e the laughingstocks of the entire city!”

Soon, the entire hall was in uproar as the family higher-ups argued amongst themselves, unable to reach an agreement.

Wen Changjing’s expression darkened in response. Who would have thought that a mere live-in son-in-law already had enough influence to affect the family higher-ups to this degree? 

“Enough!” Wen Changjing suddenly spoke up and suppressed all other voices.
“I’ve already decided.”

Everyone froze, stunned.

“Elder Brother, what do you plan to do?” Wen Changqing couldn’t help but ask.
The others pricked up their ears as well.

“The matriarch won’t agree to simply dissolve Su Yi’s wedding contract.
In that case, we can’t just exile him either.” Wen Changjing took a deep breath, and his eyes glinted.
“But if we give him too much power, it really will be no different from raising an untamed tiger.
In that case, we need someone to keep a leash on him and make sure he puts his fangs to use for the family’s benefit!” 

As soon as he said this, a servant solemnly reported from beyond the hall, “Family Head, the Wen Family son-in-law, Su Yi, has arrived!”


Everyone looked over and saw Su Yi’s tall, lean figure, his long hair pinned up.
His robes were jade-green, neat, and clean, and he had an indifferent, detached air.

He approached, leisurely and unhurried, carrying a bamboo walking stick.
He completely disregarded the crowd’s gazes as he strolled into the hall.

When they saw this, many of the family higher-ups looked conflicted. If only this kid were surnamed ‘Wen’…..

“What did you want to see me about?” Su Yi stood in the center of the hall, hands behind his back, staring directly at Wen Changjing.
He offered no respectful greeting, nor did he lower his head.
He just got straight to the point.

Wen Changjing’s face twitched subtly.
“When I got back last night, I heard that you recovered your cultivation, and that you took first place in the Dragon’s Gate Banquet,” he said flatly.
“You outshadowed every other competitor.
I called you here, first to congratulate you on becoming a martial artist once more, and second, to share a piece of good news.”

“Good news?” Su Yi’s eyebrows shot up.
“Then I’ll just have to clean out my ears and listen up.”

His words carried a hint of sarcasm, which made many of the listeners uncomfortable.

Wen Jueyuan’s expression darkened. This Su Yi….
Just how brazen is he?

But Wen Changjing didn’t linger on that.
He continued, “Just now, the elders and I discussed the matter.
Starting tomorrow, you’ll be the younger generation’s captain of the guards.
You’ll receive eight thousand taels of silver per month, as well as a stalk of spiritual medicine, and you’ll be assigned eight servants.
How does that sound?”

Everyone turned to look at Su Yi.

These conditions weren’t that lavish, but they weren’t shoddy, either.

But Su Yi merely froze.
“You’re planning to put me to work for the Wen Family?”

Wen Changqing snorted.
“You’re our live-in son-in-law.
Working for us is the natural order of things.
What’s so inappropriate about that?”

“If you’re displeased with the conditions I’ve offered you, please feel free to say so,” said Wen Changjing, feigning magnanimity.
“I just have one request: once you begin your role as the younger generation’s captain of the guard, you are to obey Jueyuan’s orders.
You are to ensure his safety, but you are not to go against his commands.
You’re both young, so I trust that the two of you will get along.”

When they heard this, the crowd instantly understood. The family head is planning to have Wen Jueyuan keep a leash on Su Yi!

As the captain of the guards, Su Yi would be like a sharp sword in Wen Jueyuan’s hand!

The family head really is shrewd.
He’s essentially just paved his son’s way forward.
With a tough customer like Su Yi under his command, what need will Wen Jueyuan have to worry about maintaining his position as the next family head? Many of them sighed with emotion.

Wen Jueyuan was briefly dazed, but then, he practically went mad with delight. Even he would never have guessed that his father would make such a wondrous arrangement. Doesn't this mean that Su Yi is to become my underling? 

It won’t matter that Su Yi has the higher cultivation.
Even if Su Yi were tougher than he already is, in terms of rank, he’ll still be a full head lower than me!

The more he thought about it, the more excited Wen Jueyuan felt.
It was as if his father’s words had swept away all the stifled anger and dark clouds he’d accumulated over the past few days.
His whole body relaxed.

But it was then that Su Yi couldn’t hold back any longer.
He burst into laughter.
“Wen Jueyuan? What even is he? Is he worthy of my allegiance?” 

The entire hall fell silent.

Everyone was flabbergasted; they almost didn’t dare believe their ears.

Wen Jueyuan was the heir of the family head, the future leader of the Wen Family.
How could Su Yi say something so depraved? 

Wen Jueyuan had been brimming with excitement just seconds before, but now, he practically jumped up and down with rage.
He couldn’t help but bellow, “Su Yi, cease your impudence!”

Su Yi sighed, his gaze pitying.
“How could you be this stupid? Didn’t you learn anything from what happened at the Immortal Gathering House this morning? Anything at all?”


Wen Changjing slammed his chair’s armrests, shattering them.
He glowered, his expression terrifyingly dark.
“Su Yi! Don’t forget your position! Not even the daughter of the Yuan Family can intervene in our family’s private affairs!”

He continued icily, “Also, City Lord Fu Shan cannot help you here.
No matter what, you’re still the Wen Family’s live-in son-in-law, and the Wen Family is well within its rights to discipline you as it pleases.
I advise you to behave yourself!” 

His words were cold and callous, and they carried a blatant threat.

The Wen Family higher-ups’ expressions frosted over. 

This live-in son-in-law has clearly let his pride go to his head.
Does he really think that finding a backer or two is enough to let him overturn the heavens?

According to the laws of the Great Zhou, a live-in son-in-law’s fate is under the control of the family he marries into.
We can kill and cripple him as we please, and there’s nothing he can do about it!

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