Chapter 71 – Enlightening Tao Qingshan, the Secrets of the Soul Jade

The dwarf took a deep breath, rallied his courage, and said, “Mystic Master, as I’m sure you know, if you take the inauspicious yin spirit vein, the Fire Peach Tree can’t survive on its own….”

Su Yi cut him off.
“I just want a segment of it.
I won’t damage the tree.”

When he saw that Su Yi wouldn’t tolerate any disobedience, the dwarf no longer dared hesitate.
He transformed into a streak of spiritual light and burrowed into the ground.

Shortly after, he re-emerged, carrying a foot-long piece of black chalcedony.

The chalcedony emanated a bone-chilling cold; the dwarf’s eyebrows, hair, and whiskers were all coated in a layer of white frost, and he shivered to stay warm.

“Mystic Master, the inauspicious yin vein segment is within this piece of chalcedony.” The dwarf proffered it with both hands.
He smiled, but it was so rigid that it was uglier than if he’d burst into tears.

 He didn’t dare try any funny business with regard to the spirit vein; if Su Yi saw through him, it could lead to disaster.

“Not bad.” Su Yi accepted the foot of chalcedony, looked it over, and nodded in satisfaction.

This was a spirit vein! Yes, it was only a foot long, but no number of spirit stones could compare to it!

When he reached the peak of the Qi Accumulation Realm, using this treasure to cultivate would achieve unbelievable effects!

Of course, this inauspicious yin vein was best suited for a yin soul like Qing Wan.
When she needed it, Su Yi wouldn’t mind sharing it with her.

He took out another jade box, then placed the spirit vein segment inside.
He watched as the dwarf winced; he obviously couldn’t bear to part with it.

Su Yi couldn’t help but find it funny.
I wouldn’t sink so low as to take advantage of a little nature spirit like you.”

He then took his bamboo staff and began writing in the dirt. Before long, a cultivation incantation appeared in the soil.

“You’re a nature spirit born of heaven and nourished of earth.
Realizing your dao will be exceptionally difficult.
This ‘Spirit-Nourishing Incantation’ can help you metamorphosize and transform from a nature spirit into a ‘yao cultivator.’ Its value far exceeds a few Fire Peaches and a segment of spirit vein.
You’d best treasure it.”

With that, Su Yi smiled and turned to leave.

Nature spirits were all classified as “yao.” 

It didn’t matter whether they were plants, birds, or terrestrial beasts.
Any of them that achieved sentience became nature spirits.
They were also sometimes called “yaoguai”, or “goblins.”

But becoming a real yao cultivator wasn’t easy.

Especially for those with distinct bloodlines or unique talents.
Stepping into the ranks of yao cultivators required first overcoming unimaginable hardships.

The dwarf was a nature spirit born of the Fire Peach Tree.
Although he could appear in human form, he was far from undergoing a true metamorphosis or obtaining a true human body.
He naturally didn’t count as a real yao cultivator.

When Su Yi and Qing Wan disappeared from the peach grove, the dwarf finally relaxed, as if a massive weight had been lifted from his shoulders.
His heart shook with lingering terror.

Then he turned his attention towards the ground.
The lines of elegant, unrestrained handwriting gradually drew him in. 

A long time passed before he finally regained his senses.
His features flooded with shock, delight, excitement, and bewilderment. 

“With this incantation alone, I’ll be able to cast off the shackles of my true body and undergo metamorphosis!” 

The dwarf exclaimed in excitement, jumping for joy, beside himself with delight.

It wasn’t at all strange that he’d lose control like this.
The Spirit-Nourishing Incantation Su Yi had given him was an incantation from the treasured classic of the yao way, “Fostering the Dao.” It described the profundities of metamorphosis, and it was one of the most top-class cultivation methods out there. 

Although the dwarf didn’t know its origins, there was no way he’d miss how shockingly profound it was!

