyss; none of them dared meet Su Yi’s gaze.

Wen Jueyuan was so scared, he shook from head to toe.
He was practically on the verge of collapse.

Su Yi had grievously injured an Opening Meridians Qi Accumulation Expert, one of the strongest fighters in the entire Wen Family, with just one swing of his sword!

It was like a blood-soaked nightmare!

But then, Family Head Wen Changjing suddenly inhaled, his face ashen, before shouting, “Su Yi, do you really want to wage war against the entire Wen Family?”

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