about Su Yi taking first place in the Dragon’s Gate Banquet? This news had resulted in a stark difference in how the servants treated Su Yi. 

“Is Lingxue home?” asked Su Yi.

Before the servant could respond, Qin Qing’s shrewish voice rang out from within the atrium.
“You’re finally back, you moocher?”

Even as she spoke, Qin Qing stormed outside.
She’d been gone for a while, but she seemed like an entirely different person.
She looked radiant with happiness and full of spirit, while her make-up was unusually exquisite, making her look even more beautiful than usual.
Her every moment was stylish and showy. 

She looked Su Yi up and down, then snorted, “Don’t think you can walk around with your head held high just because you took first place in the Dragon’s Gate Banquet.
That’s nothing compared to Lingzhao’s current status and reputation!”

Su Yi smiled, not the least bit concerned.

His mother-in-law was always like this.
Fiery, unreasonable, and foul-mouthed, but not a bad person at heart.

In the year following his marriage into the Wen Family, despite Qin Qing’s deep resentment over this arrangement and despite her utter disdain for her “crippled” live-in son-in-law, she’d never really been cruel to him

This was why Su Yi couldn’t be bothered to get even with her.

“Come with me.” When she saw that Su Yi behaved just as he had before—when she saw that he wasn’t talking back—Qin Qing inwardly sighed in relief, and her expression mellowed somewhat.

She’d only returned home last night.
It was then that she heard of Su Yi’s shocking performance at the Dragon’s Gate Banquet for the first time.
At the time, she’d been overcome with shock.
This revelation delighted her, but it worried her too.

She was happy to learn that Su Yi wasn’t a good-for-nothing after all, but she was worried that after this stellar performance, Su Yi might not respect his in-laws anymore.

Looking at him now, it seemed as if he hadn’t changed much.
Just like before, he didn’t seem to mind her mockery or chastisements in the least.

They entered the atrium, where Wen Changtai was drinking tea.
When he saw Su Yi, he smiled and got to his feet.
“So, you’ve risen to prominence too! That’s great.”

Su Yi couldn’t help but laugh. 

This father-in-law of his was intriguing; he was honest and unexceptional, with no grand ambitions.
Many other members of the Wen Family looked down on him.

But in Su Yi’s eyes, Wen Changtai had a strong point too: his kindness.

He’d never been cold or harsh, not even to his live-in son-in-law. 

It seemed Wen Lingxue had inherited her pure-hearted kindness from her father.

“Su Yi, in any event, as parents, we’re happy to see you recover your cultivation.” Qin Qing sat down, then paused to organize her thoughts.
“In the past, your father-in-law and I might have treated you poorly.
Going forward, we’ll do our best to remedy that, but you’d best understand this now: with Lingzhao’s personality, it’s simply not possible for her to accept you.
I just hope this won’t lead to resentment.”

Su Yi keenly picked up on the change in Qin Qing’s attitude.

He said offhandedly, “You’re overthinking this.
I’ve never cared whether or not Wen Lingzhao accepted me.”

Qin Qing sighed, “Now that I think about it, you and Lingzhao are both victims of this arranged marriage.
I’ve wanted to dissolve this marriage contract for a long time, but the matriarch refused to let me.
No matter how great my resentment, there’s nothing I can do.” 

“I understand,” said Su Yi flatly.

“Also, there’s something I need to tell you straight,” murmured Qin Qing.
“During our visit to Heaven’s Origin Academy, Lingzhao said she’d consider every possible option to annul this marriage.
But don’t misunderstand; she doesn’t hate you, but rather the marriage itself.
To her, you’re ultimately just a stranger.”

Against Qin Qing’s expectations, Su Yi didn’t get angry.
He only laughed, “She wants to dissolve our marriage? I’m looking forward to it.”

This response actually made Qin Qing a bit uncomfortable. Does this kid think that just because he took first place in the Dragon’s Gate Banquet, he’s hot stuff? Is he that eager to draw a line between himself and our family?

Also, Lingzhao isn’t just gorgeous; she’s even a Grandmaster’s disciple! Over in Heaven’s Origin Academy, countless talented youths are pursuing her.
Is she that unappealing to you?

After calming herself, she continued, “Su Yi, I’ve already said everything I need to say.
Soon, the family head will summon you directly.
I’m afraid he won’t be happy, either.
You’d best mentally prepare yourself.”

Why would Su Yi concern himself with something like that? He just asked directly, “Where’s Lingxue?”

Qin Qing was dazed. He’s really got the energy to spare thinking of my other daughter even at a time like this?

Wen Changtai’s warm voice chimed in, “Lingxue remained at Blueriver Sword Manor to continue her cultivation.
Lingzhao said she plans to arrange for her sister to enter Heaven’s Origin Academy in the near future, so Lingxue won’t return to Guangling City any time soon.”

Su Yi suddenly fell silent.
All that expectation, all for nothing.
His brow furrowed.

“Lingzhao is doing this for her sister’s sake,” said Qin Qing.
“Back then, she was helpless as the family forced her into marriage against her will.
How could she possibly let the same fate befall her little sister? If Lingxue remains in Guangling City, what will she do if the matriarch arranges a marriage for her next?”

When Su Yi heard this, he understood.
Wen Lingxue hadn’t remained behind of her own volition; her sister had made these arrangements for her. 

Seth's Thoughts

The bit about Yuan Luoxi attempting to kick Zhang Yuanxing in the balls includes a pun that I am not smart enough to translate cleverly.

当机立断 is an idiom that means “to make a prompt decision.”

裆鸡立断 is internet slang that’s pronounced the exact same way, right down to the tones, except they replaced two of the characters with words that refer to the male genitilia.
断 can mean “decide” but it can also mean “sever” or “snap.” So this new idiom means “a swift kick to the balls” or really any other sudden, grievous harm to a certain very sensitive part of a man’s body.

If you google the term, you’ll find lots of painful-looking videos.
Consider yourselves duly warned!

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