He suddenly knelt in the direction Su Yi had left in and kowtowed, his expression pious as he vowed, “Mystic Master, I, Tao Qingshan, will never forget your grace!”


Outside the peach grove. 

Qing Wan carefully trailed after Su Yi.
She dared not get too close, but she also dared not stray too far away.
She was meek as could be.

Su Yi took out a dozen or so pill bottles and passed them to her.
“Qing Wan, you should hold onto these.”

He’d obtained all of these pills from the Six-Severings Yin Corpse.
They were perfectly suited for a yin soul’s cultivation. 

“Ah?” Qing Wan didn’t quite know what to do.
She said uncomfortably, “Mystic Master, I achieved no merit, so I deserve no reward.

She was just considering how best to refuse when Su Yi irritably cut her off.
“It’s just a bunch of stupid pills.
Why be so polite? Just take them!”

Qing Wan quivered in terror, then hurriedly accepted them, looking ashamed of herself.
“I didn’t mean to make you angry.
I… I won’t dare do it again….”

When Su Yi saw how nervous she was, he couldn’t help but sigh.

He didn’t know why, but when he saw how pitiful, timid, and reserved she was, he couldn’t resist the urge to chastise her. He was perhaps… annoyed that she didn’t fight back?

“Mystic Master, are you still mad at me?” Qing Wan asked tentatively.

She tilted her head and looked over, her beautiful but slightly chubby face fraught with worry.

From Su Yi’s perspective, she looked downright silly.

He couldn’t help but stretch out his hand and pinch her cheek.
“Silly girl.
I’m afraid you’ll cause me endless worry going forward.”

Despite his words, he found himself smiling.

When she felt her cheeks pinched, Qing Wan jumped in fright. But when she saw Su Yi smile, she couldn’t help but smile too.
Soon, her pretty face lit up.

Her eyebrows curved, and she looked as pretty as a painting.

The two of them, one man, one ghost, walked through the empty wilderness under the cover of night, but they didn’t feel the least bit lonesome.

Fifteen minutes later, Su Yi’s ears twitched.
He heard the faint rustling of distant footsteps in the underbrush.
Although it was faint, it couldn’t escape his keen hearing. 

He stopped, then said casually, “Be careful.
If the situation looks bad, hide in the Soul-Nourishing Gourd.”

Qing Wan was startled, but she hurriedly nodded.

Before long, a group emerged from the darkness.

There were seven men in total, all of them clad in black and carrying weapons.
They emanated a cold, sinister air and a slightly baleful aura.

Their leader, a middle-aged man with twin sabers and a hideous scar across his forehead, exclaimed when he saw them.
“Qing Wan!” 

He recognized the floating young woman in the red dress at a glance.

“Didn’t that traitor Wu Ruoqiu take her with him? Why would she appear here now?”

“Don’t tell me that scumbag has come back?”

The others were in uproar too.
All of them were stunned.

Shortly after, all of them fixed their gazes on Su Yi.
They immediately realized that he wasn’t Wu Ruoqiu, but rather, an unfamiliar youth.

“What’s your connection to Wu Ruoqiu? Why do you have Qing Wan with you?” The leader said icily, his gaze somewhat guarded. 

It was the middle of the night, and these mountains were haunted and far from civilization.
Why was this youth here now, and why did he have Qing Wan with him?

Something fishy was going on here.

“Ah, so Wu Ruoqiu betrayed the Deathbringer’s Gate? No wonder no one’s come looking for trouble despite how long he’s been dead,” Su Yi pondered out loud.
After seeing through their identities, he pointed to Qing Wan.
“I can see that you recognize her.
Might you tell me her origins?”

The scar-faced man and his followers frowned.
They’d just realized two things:

First, Wu Ruoqiu was already dead, and it was highly likely that this delicately handsome youth was the one who’d killed him.
Second, the youth didn’t know Qing Wan’s origins!

“Want to know? We can tell you, but give us your Soul-Nurturing Gourd first,” said their scarred leader coldly.
“That thief, Wu Ruoqiu, stole it.
It should never have belonged to an outsider like you in the first place!”

The others clenched their weapons, ready to strike at any moment.

Su Yi merely tossed the gourd over.
“Tell me.”

The scarred man caught the gourd.
He was briefly stunned, as if he dared not believe it had been so easy. The others were stunned too.

But when they next looked at Su Yi, they were no longer as on guard, and their eyes glinted with newfound viciousness.

One of them growled a warning, “Senior Apprentice Brother Qian, time is short.
I’m afraid that stubborn bunch might catch up to us at any moment now…..”

The leader’s eyes flashed with cold light.
“How about this? If you want to know Qing Wan’s origins, come with us.
We’ll take you somewhere, and once we arrive, we’ll tell you anything you want to know.”

Su Yi rubbed his nose and sighed.
“Qing Wan, do they think I’m a pushover?”

Before Qing Wan could respond, the scarred middle-aged man snorted coldly, “I knew you wouldn’t behave yourself.
All of you, attack! Kill him!” 

The others smiled hideously and charged.
They raised their sabers, spears, and axes, cutting through the tranquility of the night.

But then, a clear sword hum rang out, followed by several flashes of cold light.

Then there was a clang as the cold light disappeared into its sheath.

Meanwhile, the group charging at Su Yi froze momentarily, then toppled to the ground like falling logs.

Every last one of them had a new, bright red gash on their throats.
Blood poured from the wounds, drenching the ground below. 

Even in death, their faces still wore those same hideous grins. 

Victory and defeat, life and death, all decided in the blink of an eye!

Su Yi stood in place, holding his bamboo staff, as if he’d never moved at all.

Only the scarred middle-aged man remained, but he was already scared out of his wits.
His thighs quivered, and he was drenched in cold sweats.
He’d practically lost his soul.

The sword struck like lightning, then was back in its sheath just as quickly, ending all six of his companions’ lives in an instant.

Overwhelmingly terrifying!

“Now do you have anything you want to say to me?” asked Su Yi casually, his hands behind his back.

The scarred middle-aged man thudded to his knees, lowered his head, and begged, “Senior, please show mercy! I was blind and foolish to have offended you.
I humbly beseech you to spare my pitiful little life!”

“That isn’t what I wanted to hear.” Su Yi’s brow furrowed slightly.
“I’ll give you one last chance.
If you answer badly, you can just go rejoin your companions.”

The scarred middle-aged man said in terror, “Senior, please calm your fury! I’ll talk, I’ll talk!”

He then proceeded to spill the beans in full detail, telling Su Yi everything he knew about Qing Wan.
He seemed terrified that if he held back, he too would fall beneath Su Yi’s sword.

According to his tale, Wu Ruoqiu and his master, Weng Yunqi, had betrayed the Deathbringer’s Gate ten years prior.

As he betrayed and fled the sect, Wu Ruoqiu’s master, Weng Yunqi, stole three of the Deathbringer’s Gate’s treasures.

They were the Soul-Nurturing Gourd, which housed a ghost infant at the time, a secret scroll detailing how to raise Ghoul Worms, and most mysterious of all, a soul jade of unknown origins.

Qing Wan was the yin soul they’d found within the soul jade.

Not even the heretical cultivators of the older generation knew her origins, but they were certain it wasn’t simple.

They'd discerned this from the soul jade they first discovered her in. 

Seth's Thoughts

….Am I the only one who had never heard the name chalcedony before? I really wanted to 

translate the Chinese characters literally, “jade marrow” or “jade essence”, but it looks like it actually refers to real stone that actually exists….


Anyway, the part I translated as “(Su Yi was) annoyed that she didn’t fight back” is half of a Lu Xun quote.
The full quote, 哀其不幸,怒其不争, means something like “pity his misfortunate, but be angry that he didn’t struggle” or “pity his misfortune, but condemn his passivity.” 

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